A Sense of Entitlement Brings Ignorance To Developed Countries

Ignorance and a sense of entitlement. Is that what people are coming to in North America nowadays?  It’s more a time of asking “what’s in it for me and, how can I get it. Damn everyone and everything else!”


In looking around any mall or large store, one can find it flourishing in every parking lot, store or cashier line-up. It’s in the people who illegally park in non-parking spots or taking up space directly in front of the store where parking is prohibited, sitting there blindly while other cars struggle to get around them or, swearing in return when someone honks because they can’t get past.

It shines clearly through those who try to take full buggy loads through cashier lanes clearly marked as Express Lanes or, those who stand in front of jewellery, pharmacy or electronics cash registers to pay for items not from those departments, getting angry and starting a fuss if the cashiers attempt to refuse to ring through their cart full of groceries.

It’s heard in the voices of those who will scream at their kids, now having wandered 3 or 4 aisles over from them, knocking things off of shelves, destroying displays while chasing one another and tripping others, never being checked upon or reigned in by their parent or parents.

It’s in the persons who park their buggies horizontally across an aisle in a grocery store, blocking everyone else from getting up or down it while they look at the side of a can or box and ignore the lineups of those waiting to get past them.

It lays in the fingers of those in cosmetic departments who break seals on lipsticks, by-passing testers to rub lipstick onto their hand then put it back onto the display or, in those who open nail polishes and proceed to paint the shelf or signs with it like graffiti artists.

One can see it in banks where the line-ups are long and the instant tellers are being taken up by someone’s children who are punching the keys, playing on every untaken machine while their mother barely looks over or ignores what her children are doing to others, waiting.

It lays in the clothing, knocked off of racks then, stepped on or rolled over with buggies as they walk away, leaving what they’ve destroyed behind them.

If that isn’t enough, it’s found in those who don’t ever use the words, “please” or “thank you” when someone has gone out of their way to be courteous or polite to them.

How about having to listen to someone’s entire conversation on a cell phone while waiting quietly in a doctor’s office or other quiet place or, their ringers going off and them not answering it but, not shutting the ringer or notifications off either.

There’s an endless list of things that people do or don’t do that can be considered a sense of ignorance or entitlement and while it would be wishful thinking to peg it down to discount department stores such as Walmart or, certain groups of people, the truth is that this type of occurrence happens in every public place, every ethnic, race, creed or culture. Rich or poor, the attitude is seemingly the same.

Ignorance seems to know no boundaries and a sense of entitlement seems to come with today’s mindset being one of “it’s what I want that matters” which brings it forward.  No one cares anymore about anyone else or even politeness, the laws or common courtesy.

Worse than anything, it seems that people who are privileged enough to live in developed countries now seem to think that what they want and need, when they want it and need it, should be provided for them and everyone else be damned. It’s not what they can do to show appreciation for what they have but more what they can get out of everything. It’s a sense of entitlement and with that…comes the ignorance.

The saddest thing of all is that everyone is so afraid of the repercussions from admonishing these people or even bringing them to justice in the law or other forms of re-alignment that no one really does anything anymore so, they continue on doing it and pushing the boundaries further.  Political Correctness has made this worse.  Are we so afraid of offending a culture or a religion that we can’t even let them know that they are crossing boundaries and laws? Are we that afraid that we won’t even attempt to correct any of this type of behaviour? How will Society develop in a civilized manner when everyone figures that it’s ok to do whatever they want and can get away with it?

Isn’t it time that we stepped up to the plate and said,

“NO…you cannot park here.  It’s illegal.”

“Please move your buggy so that I can get past,” and not fear repercussions.

“Get your children under control or leave, please.  thank you,” and push the person to handle their children’s poor behaviour or leave with them.

“No, I will NOT ring through your purchases in this department.  You’ll have to go to the appropriate cashier for that,” and, “I don’t care how long you stood here, waiting…your purchases are NOT from this department.”

“Stop opening the bottles of cosmetics as this is considered theft and vandalism.  You are paying for these items now.”

