Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Viewers Are Getting What I’ve Been Saying All Along

Nothing has brought in more readers to this site than Ralph Smart.  I have to thank him for that readership.


At first, I had to endure many nasty, judgemental, accusatory and raunchy comments.  I had so many of them from Ralph Smart Lovers that I’ve stopped reading them or responding to them a few weeks ago now.  It wasn’t until more recently that I’ve seen the sheer numbers of comments on these pieces climbing that curiosity got the better of me and I started to read them before simply trashing them all.  Much to my surprise, many of the current commenters have made it clear that they have been doing their own research as well now because they had noticed something that just wasn’t sitting right with them about Smart and his many, many videos, the repetitious nature of them as well as what appears to them to be “hogwash”, “watered down”, “hocus-pocus” and so many more terms that I can’t even begin to list them.  Suffice it to say that a lot more people are finally becoming suspicious, thinking for themselves now and doing some research.  Many of them are now writing to thank me for doing the research into him, my viewpoint as well as the thought I’ve put into it all.  That’s gratifying especially, with all of the negative, raunchy and un-publishable comments that I’ve had to trash and endure.

For those who think that they know me or anything about me because they stumbled upon my blog through a Google or other search engine search, let me say one thing, “YOU DON’T”.  End of story.

Whether 19 or 95 years of age, people have been slowly figuring out what I had long ago figured out and are asking questions of both Smart and themselves.  Most of them are thanking me for “opening their eyes” or, “validating what they were already feeling” about him.

From my little corner of life, I’m finally finding that my time wasn’t wasted for many who are self-thinking and not following blindly or without questioning for themselves.

Please Note:  I no longer will be publishing or responding to comments regarding Ralph Smart.  Please feel free to read and comment on several hundred other pieces I’ve written and posted over the past 5 years that I’ve been writing on this blog.  Thank you and best wishes.   


Infinite Waters Diving Deep Viewers Show That They Aren’t Getting His Messages


I have been writing this blog for nearly 5 years.  I’ve written pieces on many topics which include everything from personal thoughts to public news stories.  Yet, nothing that I’ve written has garnered the type of attention nor, drawn the amount of readers and comments that my pieces on Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep has brought forth and done so with such venom.

Many who have proclaimed to be Smart followers, have boasted about the fact that they have “learned a lot” from Smart and have been made whole by his “free videos”.  However, all that has come across in their comments, seem to be the feelings of those who have learned extremely little about what it is that Smart has been saying.  The comments have been anything but “Spiritual” and have been attacking towards my slant/point of view on him.  What is that truly saying then about Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep and his teachings?  Obviously, it’s not getting through to those who are loyal viewers and come here to comment or, shall I say, “defend him”?

Look, nothing I say in my blog can stop you from watching Ralph’s videos, can it?  If you are devout fan of his, what I say from my own experiences and thoughts about him, has absolutely no bearing on what you do or don’t do with Smart’s Youtube’s pieces nor, whether you choose to spend your money on having one very expensive session with him does it?  My questions to those who would write to slam what I am writing are, why does what I’ve written bother you so deeply and secondly, are you really getting what it is that Smart is saying because most of those who comment, have deep issues about anyone who writes anything that isn’t praising Smart.

Before you go off on a rant towards what I’ve written about Smart, take the time to read other entries that I’ve also written.  If your only reason for being here is because my entry came up in a search for Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep, do yourself a favour and read what else I’ve written about other things before going off-side and writing me hate mail. I don’t do well with those who spew out hatred and it goes in the trash if I find it offensive towards others.  The rest, I publish and will respond to, if I feel that it has enough merit to give a response.

Perhaps, a bigger question would be, why does what I think of Smart, bother you so much?

