Ralph Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Take on Trump’s Presidential Election Win Is Filled With Contradictions and Evasion


If you want to hear “Gobbledygook”, listen to Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) spiel on the latest U.S. elections and politics in general.

Go on, I’ll wait while you listen to what he has to say and come back.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on “Trumpland” 

Done?  Ok, let’s get to what he really said, if you were paying attention fully.

“Ultimately, you have to lead yourself,” he says after asking you to ask yourself why we need leaders.  “Yes, I encourage people every day to become your greatest self but, I can’t save you.”  (Yet, he charges an arm and a leg for one of his sessions.  What is that exorbitant fee for then?)

Ironically, he then goes on to say, “time and time again, I always see people externalizing their power to someone, thinking that this person has all of the answers and now, you place all of your trust in one person because they’ve used the good slogan, ‘change is here. Unity is here.'”

Excuse me, Ralph but, isn’t that what you claim to be able to do…change people’s lives if they follow your advice, read your books, listen to your cd’s or buy one of your ridiculously priced sessions which have no definitive description or seeming goal for people to shell out that kind of money towards buying?  Aren’t you setting yourself up as some sort of guru/leader and people are following you like sheep?  Isn’t that what you want?  Isn’t that how you got rich and became a millionaire?

“I don’t really talk about politics because to me, it’s a distraction,” Smart says on the one hand, after yet another slow motion imitation. “But, on the same hand, it does matter who’s in office because it’s going to affect you.”

What?  But Ralph, you just said that politics are a distraction.  How can something that is going to affect you be insignificant?

Apparently, according to Smart anyway, we’ve all handed over our power to countries leaders and humanity needs to realize that we need to eat better, 7 Day Vegan Challenge (yes, he got that in as he does in every video at least once or twice), and we need to stop believing “that there are actually countries because countries don’t exist” and “are only there to keep us in a state of servitude.”  Yet, he has no idea if your vote counts even though he sees politics as not elections but, selections.  Mmmmm….pause….slow motion to the other side.

According to Smart, “it was already arranged because there are forces on this planet. We are already in Spiritual Warfare,” Smart says in one breath then he states,”we look for a saviour figure.”  Could that be you, Ralph?  Are people hooking up to you by subscribing to your channel to be “saved” somehow, in some way?  Are you making people dependent upon your words and the 7 Day Vegan Challenge to live properly and healthfully?

“Is that person coming from a place of love.  That’s all you’ve gotta ask,” Mr. Smart states.

Well are you coming from a place of love for people or for money and fame, Mr. Smart?  You’ve made yourself a leader and people have “selected you” as their leader.  Or, are you coming from a place where your videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social media advertising you can get your face and thoughts into are nothing more than advertising for you to get your wares and sessions sold?  Are you selling “love” or are you selling yourself to line your pockets?  Are you nothing more than the “smoke and mirrors” that you claim politics and their leaders are for people who are looking for someone to be their leader and saviour?  I think it’s the latter.

“The people running the show at the top, don’t care about you,” he says.

Do you really believe that Smart cares about you?  Do you really think that he knows you exist even if you are one of his over 780,000 You Tube subscribers or Twitter followers or whatever other social media advertising platform he can get himself into?   By the way, he follows 12 people on Twitter only while he’s got thousands of followers.  What is that saying to you?  Is it telling you that he’s interested in you at all or anyone else for that matter?

“It’s all a game,” he states outright.  “There’s a problem, people react and they create a solution.”

Wait…isn’t that what YOU do, Mr. Smart?  There’s a problem and you allegedly create a solution for it and charge through the nose to give it to people through your books, cd’s and sessions, basing it on your word that you’re a psychologist but provide no evidence to back that claim for those following you?

“The people who get a lot of power, they just want more of it,” he states.

Is that why you continue to pound out videos, tweets, Facebook, Instagram messages that you never or rarely respond to those who respond to them?

Meanwhile, he sees a movement towards no more countries, no more borders and everybody will be eating a whole lot of strawberries.  Excuse me but, did you note that Trump ran and won on the idea of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, will be deporting thousands of people and stopping immigration of Muslims.  Meanwhile, Russia is happy to see Trump in office.  Kind of doesn’t sound like heading in that direction to me.  Perhaps, Trump and Putin will be eating strawberries after their steak dinners but, it doesn’t seem that they are heading towards the world you’re describing.  They are moving away from it and, more into segregation.  That’s how knowledgeable you are yet, we’re supposed to be following you.  I wonder how the Gays, Muslims, Latinos and women feel right now?  Oh wait, you don’t care and you can’t save them.

