Why Happiness Does Not Come From Other People Or Possessions Part I

If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that happiness does not come in the form of other human beings or possessions.  Both can leave or be taken away in a moment’s notice.


For years, I had a huge family, friends and while not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, often having to scrounge to pay off bills, I had what I needed for the most part.  I thought I was happy.  Of course, everyone grumbles about something or other, no matter how much we have in our lives but, in all reality, I was secure in my little world.

As the years went on, those in my life whom I had relied upon most, began dying, one by one.  Some passed on at ripe old ages and were expected but, a good majority of them, left this planet at younger ages than one would hope, want or expect.  That included 2, possibly 3, suicides that left those of us left behind in shock, grief and feeling guilt and regret, complicating the grieving process more.  There was scarcely time to recoup from one death before another would hit until eventually, almost everyone I had that made up my secure little world, had gone, vanished to some other realm or perhaps, nothing.

Those who were left, started to become disconnected from one another for the most part.  Sadly, it seemed that if we weren’t attending to our own mourning processes, we simply had nothing left in common with the few who remained.  In other words, the “glue” that had held us all together, had dissolved and left us with pieces that could not be put back together again in the way that we had been accustomed.

It’s ironic how people will find things out about others that we didn’t know once the glitter and lights have been stripped away.  It’s even more baffling as to what we find out about ourselves when we are left with nothing but ourselves to face.  We realize how much of a distraction other people and possessions had created for us not to have to face ourselves, our vulnerabilities and our innermost thoughts, feelings, flaws, warts and all.

More key is the fact that we are forced to face our deepest fears because we are no longer having much else to concentrate on except for ourselves.  We often use others and their needs as an excuse for not looking into ourselves and dealing with the troubling aspects that we might have or might not have known existed within us, let alone dealing with them.  That’s when harsh, cold reality sets in.

What’s added to that is that while we were once focused on so many people or possessions that we didn’t take the time to face ourselves, we also didn’t see other people for who they were or perhaps, that side of them came out afterwards?  It’s kind of like the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Only hindsight might tell us but even then, it may be masked because others were doing what you were doing, focusing on others and possessions.

A few things have become clearer to me as I am slowly waking up to reality.

People take care of Number One…Themselves so, you need to take care of you first too.

As selfish as that may sound, the concept is much like the idea of putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping someone else put on theirs.  The idea behind that is that if you can’t function, it’s impossible for you to help anyone else.  If you’re constantly running around, trying to help/fix everyone else’s problems, you’re going to wear out and will eventually burn out.  If others have learned that simple concept of taking care of self first, you may find that you’re left behind the 8 ball with no help when you are at your lowest.  Take care of you first, then you can help others but, be careful in  how much help you give others.

Just as we can become dependent upon others for their help and security, others can become dependent upon us.  We all must learn to stand on our own two feet too. 

It’s always nice to have someone or several someones that we can rely upon when we truly need help.  Not many of us are so totally independent that we’re not in need of other people.  However, we also must remember that by relying upon others all of the time for our help or, in causing them to become reliant upon us for their lives, we run the risk of losing that help for one reason or another.  Death is not the only cause.  Moves, fights, illnesses, estrangements, retirements etc., can also be ways in which we lose other’s help and their security.  It’s paramount that we all learn that we have power within ourselves and when we can’t do something for ourselves, there are other people in this world who can help us as well.  There’s no shame in asking for help but, when we become reliant upon certain other people for our wellbeing and lives, we are letting ourselves down.  We may find ourselves incapable of moving forward on our own should those people leave our lives for any reason.  That includes family and friends alike as no one is a sure thing in our lives and, no one is 100% reliable or infallible.

Our happiness and security doesn’t come from others or possessions but rather, it comes from within ourselves.  

Some may have learned this far earlier than I have recognized this fact.  Kudos to those who have done so already.  I have been learning this slowly over time and with losses of both people and possessions that I had built upon as my “happiness”.