I don’t have to love Smart for you to enjoy him.  I simply happen to find him quite cliche, nothing he’s saying is new, everything is re-cycled and a marketing ploy of some sort.  There’s nothing that Smart is saying that hasn’t been said before by many.  Yes, he’s a seemingly friendly chap who smiles and makes you feel good with his laid-back attitude but, he is far from being a god or perhaps, even a real psychologist.  More than half of what Smart has said on Youtube, can be found in many other books by many other authors.  He simply says it on camera with a smile, Weeping Willow branches, grazing his head the entire time.  I don’t have to love Smart.

From my little corner of life, what I’m seeing from these commenters is that they aren’t “getting” Smart’s messages and certainly are less than “spiritual” in their own messages.  In other words, they aren’t taking away as much as they think that they are from Ralph’s videos because it’s showing through in their comments.

Love, Light, Blessings and Strawberries.



Are Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Followers Really Getting What He’s Preaching?

I recently wrote three pieces on a Youtube sensation, Mr. Ralph Smart after having watched dozens and dozens of his videos and having been absorbed by his videos myself. At some point, something struck me about his videos that wasn’t sitting correctly anymore.  I was beginning to see pieces re-done, re-worded, turned and twisted in his quest to get out more videos, faster.  As a matter of fact, I began to realize that several of his pieces were almost word for word and re-taped as well as having shifted in tone from one of a more common sense/psychological basis to a huge New Age feel to them.  That’s when I began to do some research and write what I have written.

Of course, I have taken flack for anything that I’ve said about Mr. Smart through a few of his “loyal followers”.  What has stood out to me in all of these reader’s comments are that they appear to be defending Mr. Smart and his alleged spiritual content while spewing out hatred and dislike towards me and my pieces that are my own opinions wrought from my research and own thinking.  These very people have little, if any, tolerance towards anyone who isn’t writing glowing reviews of Mr. Smart’s work.

While I have published and responded to most (some were too raunchy for anyone’s eyes  to publish and I have therefore, deposited them in the trash bin) of the negative, taunting commenters (yes, I know the net is filled with these types), I recognized one thing.  For all of their proclamations of Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) having taught them to love and be more spiritual people, that’s not what I’m seeing in their comments.  More to the point, they don’t feel the need to respond once but, several times each or, until I shut down any further banter with them.

It’s become increasingly apparent that Mr. Smart evokes the apostolic side of people in a cult-like fashion.  These people are out to defend their leader.  Equally apparent is that though Mr. Smart has been marked as a Spiritual Guru to many, that spirituality definitely does not show through in these specific commenter’s words.  There is no trace of tolerance for anything that isn’t pro-Mr. Smart’s video and, there’s little mincing of words that show despise towards anyone who might not find Mr. Smart quite as brilliant as they find him to be.  Perhaps, these Infinite Waters Diving Deep Apostles have a thing or two to still learn about being spiritual?

May I ask those who will think about commenting to me about my pieces on Mr. Smart, have you read other author’s books on spirituality?  If you have, then while you may find it easier to listen to the Youtube videos that Mr. Smart has knocked off, one after the other (notice how he’s bringing out videos in November and December with trees full of green leaves in the background and often, wearing the same clothing as the ones previously done) you’ll also notice that Mr. Smart tapes his pieces several at a time and releases them in spaced intervals.  While some will argue that it’s an intelligent way of doing things and why not do it that way, for me, it brought up questions and I did the research, including re-watching older videos of his and comparing them.  It was there that I recognized that he has developed a marketing plan for himself, not teach the masses as some would say he’s trying to do.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I have no hatred, jealousy, dislike or whatever these commenters can throw into the mix, towards Mr. Smart.  As a matter of fact, I think he’s one brilliant business man who sought out to make money in a non-c0nventional way.  No 9 to 5 job for that bloke as he has stated several times throughout his videos that he didn’t want to do.  My hat is off to him for finding a way to pay his bills, amass a gaggle of followers who find him so mezmerising.  I also have nothing against someone making money off of something that they do so, we needn’t go there any further.

