Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Commenters Save Your Breath

Don’t make me do it.  Don’t make me delete my pieces on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep from Youtube) or worse yet, write an even more blazing set of pieces than I already have written.  Oh GASP!  I can hear the shouts, cries, inflamed souls as well as the  trashy explicatives people would call me for having done it.  They are already echoing in my ears and brain.

I went to the lengths of putting a note on all of my blog pieces about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) that I would no longer be reading, publishing or responding to any further comments about those pieces while asking readers to read something else on my blog from the several hundred pieces that I’ve written on differing topics.  Yet, Ralph Smarters or “The Cultists” as I have come to call and know them can’t seem to help themselves.  They have some sort of nagging need to defend this man with oftentimes, vulgar or insulting messages that I wouldn’t lower myself to respond to, let alone, publish for the rest of my readers. That’s telling me that there’s desperation within a good majority of those commenters who are sadly, Ralph Smart followers, living, breathing and taking in his every word.


I re-paid a visit to Ralph’s channel on Youtube (no links need to be given here as the chap does a good enough job of self-promotion already.)  What I found were his “worshippers”.  Nearly 100% of them who commented on his videos were young, inexperienced, gullible and seemingly, brainwashed by Smart’s constant barrage of videos that he puts out in a week.  It was then that I realized that those who were commenting on my pieces, are in fact, (in their minds) defending their idol.  Smart has turned himself into both an idol for these younger people as well as a cult-leader.

“Seven Day Vegan Challenge.  Can I get a HELLLO?  PEEEACE.  And we ain’t even had breakfast yet.  Slow motion to this side.”

People have accused me of being bitter, salty, hate-filled, jealous, in love with him and a plethora of other idiotic labels because my pieces were not glorifying Smart.  In spite of me having said in many of them that I had once been binge-watching Smart’s videos until I figured out what he was doing to everyone, people still kept pounding at me and continue to do so.  I have written many more pieces since then but, those coming in, do so because they’ve done a search for Smart or info on him and found my blog.  They only read what they see in those pieces that turn up in their search but, nothing else I’ve written in my several hundred pieces over the past 5 years and somehow, ignorantly assume that they know everything about me.  That’s where the nasty, raunchy comments come into play that I trash because they’re not fit for the human eye let alone my readers.

More than anything, I have to wonder what it is that they are really taking away from Smart’s messages.  It seems that their anger, bitterness, hatred and even self-esteem is still rock bottom to write comments as they do.  More to the point, they don’t seem to have gotten any of Smart’s messages.  If they did, they wouldn’t be writing the types of comments that they’ve written.  Then, it hit me squarely in the face.  The answer was right there all along.


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) has given out few, if any, good, loving or helpful messages.

One need only to have seen the sheer numbers of people who have written to Smart and received no answer from him.  The begging, the pleading, the bargaining from these commenters both here and on his videos are pathetically showing the desperation that these followers have within themselves.  These are not necessarily whole, healthy, self-esteemed people.  These are broken or lost youngsters in search of either an idol, someone to tell them how to live their lives or even (in some cases) a parental figure.  However, Smart will charge you an arm and a leg for his time and the ability to talk to him.  Try to the tune of 350 British Pounds for an hour’s worth of time with him that is undefined as to what that session or time with him contains.

Laughable was the fact that the majority of Smart’s followers, are too young to have that kind of money.  He’s aimed his audience at a target group who will only ever follow his free Youtube videos and beg for him to contact them.  It’s sad to see people leaving their email addresses in public, pleading with him to write to them when he barely re-visits their comments.  He’s already moved onto his next video that he releases daily but, they don’t and won’t see that in him.  After all, he’s a role model, an idol, a “Guru” and akin to a cult leader to them.  He’s got the viewers alright but, he’s got the viewers who will likely never purchase a thing from him and that is what he wants…purchases.  He wants his bills paid by them because he doesn’t want to work a 9 to 5 job and has admitted that in many of his videos.  In effect, he wants troubled young people to pay his bills.

Good idea but, wrong crowd, Ralph.

More comical are the words that he utters in most of his videos.

“I’ve been helping millions of people for many, many years now,” he says, never wiping the smile from his face while I can’t stop the laughter coming from mine.