Upon the deaths and estrangements once the “glue” was gone in other people, I have learned that reliance upon anyone other than ourselves and our own means for our happiness is bound to be a failing endeavour at some point or another.  People and possessions are not permanent fixtures in our lives, even if it may seem as though they are at the current moment.  People “break” as do possessions and oftentimes, they can’t be fixed nor, replaced.  Relying upon them for our happiness is like relying upon thin ice to hold us up on its surface.  We have to learn that happiness is within us and, other people as well as possessions are simply aids to that happiness not the crux of it.

There’s a good introduction to the topic but, there’s a lot more that I’ve learned along my travels through life that I will share in Part II.  Stay tuned.





Who Is Rory’s Baby Daddy On Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life?

It’s been since November 25th, 2016 that we’ve been handed 4 brand new episodes of Gilmore Girls thanks to Netflix being brave enough to have revived it from the ashes like the phoenix.  We are forever grateful to the Powers That Be at Netflix, Warner Bros., the cast of Gilmore Girls and, of course, writers and producers Amy Sherman-Pallidino and hubby, Dan Palladino.  However, enough is enough so, if you haven’t watched these 4 movie-length episodes and don’t know the final 4 words yet, you’re out of luck because even the title of this piece has spoiled it for you.  Now, we need to know who the father of Rory’s baby is, how Rory and Lorelai deal with this baby and so much more.  There’s millions of Gilmore Girls Fans out here, waiting for more Gilmore Girls to be born from ASP and DP’s brilliant minds and Netflix can be the god who makes that happen for us all.  Hint, hint, Netflix.

Netflix has posted what may be a teaser tweet recently that has the millions of Gilmore Girls fans leaping for joy that there could possibly be more Gilmore Girls to come.  Let’s all hope and pray to the television production gods that there are.


Netflix tweeted this photo with a caption that read, “Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one? #GilmoreGirls”

Co-writer and producer, Dan Palladino stated in a recent interview that there were plenty of hints given as to who the father was though Rory seemed to want to go it alone after having visiting her father who wasn’t around for her own childhood much of the time.  She then reveals to her mother, final shot, final famous 4 words, “Mom”, “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant”, fade to black.

“I think a lot of clues are out there,” Dan Palladino said in an interview recently.  “I know with the time passage it wasn’t 100 percent clear, but we also didn’t have her engage with who she thought was the father. She felt like she was going ahead on this, deciding what to do and how to do it solo, that’s why we had her go to her father.”

So, who could the father be?

There were old boyfriends and a new boyfriend who showed up in the 4 episodes as well as a one night stand with a guy in a Wookie costume that we know of thus far.

Let’s look at Dean, (Jared Padalecki).  He was Rory’s first boyfriend in the show.  He showed up for an extremely quick, short scene, married and seemingly uninterested in Rory as anything more than an old friend from Stars Hollow.  Not much even hinted there.  Besides, Padalecki is quite busy starring in his own show, “Supernatural”.  It’s not likely to be him nor, was there any hint or room left for him to be Rory’s love interest, let alone baby daddy.

There was poor Paul, played by Jack Carpenter that no one could remember was ever there, including Rory.  She kept leaving him and having to go back for him.  Even Lorelai, Luke and Grandma Emily couldn’t remember ever having met him though Rory had allegedly been dating him for at least 2 years.  If Rory couldn’t remember him being there when he went to the bathroom, it’s likely that he wasn’t the father of her child.  It seems unlikely that she’d have unzipped her pants and remembered he was in the room, long enough for anything to happen between the 2 of them.  Let’s strike pathetic Paul out as simply the guy who filled a space.

Next candidate we have is Jess Mariano played by Milo Ventimiglia of “This Is Us” fame and now up for a Golden Globe Award for his part in that show.  That means that the show is likely to be going on for at least another season with NBC and Milo (Jess) will be locked into it.  His appearance on the revival 4 episodes was extremely limited and not too revealing as to there being anything between them that could have led to a romantic interlude where Rory would get caught up in a pregnancy.  I think it’s safe to rule Jess out as the sperm donor.