“Your yelling at your spouse or children is bothering my right to shop in peace.  Take your argument outside of the store.”

“You knocked clothing off of that rack, knew it, left it there and proceeded to walk over it.  It’s considered yours now.  I’ll ring that up at the register.”

“Please obey the ‘no cell phone’ sign and turn off your cell phone or, step outside to make your call.”

“Please move to the side so that I can get past you.”

“I’m sorry but you have a buggy full of items that far exceeds this line’s purpose.  Please move to another suitable cashier and let me past or I will cause a fuss at the desk when you’re considered next.”

Sadly, these types of statements are rarely made by either services, store associates/employees or those of us who are inconvenienced by these types of people and their scenarios.  Equally sadly, I could fill volumes of written words on the subject but, won’t.  All that I can say further right now is…that’s how I’m seeing things going in today’s world and from my little corner of life in it and, I’m sure that I’m not alone in seeing it or feeling this way, am I?

Apple, MAC or Anything “i” And Why It Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

As in my post below, I finally steeled myself and bought a MAC laptop.  Against every fibre of my being and, everything that goes against my grain, I finally got talked into buying a MAC computer after the breakdown of my beloved HP laptop which had served me well for over 7 years.  I had been assured that I was making the right decision as Apple (the company that produces MAC computers…just in case you’ve been in a coma or a cave for the past decade or more), was a highly reputable company.  How wrong that was in my case.

The first 10 days that I had my brand new MAC laptop, I had gotten sick and couldn’t spend any time on it.  That meant that 10 of the 14 days that the store would take it back, was already gone and I had 4 days to learn MAC and its operations as well as evaluate the computer itself.  With so many rave reviews by both Apple enthusiasts and sales people’s assurances, I should have no problems, no issues, no viruses, no way to not love this computer in spite of its undoubtedly hefty price tag (which was much more than I had expected or wanted to pay for a computer that would likely only last me 3 or 4 years maximum.)

Sending Error Reports In The First Week

Within the first week I was using it, a program would suddenly “need to close” and I’d have to send out an error report.  Do we really know where the hell these things actually go or whether anyone really ever sees them?  Like good little girls and boys, we send them out into cyber space, hoping that someone, somewhere, somehow, pays attention to them.  I’ve often wondered if these error reports are just something that they have us do so that in the midst of cursing and swearing at the sudden shut-down and loss of any information that we’d written or found, we’d have something that might make us feel that we’ve done something about it and someone will fix that problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

Apple Tech Support For Days

By the second day of more usage, I was soon tired of sending off error reports and gave up sending them, resorting to cursing and swearing and having to take deep breaths.  That was it.  I needed Apple’s Tech Support Line.

All of the Apple Tech Support Technicians were highly friendly.  It was as though they knew that you’d over spent your budget and were soaked by the pricing so, yes…of course…they’re going to be nice.  They also all spoke of the computer as though it were a pet, a child, a human being and anthropomorphized the machine in front of you to the point where you felt as though you should give it a personal name and feed it.  I had no issue with them.  They were highly eager to help me with my problem and did so in a fun-loving, personable way, making the long tech support sessions feel almost a bit fun at first.

Three calls and 6 hours later, including a remote session where a technician was actually remotely inside my brand new baby, looking at its inner software workings, I was still no further ahead as the thing kept crashing both programs and itself into a downed state.  This is where I began to lose my temper but, tried to recognize that they didn’t produce the machine nor charge me the money and were only doing their jobs.  They were far more patient than I was.

By the 4th call to Apple, I was fuming and ready to throw the computer through the window in spite of being escalated to Senior Advisors with Apple’s Tech Support System.  Of course, they understood my upset and frustration and that I wasn’t taking it out on them but, even when confronted with the question of whether they would be happy with how much they’d paid to get a lemon, all that they could do was read off of some company policy card that read, “you’re screwed” (in different wording than that of course).

“You’re screwed!”