What I am seeing though in these types of commenters are comments that do not reflect what they allege Mr. Smart is teaching them.  You have your point of view and I don’t care about “the cat down the road” (as Ralph Smart) would say who doesn’t agree with my point of view but, then again, Infinite Waters Diving Deep has delved deeply into how to not care what anyone else thinks, hasn’t he?  My question would be then, why the need to comment with such venom if you have been following his teachings?  You also shouldn’t be caring about “the cat down the road” while following the “7 Day Vegan Challenge” as both should be freeing you from the ties of societal expectations, right?

Enough said.  From my little corner of life, Mr. Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep, is nothing but another person who has figured out a marketing ploy to capture a million or so people into his following and, the nastier comments that are coming from some of his loyal followers are those more indicative of those who have fallen prey to a cult-like following but, not getting the messages he’s giving out.  That, to me, is saying that either these viewers aren’t listening to what Mr. Smart is preaching or, they are only taking from him what suits them.  Which is it?  Think about that for a moment or two, please before you start pounding out hate-filled, angry comments on your keyboard towards what is being said here.  This is the last piece I will write on Mr. Smart as he has enough advertising or marketing of himself as it is.  He needs no more.


By the way, we are ALL “Alchemists and Infinite Beings”.

PEEEACE….Love and Light.



Ralph Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Take on Trump’s Presidential Election Win Is Filled With Contradictions and Evasion


If you want to hear “Gobbledygook”, listen to Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) spiel on the latest U.S. elections and politics in general.

Go on, I’ll wait while you listen to what he has to say and come back.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on “Trumpland” 

Done?  Ok, let’s get to what he really said, if you were paying attention fully.

“Ultimately, you have to lead yourself,” he says after asking you to ask yourself why we need leaders.  “Yes, I encourage people every day to become your greatest self but, I can’t save you.”  (Yet, he charges an arm and a leg for one of his sessions.  What is that exorbitant fee for then?)

Ironically, he then goes on to say, “time and time again, I always see people externalizing their power to someone, thinking that this person has all of the answers and now, you place all of your trust in one person because they’ve used the good slogan, ‘change is here. Unity is here.'”

Excuse me, Ralph but, isn’t that what you claim to be able to do…change people’s lives if they follow your advice, read your books, listen to your cd’s or buy one of your ridiculously priced sessions which have no definitive description or seeming goal for people to shell out that kind of money towards buying?  Aren’t you setting yourself up as some sort of guru/leader and people are following you like sheep?  Isn’t that what you want?  Isn’t that how you got rich and became a millionaire?

“I don’t really talk about politics because to me, it’s a distraction,” Smart says on the one hand, after yet another slow motion imitation. “But, on the same hand, it does matter who’s in office because it’s going to affect you.”

What?  But Ralph, you just said that politics are a distraction.  How can something that is going to affect you be insignificant?

Apparently, according to Smart anyway, we’ve all handed over our power to countries leaders and humanity needs to realize that we need to eat better, 7 Day Vegan Challenge (yes, he got that in as he does in every video at least once or twice), and we need to stop believing “that there are actually countries because countries don’t exist” and “are only there to keep us in a state of servitude.”  Yet, he has no idea if your vote counts even though he sees politics as not elections but, selections.  Mmmmm….pause….slow motion to the other side.

According to Smart, “it was already arranged because there are forces on this planet. We are already in Spiritual Warfare,” Smart says in one breath then he states,”we look for a saviour figure.”  Could that be you, Ralph?  Are people hooking up to you by subscribing to your channel to be “saved” somehow, in some way?  Are you making people dependent upon your words and the 7 Day Vegan Challenge to live properly and healthfully?

“Is that person coming from a place of love.  That’s all you’ve gotta ask,” Mr. Smart states.

Well are you coming from a place of love for people or for money and fame, Mr. Smart?  You’ve made yourself a leader and people have “selected you” as their leader.  Or, are you coming from a place where your videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social media advertising you can get your face and thoughts into are nothing more than advertising for you to get your wares and sessions sold?  Are you selling “love” or are you selling yourself to line your pockets?  Are you nothing more than the “smoke and mirrors” that you claim politics and their leaders are for people who are looking for someone to be their leader and saviour?  I think it’s the latter.