Last but, not least from Rory’s roster of old boyfriends, we have Logan, played by Matt Czuchry.  Logan was Rory’s longest and most deep love.  During the 4 episodes, Rory had been sneaking around to see and sleep with Logan while jet-setting it back and forth between Stars Hollow and London, England where Logan has taken residence to work for his father, in his father’s business and run it.  Uncharacteristically, Rory knows that Logan is engaged to be married to a wealthy woman, likely chosen by the Huntzberger family or his father yet, still sleeps with Logan whenever there, lying to her mother, Lorelai that she’s staying in England with a girl friend.  What is clear though is that while Czuchry was still embroiled in a role with “The Good Wife” at the time this was being filmed, the series is done and Czuchry is now out of work.  Does that mean that he’s Rory’s baby’s father?  It’s an interesting thought but, one has to wonder given that Rory and Logan had lived together during the original series and the plot line never had her pregnant, it’s likely that birth control was taken care of both then and now.  The only time that it could have happened, without warning would have been during Logan’s surprise but, final visit to see Rory in Stars Hollow where she bid him farewell, knowing that he was set to marry “Odette” and didn’t want to keep up the charade of a relationship any longer.  Though, it wouldn’t be Rory’s first indiscretion.  Rory lost her virginity to a married Dean and considered him, hers, not his wife’s.

There’s another possibility that was left in the show.  A one night stand with a “guy dressed in a Wookie costume” which was highly uncharacteristic of Rory to have done but, then again, not much that Rory did in these 4 episodes was characteristic of her character.  Even then, this Wookie character was nothing but a comedic rant for Rory to have given, unless it was Logan, dressed up as a Trekkie and meeting up with Rory as yet, another surprise visit from England?  Not likely but, Logan (Matt Czuchry) does know who the father is as Amy Sherman-Palladino left him with that knowledge.  He won’t reveal that news however, he does hint that there could be more episodes to come as it’s left a lot of unanswered questions and room for a future series to come.  Great timing since “The Good Wife” is ending for a spin-off series that he won’t be involved in apparently.

Finally, there was an outlandish guess by some fans that Rory was acting as a surrogate for Lorelai and Luke’s baby.  I, personally, will dismiss this idea because Luke was abhorred by the idea of anyone else having his child except for Lorelai.  The fact that Luke also considered Rory as his pseudo daughter, would make it far too creepy an idea.  I’m tossing that one out with my empty Diet Pepsi can as I type this right now.

In taking Dan Palladino’s hint that there are hints, though time may have lost them (meaning that they were held back in the original series which would require watching them all again in spite of many of us, having watched them more than 2 or 3 times each), we could let our imaginations run wild in figuring it out.  However, from my little corner of life, I think that there are millions of us out here who are chomping at the bit for there to be more Gilmore Girls and the series to re-start so that we can get more answers and start fresh again in 2017/2018 and beyond.

Netflix, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino…are you listening?  Our voices are screaming out for more Gilmore Girls.

Why You Can’t Ignore Other People’s Thinking Or Feelings Without Consequence

I recently read what one could call an “inspirational” book that had an entire chapter dedicated towards the idea of speaking one’s mind in a non-confrontational way but, getting what one wants.  Within a few hours of finishing that chapter in the book, I was told about a video that contained a similar type of message but, expanded to include the idea that one should only hang around those who have the same ideals and lifestyle that you have.


We’ve had a few large snow falls lately and my neighbour across the street whom I will call “Jane” had called me, upset and grumpy because her next-door neighbour has been outside with a loud snow blower at 6:30 a.m., clearing his snow from his property almost every morning.  The noise awoke Jane of course and her late shift working husband.  This happened three days in a row and, she was about to lose her cool with this man’s early morning work habits.

The snow blowing wasn’t the only thing this man had been doing early mornings though to get her to this point of frustration.  Summer or warmer days included 6 and 7 a.m. lawn mowing, electric hedge trimming and, a radio, hung in his garage full volume which acted like a megaphone blaring out onto the entire street from 6 or 7 a.m. until roughly noon when his work day was over and everyone was up.  He’d then, take a nap.

I thought about this scenario carefully and thoroughly.