The final Senior Advisor relented that the problem wasn’t a software issue but, a hardware issue from the factory and I’d need to send it in to be serviced.  SERVICED?  I needed a brand new computer “serviced”? That wasn’t the worst part though.  I now had a brand new piece of JUNK that I’d paid a small fortune for and would be without a computer for at least 10 days.  More than that, worse became worst when I was told that even to get it seen at an Apple Store, I’d have to make an appointment, leave it for the 10 days and the earliest appointment that they could get me was 2 weeks away!

I’m sure you can hear the mutterings in my mind that weren’t exactly pretty at this point.  I’m equally certain that each Apple Technician must have to go through a “how to keep your cool while the customer implodes” course before they’re put onto the phones as it didn’t seem to phase them one bit that I was explaining how I used my computers for work and 2 to 3 weeks more after paying the price for a brand new computer to wait to have what I considered a “refurbished” model (in the light form of the definition) was not exactly music to my ears.  And, yes..this was all still under warranty.

I wasn’t accepting this answer and he knew it as I explained it (without hesitation in how I said it).  He didn’t even try to make a return call the following day to see what I had decided to do,..send it in or wait for the 2 weeks and take it into a repair centre.  Either way, it would be the same time frame and wait.  Neither desirable nor, acceptable given that I had already spent over 7 hours of tech support in 2 days already and had a mound of work to get caught up on with NO computer now.

Thankfully, the shop that I bought it from had been one that I had spent several thousand dollars in over the past couple of years with 2 computers, 4 printers, all the ink cartridges (another fortune) and office supplies.  That gave me a bit of leverage and I had to rely upon that to talk my way into accepting the now, 4 days past their 14 day return policy.  I sweet talked the manager into hearing me out and he did.  The only caveat was that I had to pay an extra $149.00 + tax to get them to set it up and put on an un-needed anti-virus program to get them to give me a brand new computer.  They did.

The SHOP to the rescue…NOT APPLE!

I am now writing this on this brand new MAC computer, having been set up by their tech support team which gives me a 30 day store guarantee that should anything go wrong in the next 30 days with this thing, they have incurred the responsibility of having to either repair it or, handing me yet another computer of my choice.

If something goes wrong with this one (knock on wood not), I will NOT be going with another MAC computer and will go back to swearing off of anything Apple completely as I had done for years.

To those of you who have nothing but good experiences with Apple products, my hat is off to you.  Perhaps, I am just laden with rotten luck but, I seemed to have gotten the alleged “one lemon” of a Mac computer ever made, according to the store and Apple itself.  I’m sure though that I’m not.  I’m sure that there’s many more unsatisfied customers out there and I’d love to hear your stories.

In the meanwhile, my fingers are crossed that I’ve suffered The Apple Curse long enough and it’s been broken.  My hope is to finally love this machine, given what I’ve been through for it as well as the cost of it.  If not…my front door will have a laptop come hurtling through it onto the street where I will watch with delight as the next vehicle to come up the street will crush it into a few thousand tiny pieces.  That sounds nasty, does it?  But, it’s where Apple tends to leave its customers believe it or not.

We live and we learn but from my little corner of life, Apple is not the god it wants us to believe.

Computer Shopping Can Be A Nightmare

I’ve been in what can only be considered by anyone who relies upon their computers as “Computer Hell” for the past month when my trusty HP laptop finally gave out its last legs and died on me.  I felt as though I was going through a mourning period but, had to replace it.  The question was, where to start?

If you talk to any nerd, geek or I.T. person, you’ll quickly be told that the days of anything computerized, electronic or otherwise, is now being built to last a couple of years at best.  It leaves one wondering how much they should spend on a computer given that it might only last 2 to 3 years if that long but, still meet your needs.

With that in mind, I contemplated getting the lowest priced computer available and consider its cost spread out over 2 or 3 years.  What could I live with, not only within my own mind, but also my wallet and budget?  I had a figure in mind and set out to grab anything that was on sale, seemed like a good brand name and would get me through a couple of more computing years.

That’s not, of course, how this quest turned out.