“The people running the show at the top, don’t care about you,” he says.

Do you really believe that Smart cares about you?  Do you really think that he knows you exist even if you are one of his over 780,000 You Tube subscribers or Twitter followers or whatever other social media advertising platform he can get himself into?   By the way, he follows 12 people on Twitter only while he’s got thousands of followers.  What is that saying to you?  Is it telling you that he’s interested in you at all or anyone else for that matter?

“It’s all a game,” he states outright.  “There’s a problem, people react and they create a solution.”

Wait…isn’t that what YOU do, Mr. Smart?  There’s a problem and you allegedly create a solution for it and charge through the nose to give it to people through your books, cd’s and sessions, basing it on your word that you’re a psychologist but provide no evidence to back that claim for those following you?

“The people who get a lot of power, they just want more of it,” he states.

Is that why you continue to pound out videos, tweets, Facebook, Instagram messages that you never or rarely respond to those who respond to them?

Meanwhile, he sees a movement towards no more countries, no more borders and everybody will be eating a whole lot of strawberries.  Excuse me but, did you note that Trump ran and won on the idea of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, will be deporting thousands of people and stopping immigration of Muslims.  Meanwhile, Russia is happy to see Trump in office.  Kind of doesn’t sound like heading in that direction to me.  Perhaps, Trump and Putin will be eating strawberries after their steak dinners but, it doesn’t seem that they are heading towards the world you’re describing.  They are moving away from it and, more into segregation.  That’s how knowledgeable you are yet, we’re supposed to be following you.  I wonder how the Gays, Muslims, Latinos and women feel right now?  Oh wait, you don’t care and you can’t save them.

If you have listened carefully to what Smart was saying in that latest video of his, you’ll hear not only double talk that circumvents the real issue of Trump’s election but, also a total mash of garbage being spewed out that contradicts itself all over the place.

If you made sense out of those over 11 minutes of Smart’s words that help you to deal with whatever country you’re from and its politics, I’d say that either you weren’t interested in politics at all and you’re blindly following someone who you wish to “save you” but, “can’t” as he says outright.  You’ve made him your leader and guru but, he’s full of hot air and doesn’t really care about you.  He’s lining his pockets.

For those of you who wish to argue with my thoughts about Smart, think of it this way.  Yes, his videos are free on You Tube.  Everyone’s videos are.  But, the higher ranking You Tube channels like Smart’s, are raking in promotional monies.  They also serve as advertising for their businesses. Smart is no exception.  He’s making money from even those “free videos” because he’s receiving sponsor’s monies for doing them.  Remember that Smart was a videographer, graphic artist and so many other titles he can give himself, long before he called himself a psychologist, criminologist, life coach, alchemist and infinite being.  Add to that fact that he sells himself, his sessions, his books, his cd’s and you have to ask yourself, is he doing me a service or is he lining his bank account?  Does he really care about me as a person or am I just another dupe he can sucker into following him on one of social media’s outlets.  Think about the fact that your friends see who you follow on social media as well.  One way or another, he’s advertising himself and making himself richer by the day.  Does he really care?  Or, had he found a way to get you to make him your “leader”?  Think about it fully before you write to me to tell me that I’m a “hater” or “jealous” and you’re “perplexed” by my piece.

From my little corner of life, Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no better than the politicians that he pays no attention to while he swallows another strawberry and hooks in another group of subscribers while selling his wares.  And, if he were to remove his “can I get a hello’s” and “slow motion this way”, his videos would be much shorter.






Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Can Get All of The “Hello’s” He Wants For What He Charges People

“Can I get a HELLO?” asks Youtube channel master, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).  “And…we haven’t even had breakfast yet.”


Better known as Infinite Waters whose real name (or at least that’s what he calls himself) is Ralph Smart, is allegedly a psychologist who has found his niche in getting Youtube subscribers by going the Spiritual route, “breathing in that good ass prana.”

