Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Can Get All of The “Hello’s” He Wants For What He Charges People

“Can I get a HELLO?” asks Youtube channel master, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).  “And…we haven’t even had breakfast yet.”


                              Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) 

Better known as Infinite Waters whose real name (or at least that’s what he calls himself) is Ralph Smart, is allegedly a psychologist who has found his niche in getting Youtube subscribers by going the Spiritual route, “breathing in that good ass prana.” I say allegedly because to date, there has been no proof of him being a true psychologist, registered or otherwise.  It’s only what he proclaims himself that the net world has to go by.  Most people don’t care so, who am I to care what everyone else does?

With some over 950,000 subscribers on Youtube, Smart seems to have found his niche finally.  Filming mostly in what appears to be a park somewhere, usually standing in front of a tree or has Weeping Willow branches grazing his face and head most of the time, Smart has managed to hook in nearly a million viewers and subscribers with his spiritual contented “solutions” to both life and personal issues and free formulaic videos on Youtube.

Smart admits that doing so, not only covers his monthly bills nicely but has left him not having to work a nine to five job.  Smart also offers private sessions on his website, along with his books, cd’s.  He also calls himself a, Cinematographer, Life Coach, Relationship Guide, Alchemist, and Infinite Being, things we can all call ourselves.

“PEEEEACE” he says, beginning all of his videos.

This calm, serene, happy looking Brit chap stops at least once or twice during his videos to turn his head to the side then back again, smile never leaving his face for the full 20 or so minutes he usually records.  Some have wisely picked up the fact that these motions and repeated phrasing are not simply Smart’s signature moves.  They are actually part of what’s called “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” or NLP for short.  One can learn the techniques easily without having to take any courses.

“Slow motion to this side….mmmmm,” Smart says, closing his eyes and mimicking an imitation of a camera slowing its shot.

Admittedly, Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) first videos caught my eye a couple of years ago and I subscribed to his channel as nearly a million people have done now.  At that time and under the circumstances I was dealing with then, he somehow, made sense and got me hooked on his videos as he touched upon topics that most of us do struggle with to some extent or another, in one way or another for some piece of time in our lives.  I eagerly lapped them up, spending a couple of hours at a time, binge watching them.  Unfortunately, as time went by, it seems that Smart caught onto the idea that adding Spiritual elements to his videos, outweighed the psychological side of his alleged “psychologist’s” roots.  He, himself got on the mystical spiritual train ride and began spewing more and more Vegan spiels, where each of his videos are extolling (to some extent or another) the so-called virtues of becoming Vegan.  It all became far too New Age-y as well as trendy for me at this point and I unsubscribed having found solutions through other readings and research of my own.

It’s not that I am not spiritual because I am. I have also studied psychology in university and metaphysics as well as Quantum Physics but, don’t call myself any of these titles as I’m not certified to do so and, it’s my bet that Smart isn’t either.  (Please send me credible sources that prove that Smart is a registered psychologist with a PhD and has completed the necessary post grad training and licensing exam if you have it.  It’s nowhere to be found from what I can tell.  I’m open to credible source citations if you have it.)  It was more the point that I could see through Smart that he had finally, after several other failed attempts at film making, recording music etc., found a hook with which to grab in viewers and sell more of both his books, cd’s as well as those overly expensive “sessions” he sells to most often, vulnerable of people.

Of course, personally, if I had the kind of money required for one of Smart’s sessions and needed help, I’d much prefer to be spending it with a real face-to-face psychologist versus a Youtube video maker but, that’s me. Everyone else is free to do what they please, without doubt.  If it wasn’t evident because Youtube videos are free to watch except for bandwidth costs, Smart also makes money off of his Youtube channel as well.  The more subscribers, the more clicks he gets on those videos, the more he makes in every sense of the word as another Youtuber has explained it to me.  As Smart has said, he doesn’t want to work an “ordinary job” or 9 to 5 and wants his subscribers to feel the same.  Sorry to all of you out there who do work normal jobs as I do.  As I see it, if you didn’t do what you do and I didn’t do what I do to bring in a pay-check every week (writing is simply a hobby for me) everyone lived according to Smart’s ideals, the world would stop functioning.  There’d be no cars, no restaurants or stores, no garbage collection, no anything we have come to count on in Society but, I guess that’s ok for some people though I doubt it would be ok for Smart because he has bragged about being able to travel. Would there be pilots to take him where he wants to go? Isn’t that a regular job?  I digress though.  Again, that’s everyone’s prerogative to believe and follow whomever and whatever they want so, off of that soap box I go.

“Infinite Waters, Diving Deep, PEEEAAACCCCE,” Smart says in every video he does now.  Even a practising psychologist doesn’t make the 350 British Pounds Smart charges for an undefined 1 hour (psychology or spiritual or what…it doesn’t say) 1 on 1 Skype Session but, for those who can afford it and wish to do it, more power to you as it’s your choice, of course.  Have you found The Secret (a concept Author, Rhonda Byrnes has re-formulated from an old book of the same nature, given to her by her daughter that has her laughing all the way to the bank) and the concept of manifesting what you want into being by thinking it so that Smart also pushes in a quite a few of his videos as well?  Have you tried it?  Does it work for you?

For the kind of money that both Smart charges and likely makes as well as the millions of dollars that Byrnes has made on her books (though she’s been sued several times now as she didn’t give those who promoted her their shares and she lives very comfortably now thanks to them), they will both give you all of the hellos you can stand and send you a hug through the video camera while they’re at it.

Sadly, it’s not totally happy people who are watching Smart’s videos.  Like myself at the time that I first found Smart’s video channel, most people are struggling with something or other in their lives and looking for answers to those problems.  People like Smart and Byrnes give people hope in a mystical way that other professionals can’t seem to give them.  It may be bull droppings for some people but, for others, as long as they are given a form of hope, they will lap it up and some will even pay for it.  Smart knows it as does Byrnes.  I, personally found nothing of value in either of their approaches as nothing either of them have said or done is ‘new’.  Smart has said nothing in any of his videos that hasn’t been said by someone else in books on videos or elsewhere by other authors.  He’s not unique in my mind so, I quit watching him when I realized he was re-cycling older videos word for word, has formulaic scripts and contradicts himself.  That’s me though.  If others find him as a help, that’s wonderful for them.  We’re all Infinite Beings and Alchemists as well as psychologists after all.  At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life.  Everyone else is free to see it their way.

PEACE, Love and Light.

(Addition Jan. 25, 2017:  I will NO LONGER be posting, reading or responding to comments concerning Ralph Smart for several reasons, not the least which includes the responses that are threatening or raunchy. I fully recognize that this piece is not aligned with your thinking on Smart and perhaps, threatens you because of those beliefs or that it threatens to take away your life raft.  However, I have written hundreds of other pieces throughout the years that I’ve been writing this blog.   Please feel free to search for spiritually related and psychology related pieces I’ve written, read and comment on them. You just might find that we agree to disagree on Smart but, some other topic that I’ve written on, hits something within you too. It’s all FREE. No hooks. Thank you. )