Jane has a back issue and pain in spite of chiropractic care, heavy medications and physiotherapy, often keeps her awake most of the night.  It is often 4 or 5 a.m. before she can simply fall into a bit of a peaceful sleep.  Her husband tries to sleep during the mornings and into early afternoons.  Jane was not only in pain and getting depressed through lack of sleep but, her husband wasn’t getting his much needed sleep either.  Both of them were upset, angry and frustrated with the situation as well as one another. Even I have to admit that this man’s early electronic work habits were also being heard across the street and upsetting myself as well as other neighbours who also aren’t early risers either.  One neighbour has a baby who wasn’t sleeping through the night and needed her sleep when baby slept.  In short, it has been annoying everyone around the neighbourhood.

The video maker that I watched, had endorsed the idea of speaking one’s mind.  He  advocated that people not care what others thought yet, was “hurt” by someone else who felt that what the video maker was doing, was unfair to him as it disrupted his sleep far too early in the morning.  A commenter on this video, had brought up a few good points.  He/she had asked why the video maker was hurt by the fact that someone else had done exactly what the video maker was advocating people do by speaking their mind.  It hit me that the video maker was being unfair in expecting that there should be allowances for the endeavours they were setting out to do.

In my neighbour’s case, the man who was out there making loud noises at 6 and 7 a.m., that was a normal time for him to be out there, working.  He goes to bed at 9:30 or 10 p.m. and he rises at 5 a.m..  For him, 6 or 7 a.m. wasn’t early and he’s retired so, his time is his time.  He can do what he wants, when he wants for the most part.  Like the video maker had pointed out to him by his neighbour, the neighbour in my area didn’t take into consideration that he was not only breaking noise by-laws but, he didn’t take into consideration what everyone else living around him might think or feel.  He was doing as he pleased, as was the video maker in this case.  Truth was, by someone ignoring other people’s possible situations and doing what they wanted, when they wanted, these people were opening themselves up to other individual’s potential anger and the likely hurtful words and actions or reactions that will most likely ensue.

While in theory, it’s all well and good to say “do your own thing, how you want, when you want and not worry about other people or what they have to say,” unless you are living in a cave in the desert with no one else around you, you have to take other people and their circumstances into consideration as well, not just your own.  Not only had the video maker not taken this into consideration but, the neighbour in my case wasn’t doing that either.  As a matter of fact, the video maker had advocated standing his ground and continuing to do what he was doing at 7 and 8 a.m. no matter what effect it was having on his neighbour. Yet, he was talking about feeling hurt by his neighbour’s words while telling viewers to rise above someone else’s circumstances by changing how to think about it all and continuing to do it as wanted.  Wrong idea because I know what happened when the person on my street continued to ignore other people’s feelings, doing what he wanted, when he wanted.  It wasn’t pretty, kind or nice.

First of all, no…you don’t need to bow down to everyone and take their flack or put up with everything that they do and, yes…it is more desirable to just stay out of their way and be with people who don’t annoy you but, that’s not always possible to do.  We have to live next to these people and we have to sometimes, work with these people.  Most of us aren’t retired or living isolated from others.  Nor, is that desirable to do.  We need other people and we do live (most of us) in communities where we will have others to consider in a reasonable manner as to what we do, how we do it and when.  As a matter of fact, the video maker, contradicted themselves in several parts by saying the exact opposites of what was being preached in that video then, telling viewers how to mentally get out of that situation.  How about just stop doing it your way and compromising?  Did that not cross the video maker’s mind?  Apparently not.  It seems that the video maker wanted to do things his way and convert other people to his lifestyle or way of doing things.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch here, (not literally a ranch) it took a group of us to go and speak to this early bird neighbour and let him know that others are not as early a riser as he is and his work habits were ignoring everyone else’s rights to sleep later than him and that we all had reasons why we weren’t up at 5 a.m., ready to hear his snow blower, lawn mower, hedge trimmer or radio blaring by 6 or 7 a.m..  Since he was retired, we asked, could he not do this type of work and leave the radio off until at least 9 or 10 a.m., a more reasonable time for loud equipment, doing something else quiet, instead?  We met with resistance when he declared that it was his wish to get that done when he wanted to do it.  We tried citing the by-laws on the noise factor but that we didn’t wish to call city officials or police but, if he persisted, we’d have no choice but to do so.  What became clear was that he really and truly didn’t care.  He wanted it his way, on his time frame and nothing we said, no explanation was going to change that with him.  This is exactly what the video maker was saying as well about their own choices and yet, couldn’t understand why he had “hurt feelings”.