If you have listened carefully to what Smart was saying in that latest video of his, you’ll hear not only double talk that circumvents the real issue of Trump’s election but, also a total mash of garbage being spewed out that contradicts itself all over the place.

If you made sense out of those over 11 minutes of Smart’s words that help you to deal with whatever country you’re from and its politics, I’d say that either you weren’t interested in politics at all and you’re blindly following someone who you wish to “save you” but, “can’t” as he says outright.  You’ve made him your leader and guru but, he’s full of hot air and doesn’t really care about you.  He’s lining his pockets.

For those of you who wish to argue with my thoughts about Smart, think of it this way.  Yes, his videos are free on You Tube.  Everyone’s videos are.  But, the higher ranking You Tube channels like Smart’s, are raking in promotional monies.  They also serve as advertising for their businesses. Smart is no exception.  He’s making money from even those “free videos” because he’s receiving sponsor’s monies for doing them.  Remember that Smart was a videographer, graphic artist and so many other titles he can give himself, long before he called himself a psychologist, criminologist, life coach, alchemist and infinite being.  Add to that fact that he sells himself, his sessions, his books, his cd’s and you have to ask yourself, is he doing me a service or is he lining his bank account?  Does he really care about me as a person or am I just another dupe he can sucker into following him on one of social media’s outlets.  Think about the fact that your friends see who you follow on social media as well.  One way or another, he’s advertising himself and making himself richer by the day.  Does he really care?  Or, had he found a way to get you to make him your “leader”?  Think about it fully before you write to me to tell me that I’m a “hater” or “jealous” and you’re “perplexed” by my piece.

From my little corner of life, Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no better than the politicians that he pays no attention to while he swallows another strawberry and hooks in another group of subscribers while selling his wares.  And, if he were to remove his “can I get a hello’s” and “slow motion this way”, his videos would be much shorter.






Will Donald Trump Ruin America And Ties With The World As President?


I am Canadian and even I can agree that there was no real great choice between Clinton and Trump for Americans in this election which also caused unprecedented numbers of independent votes.  Neither were ideal candidates by any means of the word.  Unfortunately, Americans seemed so disenchanted with Obama’s 8 year reign in power that they decided to duck Clinton and go against the Democrats.  It was hard to watch and even harder to swallow the outcome.

As a Canadian, we do have a stake in whomever gets in as president of the U.S.A.. Trump is easily coming across as huge Trouble for not only Canadians and Mexicans but, for the world.  Trouble should be spelled with a capital “T” because this man knows no boundaries.  His acceptance speech wreaked of insincerity and an “I’ll do what I want anyway” air even though the words spoken were sounding conciliatory.

Other countries around the globe are concerned as well. Even France’s president spoke of fear and that he and his country are hoping for the best but, fearing the worst.  They all smell danger in this man but, hope that they are wrong and can work with him…a potentially hard feat for such a hard-headed man who made his way to the top of the political ladder by sheer brute force and unabashed ignorant promises and policies.

There’s a lot to potentially be lost by the U.S. in having Trump as their president.  He will represent America to the rest of the world in all conceivable ways.  The most frightening could be in military terms.  We all know that he’s a “hot head” who says and does whatever his brain comes up with at that moment.  That’s not a comforting thought for the entire globe, let alone the country, itself.

Of course, there are his staunchest supporters who didn’t simply cast a rebel vote against the Obama Administration or the Democrats but, those who truly love and want Trump’s type of thinking and are willing to overlook his many ill-conceived ideals and ideas.  They are the ones who will pump their fists in the air to defend this multi-billionaire’s stances on just about everything, including women, Latinos, Blacks and having Mexico pay to build a wall across the border of the two countries.  They are the ones who will be raring to slam what I’m writing here.  That is understood and expected from such thinking styles.

There’s only 2 hopes now for The U.S. and the world.  Either Trump learns that being president of such a powerful country doesn’t give him carte blanche to do what he wants, whenever he wants, saying whatever he wants to say it and to whom or, he’s impeached.  There is a high bet that there could potentially end up being assassination attempts on Trump.  Let’s hope not because no one deserves that and no one would want to have another Kennedy situation on their hands however, he’s made and will continue to make enemies so, it’s a conceivable possibility.  He could be his own worst enemy in that arena, backed by his staunchest supporters.