At this writing, Smart is still 30 years old.  He started Infinite Waters Diving Deep as a Youtube channel about 3 or 4 years ago.  So, how many years has he been “helping millions” as he phrases it as though delusional?  The math can speak for itself.

Still un-proven as no one who complains has yet to be able to give me a credible source that actually states that Smart is a real, certified psychologist as he claims.  While we know that he obtained a combined degree in Psychology and Criminology, that B.A. doesn’t make him either a Criminologist nor a Psychologist.  Being a psychologist requires either a PhD or a Master’s degree and at least 3 years doing clinical work as well as writing a board exam to get his license.  To the best of my research, Smart did none of this.

As a matter of fact, the closest that I’ve been able to find of Smart having done anything “clinical” comes in the form of him, having been placed in (yes, I am not joking or exaggerating this point as he admits it on a video of his during his early days linked HERE where he appears almost “manic”) a Psychiatric Ward, himself and given meds.  Don’t believe me?  Watch for yourself.  The link is there, above.  However, it did lead me to question whether above and beyond Smart’s split B.A. in psychology, if he had considered that hospital stay his accreditation in being a “psychologist”.  While I haven’t been in a psychiatric ward of any type even as a visitor for someone else, I have studied psychology myself and, as stated in another piece, I do not consider myself a psychologist because I have accreditation in some psychology education yet, apparently he does.  Again, if anyone has a credible source as to Smart’s accreditation as a psychologist, please let me know and I will reconsider at least that portion of his claims.

Several people have asked me what is wrong with him making money off of his time?  There’s nothing wrong with him doing that however, having said that, he charges an arm and a leg for it.  If you doubt me, as I’ve said in a previous piece, try this converter and see what 350 British Pounds amounts to in your part of the world with THIS CONVERTER.  In my part of the world, with today’s exchange rate, that’s over $576 for one hour.  Even a real psychologist doesn’t get paid that much and how he can expect younger people who make up the bulk of his viewers can afford that is beyond me.

Many have said, “I don’t buy anything off of him.  His Youtube videos are free.  I watch them and get so much out of them.  He makes no money off of them or me.”

I have news for those who think that Smart isn’t making money off of his videos.  Even if you aren’t buying his ridiculously priced, undefined sessions that are without description or merit, his books or his cd’s, Smart makes money off of every click that he gets onto one of his videos from Youtube.  Why do you think that he’d spend the time to put out so many of them?  Do you really believe that he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart?  How does he pay his bills?  Have you asked yourself those questions?  I’ll bet not.  Yet, you’ll spend the time to write comments on both his videos, begging him to write to you, talk to you or praising him or, you’ll write to me to blast me for what I’ve written about him.  Are you thinking for yourself as you do that?  Can you not see what he’s doing to you and others?  Give him an “A” for marketing.

Finally, if you are reading this, please note that it’s a waste of your time to write to me with raunchy defensive or defending style comments as I will NOT be reading, publishing or responding to them as I’ve posted on the bottoms of the rest of my blog pieces.

From my little corner of life, I’m too busy writing other pieces about other topics and Ralph Smart is of little consequence to me.  What does become my business are the comments that I have to trash every day that a search engine sends to this blog by people who are searching for something on him.  Just what they are searching for is only a guess but, I’d hazard one to say that people are searching for further information on him because they either love him or they are skeptical as I was.  Either way, good luck.  He’s been careful to erase his steps so that you’ll have difficulty finding them on the net.  And, by the way, as far as I have been told by a source, he lives with his sister and mother still. There’s your idol.

And, by the way, I make NO money from this blog nor, do I want to.

I do not hate Ralph Smart nor, do I want to be like him.  I am not jealous nor, in love with him. (I’m old enough to be his mother.  My daughter is older than he is.)  Most of all, I am  far from stupid, a fool, un-enlightened or anything else you can throw in my direction so, hang onto those insults for your enemies in the play-grounds or troll some other place like Twitter.  Trump does it.


Blessings, Love & Light.



Message To Ralph Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep Lovers Who Send Me Infantile Comments


I get tons of comments every day on the pieces that I’ve written about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep).  Most of it is “hate mail” and a lot of it is so raunchy, poorly worded, taunting or plainly infantile trash that I deleted them because it’s not fit for human eyes or minds.