We still haven’t solved our own issue but, one thing does stand out.  When others don’t care about anyone else but themselves, their own wants and needs and, doesn’t take others into consideration, that’s a recipe for not only disaster but, likely hurt feelings as others shun and get angry.  It’s akin to the 2 year old who is told over and over again to stop jumping on the couch and getting a smack on the bottom or time out because the child persists in doing what he/she wants.  It’s going to happen.  One cannot simply change their thinking to suit what they want to do.  We have to take other’s feelings into consideration to some degree or another in a lot of instances.

One need not become a doormat, always thinking about what others will think or do if we do what we wish to do but, we also can’t simply ignore other’s rights by changing our thinking so that we can continue upsetting others and do what we want.  There’s got to be a balance somewhere and, unless we’re dealing with a difficult person who simply wants to control everything and everyone, we owe it to both ourselves and others to think twice about what we’re doing and how we can change that somehow to compromise to a suitable degree.  One cannot be selfish and expect not to have hurt feelings nor, can one always move away from those who bug us or don’t live as we do as the video maker would have us believe.  That’s narcissism from my perspective in my little corner of life.

Love, Light and Blessings.



Message To Ralph Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep Lovers Who Send Me Infantile Comments


I get tons of comments every day on the pieces that I’ve written about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep).  Most of it is “hate mail” and a lot of it is so raunchy, poorly worded, taunting or plainly infantile trash that I deleted them because it’s not fit for human eyes or minds.

First things first.  If you’re that passionate about Smart and his videos, by all means, go watch them.  I’m not stopping you, am I?  If I am, then it’s because you’re already questioning his videos and motives, yourselves.  However, I can say that judging by the types of comments that I have to trash every day, not many of his faithful watchers seem to be getting his messages. The kinds of hate, anger and less than spiritual type of comments being sent are not at all what is being preached by Smart.  You are obviously not getting him or his messages and it is showing clearly in these types of comments.  If you write to me with raunchy, hate-filled or even taunting style comments, I trash them.  I don’t even finish reading them myself.  You’ve wasted your time.

Secondly, for those who would love to think that my pieces on Smart are because I “want to be like him”, am “jealous” of him or, would “love to make the money he’s making”, think again and re-read my pieces on him. You obviously didn’t get my points either nor, do you know what my life is about, how much money I have or what else I do, do you? Again, it’s like a dog barking up a wrong tree.  Most of all, had you read anything of the hundreds of pieces that I’ve written, you’d recognize that Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep, is nothing but a passing fancy.  I’ve written more about Malaysian Airline MH370 having gone missing and, or Gilmore Girls than I have about Ralph Smart.  What is clear though, is that these types of commenters, have not read anything else that I’ve written in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been writing this blog. These commenters come in here because they’ve done a search for Smart and found this blog amongst search results.  That’s all that they’ve read.  End of story.

However, let’s get down to brass tacks here.  If these types of commenters have done a search for Smart on Google or whatever search engines they’ve used, they are seeking further information about him, themselves.  The question of “why” is moot but, in reality, I suspect it’s that they, themselves are questioning something about Smart in one way or another.

Lastly, I want to stress this one final time.  I used to be a Ralph Smart Junkie.  I watched his videos until I couldn’t see straight in binge watching style.  Like many others, I lapped them up and couldn’t get enough of them…that is….until he became too “New Age-y” for my liking and started going offside with his method of “helping you” and messages.  He’d found a way that appealed more, got him more viewers/subscribers and went off track with it all. I also realized that a lot of his newer videos were re-cycled materials from either his own, older videos (oftentimes, word for word, re-taped) or, could have come out of the fingers of any New Age writer.  The only difference is, he’s speaking his words and judging by the level of maturity that a lot of the grunge commenters have used in their comments, I’d say that watching a Youtube video is the best that some of these minds can comprehend.  I’d highly doubt that there’s a book out there that they’ve actually read which might lend them more help than Smart’s videos give to them.