Last night, Canada’s Immigration Site crashed as likely thousands of Americans started seeing the unbelievable reality that Trump was going to win this election and wanting out of the U.S..  It’s likely that cooler heads will prevail shortly and, it was simply a knee-jerk reaction to the unexpected news that Trump truly was in the lead and would likely win.  In coming days, people will go back to their lives…at least until the exchange of power has been handed over in January 2017 from Obama to Trump.  By then, most will have accepted the reality that Trump is their president and they will have to wait and see what he does first, next and thereafter in that role.  Bets are pouring in though that there will be major goof-ups that will affect not only the U.S. but, also the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Russian President, Vladimir Putin and caucus, popped the cork on a bottle of champagne yesterday to toast Trump’s win.  Is that saying something?

A lot of people around the globe couldn’t believe that Trump had made it as far as he did let alone that he would go on to become president.  Yet, he did.  It’s frightening and it’s sad that the world has to bite their fingernails and try to get a meeting with him before he does much damage.  At the least, they hope to garner an understanding with Trump as to where each country stands, what will be tolerated and what won’t.  It will likely be polite meetings right now but, as time goes on, lines and boundaries will be set by each country.  Trump is sure to make some enemies for both himself and America within a short period of time.

One thing is for certain.  As powerful a nation as the U.S. is, it is not an island.  It needs the rest of the world for its survival as a whole.  If Trump ticks off enough of the world, America won’t be “great” by any means.  It will be a living hell for not only Americans but, for the world as a whole.  Trump had better step into office on the right foot and continue to tow the line or he could put America in line for a lot of  heartache and trouble.  There won’t be an “I told you so” strong enough to back that train up once it starts.

Hillary made mention of “the ceiling” in her concession speech that could have one wondering if she has knowledge that she’s keeping close to her chest for the moment?

“Now I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling,” Clinton said with determination in her eyes. “but someday someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.”

As people took to the streets of several major American cities in protest over Trump’s win for differing reasons with more protests planned, one can only hope that there’s light that will be shed on that possibly, mysterious message that Clinton gave out. One can put 2 and 2 together to come up with 5 or, one can assume that there’s something there that’s being held for now.  I’m not sure which way it was meant but, time will tell.

From my little corner of life, we have a long road of wait and see ahead with Trump at the helm and my bet is that there’s Trouble brewing and will show up within weeks of him getting into the Whitehouse.  It’s sad and wishing all of my American friends well…along with the rest of the globe.  This is going to be one bumpy ride so, hang onto your hats.

Rob Ford Ill While Doug Ford Takes Over Mayoral Race: Does Toronto Lose Out?

Rob and Doug Ford.  Toronto City Council's "Bad Boys".

Rob and Doug Ford. Toronto City Council’s “Bad Boys”.

The Toronto Mayoral Race is in full gear though, Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has dropped out of the running for the Mayoral position due to his declining health issues.

Ford was admitted to hospital last week with severe abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant.  Tests showed a large tumor in Ford’s abdomen.  After several tests at Toronto’s Humber River Regional River’s Church Street site, Ford was transferred mid-last week to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Downtown Toronto for more intensive care and further testings not possible to be done at HRRH.

Mt. Sinai has done extensive testing on Ford, including an MRI, biopsy of the tumor, lung biopsy while Ford is reportedly in pain, nauseous and vomiting.

Results of the tumor biopsy are reported to be available sometime Wednesday or Thursday of this week and further information will be made available to the public when or if it is deemed by Ford and his family to be appropriate to be released.

Media is camping out by Mt. Sinai Hospital, waiting for word and updates from family members as they enter or leave the hospital.  Most family members are being quoted as saying, Ford is in “ok spirits but, in pain.”

Celebrities have been publicly announcing their well-wishes for the controversial but, “likeable” mayor.  Jimmy Kimmel sent his regards and made an aired statement of best wishes for Ford.

Meanwhile, Ford’s bid for the Mayoral Seat in the upcoming October 27th elections was dropped in a last minute deadline last Thursday before 2 p.m..  This was the election deadline for candidates to officially either drop out of the race or, enter it.