Think “being talked up”.  Not only was I talked to by sales people until I couldn’t think straight anymore but, they talked me “up” from one model, one brand to the next, assuring me that I’d be unhappy with anything less.  If that wasn’t enough, they spent an equal amount of time, trying to sell me software, extended store warranties that you know your computer will either not need because it will crash in the first few months while it is still under manufacturer’s warranty or, your computer will outlive the warranty and die 2 days after the warranty expires.

If you’ve done any computer shopping at all recently, you know that there’s the window’s based computers, tablets and off in a section of their own, the Apple computers.  Simply the name, “Apple” has you cringing and gritting your teeth because if you know anything about computers at all, you know that anything “i” or “Apple” screams out, “BIG BUCKS HERE!”  I truly believe that they should have neon signs with that logo lighting up the aisles for all Apple/Mac computers as I tried to avoid it like the Black Plague.

“I love my Mac”, many friends have said.  “I couldn’t be without it and I’ll never go back to Windows based anything!”

This seems to be a case of “once you’ve had a Mac, you’ll never go back” for these Apple loving friends.

In spite of my best efforts to avoid a Mac, I was led to them by every sales person I encountered in all of the stores I went into.

“They’re more money but, they last longer, come with software for basic tasks and…they never get viruses so, you’ll save on antivirus software. ”

I fell.  I fell hard for the Macs and purchased one after reasoning out that even were I to buy the software for a Windows’ version computer, by the time I required a new computer in 2 to 3 years (if I was that lucky), I would also need to upgrade the software so, the Macs made sense in my already muddled mind.

What ensued was a total nightmare as my brand new Mac began stopping programs, crashing and screwing up just after the 14 day refund/exchange policy with the store ran out.  Onto Apple’s Tech Support.  There had to be some simple explanation and fix.  After all, Macs are made out to be infallible by everyone who’s ever had one and every sales person in every computer store or electronic department.

Not so quick.  Apple is NOT what it makes itself out to be.  There’s an entire saga that goes with this story, best left to a separate piece but, suffice it to say that if you’re going to spend the money on a Mac, Apple or “i” anything….know that they are not the pure and honourable company they make themselves out to be or have sales persons try to convince you that they are.

Forewarned is forearmed…or…at least, that’s the way I see things from my little corner of life…wait for an explanation in my next entry.

The Stars…Astrology…Not Celebrities


Let’s face it.  We’re all Closet Horoscope readers.  Don’t deny it.  You know you’ve at least glanced out of fun, at your horoscope in the daily newspapers or perhaps, glanced at a yearly horoscope book discreetly while waiting in line at a grocery check-out or even hid in a book store.  We’ve all done it.

Most of us have also been to see a psychic at some point or another as well…either on a dare or out of fun or even seriously seeking some form of hope as to what our futures will bring.

This past birthday, I had pondered what to do with my day.  Nothing came to me at first but, upon my morning coffee and reading (yes, I admit to reading my horoscope every morning that comes through my in-box), that day’s horoscope hit me with a wallop.  It hit a home run with issues that I had been struggling with for quite sometime and questions that had never been answered.

As luck would have it (well, maybe it wasn’t luck but, rather in the stars somewhere), I wrote to an astrologer to see if he could accommodate me in doing my first professionally done, personal chart reading for me.  He wasn’t working that day but, made an exception and re-arranged his shared office space with his colleague to work me in for the afternoon of my birthday.

I had never had a personal chart done and was skeptical as to how “the stars” could give any sort of prediction but, wanted to try it.  What did I have to lose?  Besides, this man had gone to great pains to work me in for that day and time.

Upon arriving at his office, I was pleasantly surprised at the decor and warmth that the waiting area gave out.  Calmness, serenity and an inviting atmosphere in a quaint older building in Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, “Greek Town” area, surrounded by artsy and spiritual services.  That, in and of itself was quite the treat and mesmerizing.

Phil Booth

Armed with a laptop computer, the astrologer, Mr. Phil Booth entered and set up in his office at a glass-topped board room style table.  We both sat down and waited for his computer to boot up to show my already set up chart which detailed the star’s alignment at the time of my birth and fast forwarded through the present and into the future.