First things first.  If you’re that passionate about Smart and his videos, by all means, go watch them.  I’m not stopping you, am I?  If I am, then it’s because you’re already questioning his videos and motives, yourselves.  However, I can say that judging by the types of comments that I have to trash every day, not many of his faithful watchers seem to be getting his messages. The kinds of hate, anger and less than spiritual type of comments being sent are not at all what is being preached by Smart.  You are obviously not getting him or his messages and it is showing clearly in these types of comments.  If you write to me with raunchy, hate-filled or even taunting style comments, I trash them.  I don’t even finish reading them myself.  You’ve wasted your time.

Secondly, for those who would love to think that my pieces on Smart are because I “want to be like him”, am “jealous” of him or, would “love to make the money he’s making”, think again and re-read my pieces on him. You obviously didn’t get my points either nor, do you know what my life is about, how much money I have or what else I do, do you? Again, it’s like a dog barking up a wrong tree.  Most of all, had you read anything of the hundreds of pieces that I’ve written, you’d recognize that Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep, is nothing but a passing fancy.  I’ve written more about Malaysian Airline MH370 having gone missing and, or Gilmore Girls than I have about Ralph Smart.  What is clear though, is that these types of commenters, have not read anything else that I’ve written in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been writing this blog. These commenters come in here because they’ve done a search for Smart and found this blog amongst search results.  That’s all that they’ve read.  End of story.

However, let’s get down to brass tacks here.  If these types of commenters have done a search for Smart on Google or whatever search engines they’ve used, they are seeking further information about him, themselves.  The question of “why” is moot but, in reality, I suspect it’s that they, themselves are questioning something about Smart in one way or another.

Lastly, I want to stress this one final time.  I used to be a Ralph Smart Junkie.  I watched his videos until I couldn’t see straight in binge watching style.  Like many others, I lapped them up and couldn’t get enough of them…that is….until he became too “New Age-y” for my liking and started going offside with his method of “helping you” and messages.  He’d found a way that appealed more, got him more viewers/subscribers and went off track with it all. I also realized that a lot of his newer videos were re-cycled materials from either his own, older videos (oftentimes, word for word, re-taped) or, could have come out of the fingers of any New Age writer.  The only difference is, he’s speaking his words and judging by the level of maturity that a lot of the grunge commenters have used in their comments, I’d say that watching a Youtube video is the best that some of these minds can comprehend.  I’d highly doubt that there’s a book out there that they’ve actually read which might lend them more help than Smart’s videos give to them.

Let me make one final point here in summing this up.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no different than any other “Spiritual Guru” out there who professes to know the meaning of life to some extent or another.  Like many people of the 80’s, Smart is looking for a way to make a living without having to work a 9 to 5 job and he’s doing it on your minds and brains.  He’s not out to “cure your ills” as tempting as it may be to believe that because he puts out ten to a dozen videos a week or so, for free.  He’s out to make you spend your money on buying his books, his cd’s, his ridiculously priced sessions which go undefined in content.  He’s selling you something whether you believe it or not.  He’s good at it.  He’s found a marketing ploy and he’s using it.  I saw that a long time ago when he started into manifesting and opening your pineal gland in his videos.  That was quite the change from the so-called, “psychologist’s” roots that he began with which, by the way, I am still waiting for someone to prove to me, with solid citations that Smart is indeed a registered psychologist.  There’s none to be found.  The most I could find is an honours B.A. in psychology, split with criminology.  If he’s a psychologist, so am I then.

Please believe whatever it is that you wish to believe about Smart.  Continue watching his videos until your brain explodes because he’s going to keep producing them until he finds a new hook to make money.  No, I don’t want, envy, love or want to be like him in any fashion.  I have a job that earns me enough to be quite comfortable and I enjoy.  This blog is nothing to me but a hobby and, if you are going to spend the time to make a comment that has an infantile or raunchy message to me about Smart, don’t waste your time because those types of comments are simply tossed into the trash bin of this blog’s panel while I chuckle at how well Smart has done with his audiences and messages.  Perhaps, you haven’t tried his Seven Day Vegan Challenge yet and need to?

From my little corner of life, these types of commenters need to get a life of their own and become their own person.  Quit relying upon a cultist like Smart and get on with real life.  Most of all, don’t waste your time on sending me infantile comments or messages.  I consider those who do that type of thing, “Trolls”.

Love, Light and Blessings