Let me make one final point here in summing this up.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no different than any other “Spiritual Guru” out there who professes to know the meaning of life to some extent or another.  Like many people of the 80’s, Smart is looking for a way to make a living without having to work a 9 to 5 job and he’s doing it on your minds and brains.  He’s not out to “cure your ills” as tempting as it may be to believe that because he puts out ten to a dozen videos a week or so, for free.  He’s out to make you spend your money on buying his books, his cd’s, his ridiculously priced sessions which go undefined in content.  He’s selling you something whether you believe it or not.  He’s good at it.  He’s found a marketing ploy and he’s using it.  I saw that a long time ago when he started into manifesting and opening your pineal gland in his videos.  That was quite the change from the so-called, “psychologist’s” roots that he began with which, by the way, I am still waiting for someone to prove to me, with solid citations that Smart is indeed a registered psychologist.  There’s none to be found.  The most I could find is an honours B.A. in psychology, split with criminology.  If he’s a psychologist, so am I then.

Please believe whatever it is that you wish to believe about Smart.  Continue watching his videos until your brain explodes because he’s going to keep producing them until he finds a new hook to make money.  No, I don’t want, envy, love or want to be like him in any fashion.  I have a job that earns me enough to be quite comfortable and I enjoy.  This blog is nothing to me but a hobby and, if you are going to spend the time to make a comment that has an infantile or raunchy message to me about Smart, don’t waste your time because those types of comments are simply tossed into the trash bin of this blog’s panel while I chuckle at how well Smart has done with his audiences and messages.  Perhaps, you haven’t tried his Seven Day Vegan Challenge yet and need to?

From my little corner of life, these types of commenters need to get a life of their own and become their own person.  Quit relying upon a cultist like Smart and get on with real life.  Most of all, don’t waste your time on sending me infantile comments or messages.  I consider those who do that type of thing, “Trolls”.

Love, Light and Blessings

Debbie Reynolds Dies One Day After The Death of Her Daughter, Carrie Fisher…


There’s no need to go through the list of credits for either the late actress/comedienne Carrie Fisher nor, for her mother, actress, Debbie Reynolds.  Their list of accomplishments within the entertainment world has and will be documented by many other sources.  What I wish to express is my deepest condolences to their family.

It was tragic to hear that Carrie Fisher had passed away at the age of 60 but, to hear that her mother, Debbie Reynolds, suffered a stroke while making funeral arrangements for her daughter and passed away only hours later and one day after her daughter’s passing, was both ironic as well as horribly sad news in such a rough year where many stars that we came to love and know, have also passed on both young and old.  There will be some hefty In Memoriams done during award ceremonies in early 2017 which may take up a good chunk of these shows.

While I was not truly a Carrie Fisher fan as much as I was a Debbie Reynold’s fan, I felt both of their losses and took them hard.  That’s not to say that I thought any less of the others in the entertainment business who have passed this year but, more because this appeared to be a mother-daughter bond that even death couldn’t break.

In spite of many tortured years between Fisher and Reynolds (Fisher taking blame for that estrangement by saying that she didn’t want to be Debbie Reynold’s daughter due to her famous mother’s stardom) they had found a way to patch up their differences and were finally able to be together, loving one another.

Sadly, Fisher had drug addictions over the years as well as mental health issues that were also part and party to her issues with her mom. Fisher had smoked weed from the age of 13 then, went on to Cocaine, LSD and possibly other drugs. It’s unclear as to how much she did at this time.  Years and even decades of their lives were ruined and wasted because of these issues.  Fisher, herself, admitted it openly in books she had written, stand-up comedy routines as well as interviews, including one done with Oprah Winfrey.