In a twist of events, not surprisingly, Ford’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, dropped Rob’s name from the Mayoral Race ballot and entered himself in his brother’s place. Doug then, entered Rob’s name in the running as councilor for Ward 2, Doug’s current riding and pushed nephew Michael Ford out of the councilor’s race for that ward. Michael Ford is now set to run as School Board Trustee in another ward.

Doug Ford was not running for the upcoming elections.  It was said that Doug had wanted out of politics to work in the business sector.  He stated in a news conference last Thursday night that it was Rob’s wishes that he run for mayor in his place and Doug followed his brother’s wishes.

While heart-wrenching to see a family in such pain, a mayor who has caused the city a lot of embarrassment world-wide with lies, illegal and distasteful actions, aided by his brother, Doug with cover-ups, everyone hopes that Ford will come through this and get well.  Most hope the Ford Family will stay by the ailing mayor’s side and help him get through this horrific time and to come through this with flying colors.

What is disturbing for Toronto residents are several points about the entire situation with one Ford wanting to drop out, the other wanting to stay but, being ill while another, tries to enter the Toronto Municipal political ring.

The Ford Family is well known for being extremely wealthy.  They are no slouches when it comes to business nor, money.  None of them are going without anything and have a lot of people and resources at their fingertips.  Money is not an object for either of these men nor, are jobs.  So, why is it that the brothers and family are so intent on getting a strong-hold on Toronto in the municipal political arena?

Doug Ford, by far, has much less experience in Toronto politics than his brother, Rob Ford.  With only 4 years under his belt, by comparison to his brother’s 13 or more years, Doug has the disadvantage.  However, it is said that a vote for Doug is a vote for Rob as one cannot separate the two brothers’ politics.  Doug is simply the one with the least scandal under his belt and is thought to be less contemptable than his younger brother, Rob.

However, while the Brothers Ford have claimed to have Toronto’s best interests at heart, a couple of things come to mind.

Firstly, Rob lied to Torontonians and the world, repeatedly about his drug and alcohol usage as well as his affiliation with drug dealers and dealings.  By mid last year, there was little that came out of Rob’s mouth that anyone could believe.  He was later, stripped of his Mayoral duties and left with the title of “Mayor” in name only.  Brother, Doug, backed Rob in all that he said and did, including the lies and, vehemently denied his brother had issues most of that time.  Doug also fought with anyone who said anything against his brother’s wrong-doings to the point of making a buffoon out of himself as well when truths would eventually surface.

Secondly, Doug had made it clear that he did not want to go back into the political ring and wanted out completely to enter the business world.  This fact makes him an “unwilling participant” in the ring as he has stated that he is doing this because his brother “asked him to do it.”  Not exactly the picture of someone who would have the best interests of one of Canada’s largest and most important cities in mind, is it?

Driving that point home is the fact that Doug has stated that his real interests are in his brother’s well being.  While natural, normal and expected by a brother who loves his younger brother, again it is showing that Doug’s heart is not in this race nor, does he seemingly have the drive or focus on being what the city needs most.

It’s obvious to everyone now that Rob is going to need a lot of time to recuperate or, to have treatments if the tumor turns out to be malignant, which is looking more likely by the moment.  Again, while everyone hopes and prays Rob will be ok and make it through this fine and healthfully, the reality is, no one knows yet and, with Rob being so ill, time and attention from Doug will naturally be devoted to his brother’s well being as well as that of his entire family.  How does one run an extremely large and difficult city’s politics and business when his mind, heart and soul aren’t into that role?

Both brothers have also stated that Toronto is where they want their focus to be but, with one sick and likely unable to do his job as even a city councilor for quite sometime to come and the other brother, worried about his brother’s well-being and perhaps, life…it is not likely that either of them will be able to fulfill either role successfully nor, with the amount of dedication it takes to do those jobs.  How fair is that to the city or themselves?  It appears more self-serving than anything else.

With their nephew, also now entering the Toronto political ring, it seems that the Fords are simply out for a monopoly in Toronto City Hall for their own agendas rather than what is best for the city, itself.

From my little corner of life, I think it would be best for all concerned, if both Rob and Doug were to sit this one out and wait to see what happens.  However, the saga continues with the focus still on the Ford Family’s business rather than on city politics. If nothing else can be said about the Ford Family brothers, it’s that they know how to draw attention to themselves and, that may be the shame for Torontonians in this Ford Circus.