How To Dye Your Hair With Natural Ingredients?

I thought that I’d seen everything until I started noticing articles about dying your hair with, of all things, Nutella.  
Yes, you heard me right.  There’s no need to clear the wax out of your ears, ask “what?!” or clean your glasses.  Nutella.


That’s when I turned to good ole YouTube because you just know that at least one of those beauty queen video makers are going to actually try this.  Sure enough, I was right. Not only was there one of them but, surprise, surprise, just in case one didn’t get it right, there were several to many beauty YouTubers out there who had tried this.

RESULT:  (Drum Roll please)

Nothing.  Nada. Zip.  As expected, no change whatsoever in anyone’s hair colour no matter how they did it or how long they left it in their hair (they were all blondes…go figure).

Even more surprising was that actual licensed hair salons were trying this too.  Uhhh…what did they teach these people in hair dressing school?  Kind of frightening, I’d say.

If that wasn’t bad enough, YouTube side bars (as all good YouTube watchers know) are filled with other, similar contented videos that you’d like to watch.  Yes, YouTube really does its job in gathering its information on what you’re watching and shoving more and more videos of the same nature at you.

People were trying, coffee, turmeric, ginger, beets (a LOT of preparation for that one) and just about every other food, spice or drink you can think of to change their hair colour.  Oh, what people will do to put out a YouTube video.

In the end, all of them seemed to only end up with messes on their counters, shirts, towels and a lot of wasted time, energy and money and not to mention, a ton of shampoo, conditioners as well as likely higher water bills to get some of the crap out that they poured into their hair.

(I’m sure a few of them got their heads licked by their dogs or boyfriends while they were at it which may or may not have made a better video than the actual hair dying vids.)

However, I had to wonder something.  If they were able to succeed in having changed their hair colour with these things, how long would it actually have lasted?  Secondly, I wondered if their heads smelled like chocolate or the spices or coffee for days?  How many of them who tried the coffee method, had people wanting to dunk their break time cookies into their heads?

I have red hair.  I mean ORANGE hair right now.  Yes, I did it purposely with an actual salon dye which they consider “Amber” in colour.  I just call myself “Carrot Top” because if I wear green clothing, I look like a giant carrot.  I’m getting used to it now.  After all, I could be stop sign red, pink, purple, green or any other colour of the spectrum that one can think of.  Why not orange?

So, what’s next?  Some idiot will claim that Cheese Whiz changes your hair to orange and everyone and their brothers will be out to buy a jar of it to plaster onto their hair next? Or peanut butter turns it a dirty blonde?  Get out your crackers and bread.  Well…wait…Cheeze Whiz did work for this guy and the “cracker” is there as well.  No double dipping please.

trump hair

Donald Trump Cheese Whiz Hair Dye On The Cracker

From my little corner of life, I had a laugh especially at 2 ladies who decided that putting Nutella in their hair on a white comforter in a white room and dancing around was a great idea in film making.  I’m sure that will be the ONE thing that Nutella doesn’t come out of easily.

Until next time, happy hair dying with real hair colour, not food.  Keep that for your stomachs, please.



If You Don’t Love Trump You Must Be A Liberal



“If you don’t like Trump, you have to be a Liberal!”

It’s not quite clear what it is about American politics when you disagree that Trump is a god and the answer to all that ails Americans today.  Somehow, the retort is usually, “You LIBERALS….” as though being Liberal is a dirty word.  Perhaps to hard-core Republicans or Conservatives it is akin to being sub-human.  I don’t know one way or the other but, I’ve heard it often enough when I’ve been in conversations about the Trump Administration of late.

Fact is, I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  I take core values from both the Conservatives and the Liberals and see which ones fit my morals and needs most closely and choose from there.  There is no party that will get them all right in my world.  Yet, that statement about Trump saving America will come out of (more often than not) Republican’s mouths faster than a fly can gather around a garbage pile.

I don’t know if it’s a defence mechanism or a built-in set of family or internal rules that one must always be a Republican or a Democrat no matter what bull droppings are being spewed by either party but, it seems to be the case in at least this administration that if one doesn’t love Trump, one has to be a Democrat or heaven forbid, a “dirty Liberal”.

What if one is neither?  What if one simply doesn’t believe that whichever party is in office, is doing a great job?  Is there even room for that type of thinking?  Probably not.  Loyal Republicans don’t seem to believe that there should be for some odd reason or another and therefore, Democrats are always to blame for whatever ails the current Republican administration.  Is it true?  Sometimes, yes.  Sometimes, no but, whatever the circumstances may or may not be, a Republican will always resort to the age old utterance, “if you don’t like him, you’re a Liberal!”

I’m not an American so, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  I turn on CNN or Fox News to hear what’s going on.  Some days, I’m shaking my head in total disbelief at the soap opera that’s going on.  Even when I’m not watching a news station, Twitter is abuzz with arguments and fights over what a “great” job Trump is doing and how the U.S. is going to have a “big” gain or, what a joke he is to the presidency.  I see the division going on and it makes me wonder if perhaps, at least a portion of Republicans are attempting to defend what they know is an issue within the Trump administration?  I don’t know for certain but, the brain cells that seem to share the pundit’s chairs on news stations in favour of Trump and attempts at blaming the Democrats instead for Trump’s decisions and choices, are making huge statements about where their minds are going and why in spite of the fact that I am trying to listen to both sides of the debates happening.  It’s akin to watching a soap opera and, at times, actually quite comical.  It’s better reality television than reality shows.

Though I’m not American, it’s clear to see that what America does, will affect the country that I live in, one way or another as it will affect the rest of the world.  If that ship goes down, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, won’t make a particle’s worth of difference as everyone will be going down at the same time and in the same way.

From my little corner of life, when you’re drowning, it makes no difference in being saved if you’re yelling out, “you Liberal…it’s the Democrat’s fault,” or not.  You’re still going down.

Let’s hope that Republicans and Democrats can stop name-calling long enough to put their heads together and come up with proper decisions versus blaming one another with a political party’s name.

Heaven help the U.S. and the world.

Ahhh….forget it.  Just go watch Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on YouTube, go vegan and pop some grapes and strawberries.  If you’re really down, we can always have some acai.  Meet you at YouTube.

grin and wink

That’s a JOKE people….laugh!