With some over 650,000 subscribers on Youtube, Smart seems to have found the holy grail to his success.  Filming mostly in what appears to be a park somewhere, background unrecognizable because he’s usually standing in front of a tree or has Weeping Willow branches grazing his face and head most of the time, Smart has figured out how to hook in over half a million viewers and subscribers with his spiritual contented “solutions” to both life and personal issues.

If that wasn’t enough to cover his monthly bills, Smart also offers private sessions on his website, along with books, cd’s and, have I mentioned that he also calls himself a Life Coach, Relationship Guide, Alchemist, and Infinite Being?

“PEACE” he says, ending all of his videos.

I’ll say that I’d have peace too if you’ll pay me 350 pounds (that’s British pounds and heaven knows what that translates to in cost within your part of the world) for a one hour session that can be done by “recorded HD Skype” after you’ve paid him via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and I’m sure he’d find other ways to accommodate  your payment method if you had no other way of doing so.  In my part of the world, that 350 British pounds, translates into a whopping $610 for a one hour Skype session with him. I would think he should be giving those who can and will pay that, the meaning of Life.

This calm, serene, happy looking Brit chap stops at least once or twice during his videos to turn his head to the side then back again, smile never leaving his face for the full 20 or so minutes he usually records.

“Slow motion to this side….mmmmm,” Smart says, closing his eyes and mimicking a rather dull imitation of a camera slowing its shot.

Admittedly, Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) first videos caught my eye and I subscribed to his channel as over a half million people have done.  He made sense and got me hooked on his videos as he touched upon topics that most of us do struggle with to some extent or another, in one way or another.  I eagerly lapped them up, spending a couple of hours at a time, watching them.  Unfortunately, as time went by, it seems that Smart caught onto the idea that adding Spiritual elements to his videos, outweighed the psychological side of his psychologist’s roots.  He, himself got on the mystical spiritual train ride and turned Vegan more recently, where each of his videos are extolling the virtues of becoming Vegan to some extent or another.  It all became far too New Age-y as well as trendy for me at this point.

It’s not that I am not spiritual because I am.  It’s more the point that I can see that Smart seemed to find a hook with which to grab in more viewers and sell more of both his books, cd’s as well as those overly expensive “sessions” he sells to the most vulnerable of people.  If I had that kind of money, I’d be spending it on sessions with a real face-to-face psychologist versus a Youtube video maker who puts just enough into his videos to hook people into viewing them.  It’s no mistake that Smart makes money off of his Youtube channel as well.  The more subscribers, the more he makes in every sense of the word.

“Infinite Waters, Diving Deep, PEEEAAACCCCE,” Smart says as he travels to the bank.  Well done, Mr. Smart.  Not only were you named aptly (smart) but, you’re diving deep into people’s pockets.  Even a practising psychologist doesn’t make that much but, you’ve found The Secret (a concept Author, Rhonda Byrnes has found that has her laughing all the way to the bank and the concept of manifesting what you want into being by thinking it so that Smart pushes in a few of his videos as well).

For the kind of money that both Smart charges and likely makes as well as the millions of dollars that Byrnes has made on her books, I’ll give you all of the hellos you can stand, put it into a taped Skype version and send you a hug through the video camera while I’m at it.

It’s not totally happy people who are watching Smart’s videos.  Like myself, most people are struggling with something or other in their lives and looking for answers to those problems.  People like Smart and Byrnes give people hope in a mystical way that other professionals can’t seem to give them.  It may be bull droppings but, as long at there’s hope, people will lap it up and even pay for it.  Smart knows it as does Byrnes.  At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life.

PEACE, Love and Light.

(Addition Jan. 25, 2017:  I will NO LONGER be posting, reading or responding to comments concerning Ralph Smart for several reasons, not the least which includes the responses that are threatening or raunchy.  Please feel free to read and comment on the hundreds of other pieces I’ve written in the meanwhile. Thank you. )