Of course, I understood nothing of these charts.  To me, it was like reading hieroglyphics with no meaning.  However, this is where I realized that a good astrologer will show you your chart and explain it as they go along, even if you are looking at it as though they are showing you a different language.  Phil did just that.  He explained as he was going along what the significance of each planet placement meant to me at the moment of my birth, right through the present and into the future.

The reading was to take 90 minutes and at first, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into.  How could I stand 90 minutes of planetary babble that I didn’t understand?  What did this all mean to me and why had I even entertained this idea?  Five minutes into this, I was totally awestruck on what Mr. Booth (you can watch him on Youtube) was able to pick up.  How could he possibly have known this about my parents, my past, my present, my husband, daughter…everything about me?

It was amazing the amount of detail he was able to pick up and give to me.  He picked up my prior relationships, my current ones and explained why there were “troubled spots” within my life at many different points.  (Yes, my life had been one of troubles, heartache and disappointments that I never understood the reason behind).  It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle was slowly being put together for me with such accuracy that it was, at times, making me feel as though he’d been a fly on the wall of my life.

What added even more to the session was his own personal experiences, his travels and how it all pertained to how the planetary alignments can influence our lives.

The 90 minutes flew by.  It felt as though I was only there for 10 minutes and left me wanting more…which he did give to me.  But, alas, all good things must come to an end (his colleague needed the office back).

Of course, I never would have remembered all that he’d so amazingly given to me during our session but, he had taped it and emailed me the session the next day.  I’ve listened to it more than a couple of times now.  Each time, I see more and more in what he was trying to explain and I wasn’t getting at the time.  It makes much more sense now and many of the things that he “predicted” from the symbols on his computerized chart, have already come to pass.

While I have not had the experience of any other astrologers, I can vouch for the amazing session I have had with Phil Booth.  If you’re interested in having your own chart done, I cannot recommend this astrologer enough.  He works world-wide via Skype or telephone and since the stars aren’t partial to any part of the world in specific, it’s a good thing because many can have access to as wonderful an experience as I’ve had.  I will be going back to see him again and hope that his book will soon be upon store shelves…though he wouldn’t reveal its name just yet.  I will keep you all updated.  But, if you’re interested in learning more about astrology in general, you can follow Phil Booth on Facebook where he often explains what’s coming up in the planetary alignments for all of us.   Very interesting info for anyone who is interested in learning more about astrology and horoscopes.

If you’ve had a great reading with anyone…let me know.  I’d love to hear your own stories.  And, if you do decide to follow my lead and have a session done with Phil, let me know that as well and your thoughts.  It’s always nice to compare notes and “come out of the closet”.

I hope to do more entries on all kinds of readings soon.  Give me your experiences and comments.  Let’s get a discussion going.


Losing Weight Online Review

Weight Watchers has been around forever.  It’s a sane, sound weight loss system that doesn’t need any introduction to most of us, struggling to lose weight.  It has a sound track record that goes back decades and promotes a healthy way of living versus a diet.

As with most things nowadays, Weight Watchers no longer requires you to go to meetings in order to be with the program as they’ve taken it online.  However, it’s not free.  Actually, it’s rather costly for what it is, in all reality.  It’s an online program that you follow on your own, keeping your own weigh-ins and measurements and exercise tracking on your own.

While one can see the costs in up-keeping data space and web design costs, it’s a little dubious as to why it is so costly when there is a perfectly wonderful online program that works on the same basis but, can be either free or a paid account…both of which are far less costly.

If you’ve never heard of this site before, it’s called “Spark People” and happens to be one of the best online weight loss programs that I’ve encountered thus far.

With the free program, you get all of the same trackers and more as Weight Watchers provides as well as a few extras.  You also get discussion forums and the ability to connect with others who are also aiming for the same goals that you’re trying to obtain.

If you’re 50 and over and want to meet other 50 and overs, trying to lose weight and get healthier and into a healthier lifestyle, there’s a board and group for that goal.  If you can name it, there’s a discussion on it and if you can’t find it, you can start it.

Spark offers your own trackers or, it will supply a meal menu for you with your own adjustable menu items.  It tells you how much you’ve had in a day and how much more you can have, without going over your limit.  You set the limit of how fast you want to lose and they do the calculating for you as to your particular weight, goal, speed, exercise ability, lifestyle etc..  It’s really all encompassing for free.

While Weight Watchers has developed the Points System, Spark operates on a calories level.  Not much of a hassle or difference and honestly, having come from an age where calories are what we went by, it seems far easier to know the caloric value, fat levels etc., than to figure out points.  Try going to McDonald’s and finding the point value for Weight Watchers food counts.  You’ll get their charts with the caloric value as well as all of the other stats but, you won’t find Weight Watcher’s points values.  You’ll have to pay for their charts to factor how many points you’re about to eat.

Some very eye-opening knowledge can come from counting calories versus points.

Did you know that you can have a grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds for less calories than one of their dinner salads (using their dressing)?  Wouldn’t you think it would be the opposite way around?  Check out their website to find out for yourself.  It blew my mind to realize that.  I also realized that it’s ok to have a McDonald’s apple pie with my tea and not blow my calorie balance for the day.

I was astounded to go find out that ordering a toasted bagel in Tim Hortons was more calories (almost double) than having a jelly filled donut and, we don’t want to talk about the muffins.

Looking at caloric values can make you think smarter and be more aware that what you thought “should” be better for you, actually isn’t.  Whereas, with a points system, you’re still not sure where you stand because not many places will post Weight Watchers points values but, pretty much all major restaurant chains have a website where their food values are posted…especially, fast food chains.

Would I put Weight Watchers down?  Absolutely not!  It’s a sound and well researched, time honored and healthy way to lose weight.  However, it can bite into your wallet if you don’t have extra cash laying around month by month/week by week.  This is where Spark can come in and keep you on track, without the cost.  Of course, they will also offer you a Premium account, which does cost but, thus far, the free version has done well for me and a few others that I know who are now trying it out.

Take a look for yourself and see what suits you best.  Both are wonderful, sane, healthy and lifestyle changing methods to a healthier, slimmer, fitter you.

Best of luck!

An Electrical Nightmare Solved By Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd.

I’m not one to promote a business…unless they have exemplary workmanship or services.  I will say that there is reason why I am promoting this particular company.

Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd.
Electrical Contractors

What started off as what might seem like a simple electrical receptacle issue turned out to be a total and complete nightmare recently.

I had hired an electrical contractor to install some much-needed electrical receptacles in my store and some extra lighting, a few more odds and ends that any electrician should have been able to do…or, so I thought.

The electrical company I hired, came in and proceeded knocking holes in the walls that I do not own, leaving a mess of plaster and wire all over the place and taking my deposit on the work.

Days went by and they still hadn’t returned.  My shelving, racks and inventory were displaced and even though I’d cleaned up the broken plaster and dusted, customers commented on the difficulty of getting in to look at my merchandise.  To top that off, display lighting that did work, was no longer working, overhead lighting couldn’t be used in certain areas and somehow, my alarm system couldn’t be armed.

After placing many angry calls and leaving messages with the electrician, the inbox on their voicemail was now full and I couldn’t leave any further messages.  It’s little wonder and I was sure at this point that I wasn’t the only one who’d been left high and dry.

A fellow store owner along the strip, heard of my plight and suggested that I give his electrician a call.

Hesitantly, I placed a call to Wilson & Wilson Electric Ltd., fearful of a huge bill that I could scarcely afford and even more mess or worse, a reincarnation of the company that had put me in this jam in the first place.

Much to my surprise, Matt Wilson, the company owner and a Master Electrician, reassured me that he’d either send someone out or come himself that afternoon.

Mr. Wilson showed up that day, took a look at what had been done by the previous company, asked what I had wanted and needed done, gave me a written estimate and generally put my mind at ease that he’d take care of it personally…not to worry.

The very next day, Matt Wilson, himself, showed up, tools, wires etc. and began working.  By the end of that day, Mr. Wilson had not only completed all of tasks needed to be done but, had corrected the faults of the previous company and picked up a safety hazard in the wiring that had been done by others.

He even helped me move a couple of large shelving units as well as some larger racks the other contractors had moved out, back into place and cleaned up after his work, leaving me with nothing but satisfaction and ending up costing me less than the original contractors were to have charged.

I am so pleased by this company’s work that I felt it only fair to blog about it.

If you’re in Southern Ontario and need any type of electrical work done, don’t hesitate to call them.  I guarantee you that you’ll be happy with their services.

They’re currently wiring a new cafe-restaurant for a friend of mine and he couldn’t be happier with their services.

Take a look at their website:


Nathalie Roze & Co. A Clear-Cut Shopping Phenomenon

If you’re a Torontonian or planning on visiting Toronto then, you have to pay a visit to Nathalie Roze & Co..     You’re in for a shopping delight.

I visited the East End of Toronto recently and found a unique shop that I never knew existed.  I only wish that I had found it sooner.

It was such a treat to be in this store as every nook and cranny of it, holds something fabulous.

Nathalie Roze & Co., located at
1015 Queen E Toronto, ON M4M 1K3
(416) 792-1699
A One-Of-A-Kind, Indie/Artisan store and fabulous shopping experience.

Had I blinked, I might have passed it by but, its green exterior walls and signage caught my eye.  Parking was no problem so, I pulled over and stopped in.

From the moment I entered its doors, I was struck and amazed by the unique displays and items that flooded every inch of the store.  There was so much to see that I started at the front door and worked my way to the back.  I scarcely knew where to look first.  There was just so many delightful and intriguing items that I wanted to look everywhere at once.

I was greeted by a friendly sales clerk who simply let me know that if I needed any help or, had any questions, she’d be available.  I thanked her and she left me to look and wander around, looking on my own.  (There’s nothing I hate more than a sales associate who’s breathing down my back, asking me what I’m looking for when even I don’t know at the moment.)

Nathalie Roze & Co., truly a delight and surprise in every nook and cranny of the store. Filled with Indie Designer and Artisan clothing, jewellery, accessories as well as Re-Creations (recycled items, designed into new fashion and fashion accessories).

It was amazing to find out that most of this store’s stock had been created from items that had been re-cycled into something different.  Nothing was mass-produced and every piece had a flair that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Hard to believe that this tunic top/dress was created from a pillowcase but, one of the many examples of the uniqueness of Nathalie Roze & Co.’s Indie and Artisan Designs.

Everything from the jewellery to purses, hats, baby clothing, maternity to quirky items such as journals created from old vinyl records to greeting cards, handmade and so unique, one couldn’t resist giving as gifts, made me want to keep looking.

There was something for everyone in this shop.  I picked up several birthday gifts in one store, knowing they were unique and no one else would have the same thing.

Recycled vintage brooches that can be attached to purses, used as hair clips, or simply a brooch.

When I finally did have questions, the sales associate was clearly in view and did answer them fully, leaving me again to go on with my shopping experience but, remaining within eye contact should I need her again.

It wasn’t until I was having my purchases rung in that I was told that Nathalie Roze, the store owner, and staff, also do Wardrobe Consulting and have regular DIY workshops for everything from soap to jewellery making and so much more.

I’m sure to go back as this is not the type of shopping experience one can only sample once.  They’ve always got new items being added to the store as well as upcoming events such as “clothing swaps” and workshops both evenings and weekends.

If you’re not in Toronto or won’t be, Nathalie Roze & Co. has begun to expand their lines of both in-house designs and Indie Designer pieces on the net for your shopping pleasure from your own home.  You can visit their website by clicking on Nathalie Roze & Co.

Also be sure to follow them on Facebook in order to keep up to date on upcoming specials, events, workshops and much more news.