Reynolds had long ago openly stated that it was heart breaking to watch her daughter in such distress and not wanting her as part of Fisher’s life.  As graciously as she could, Reynolds stated that Fisher had pushed her away and there had been nothing she could do except to hurt.  It was sad for both of them as so much time in Life was wasted that could have been spent together.  The depths of mental health issues and drug addictions cannot be measured except in despair for all parties involved it seems.

What was certain was that Reynolds had been with son, Todd Fisher the morning of December 28, 2016, one day after her only daughter’s passing, distraught, overwhelmed and grieving to make funeral arrangements for Fisher when she was stricken with a stroke.  It was allegedly not the first one this year or last that Reynolds had experienced but, it was the one that would end her life only hours later.

Reynolds had stated to Todd that she just wanted to be with Carrie.  And, so it was.  Her passing only hours after her daughter, Carrie’s death, led her to what we all hope was a reunion of the mother-daughter duo.  Perhaps, there was a bond between mother and child that couldn’t be broken?  Whatever it was, son, Todd Fisher stated “she’s with Carrie”.

As family will now have to plan a double funeral for the pair now, it’s uncertain as to how it will take place or when but, suffice it to say that one can only hope that they are together and at peace, loving one another without condition right now.

From my little corner of life, as sad as it all is, I can see reason, justice, hope and a bond that couldn’t be broken by even death itself.  Prayers go out to their family left behind as they grieve both losses at once.  May they take comfort in the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, they are truly together right now.


Infinite Waters Diving Deep Viewers Show That They Aren’t Getting His Messages


I have been writing this blog for nearly 5 years.  I’ve written pieces on many topics which include everything from personal thoughts to public news stories.  Yet, nothing that I’ve written has garnered the type of attention nor, drawn the amount of readers and comments that my pieces on Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep has brought forth and done so with such venom.

Many who have proclaimed to be Smart followers, have boasted about the fact that they have “learned a lot” from Smart and have been made whole by his “free videos”.  However, all that has come across in their comments, seem to be the feelings of those who have learned extremely little about what it is that Smart has been saying.  The comments have been anything but “Spiritual” and have been attacking towards my slant/point of view on him.  What is that truly saying then about Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep and his teachings?  Obviously, it’s not getting through to those who are loyal viewers and come here to comment or, shall I say, “defend him”?

Look, nothing I say in my blog can stop you from watching Ralph’s videos, can it?  If you are devout fan of his, what I say from my own experiences and thoughts about him, has absolutely no bearing on what you do or don’t do with Smart’s Youtube’s pieces nor, whether you choose to spend your money on having one very expensive session with him does it?  My questions to those who would write to slam what I am writing are, why does what I’ve written bother you so deeply and secondly, are you really getting what it is that Smart is saying because most of those who comment, have deep issues about anyone who writes anything that isn’t praising Smart.

Before you go off on a rant towards what I’ve written about Smart, take the time to read other entries that I’ve also written.  If your only reason for being here is because my entry came up in a search for Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep, do yourself a favour and read what else I’ve written about other things before going off-side and writing me hate mail. I don’t do well with those who spew out hatred and it goes in the trash if I find it offensive towards others.  The rest, I publish and will respond to, if I feel that it has enough merit to give a response.

Perhaps, a bigger question would be, why does what I think of Smart, bother you so much?

I don’t have to love Smart for you to enjoy him.  I simply happen to find him quite cliche, nothing he’s saying is new, everything is re-cycled and a marketing ploy of some sort.  There’s nothing that Smart is saying that hasn’t been said before by many.  Yes, he’s a seemingly friendly chap who smiles and makes you feel good with his laid-back attitude but, he is far from being a god or perhaps, even a real psychologist.  More than half of what Smart has said on Youtube, can be found in many other books by many other authors.  He simply says it on camera with a smile, Weeping Willow branches, grazing his head the entire time.  I don’t have to love Smart.

From my little corner of life, what I’m seeing from these commenters is that they aren’t “getting” Smart’s messages and certainly are less than “spiritual” in their own messages.  In other words, they aren’t taking away as much as they think that they are from Ralph’s videos because it’s showing through in their comments.

Love, Light, Blessings and Strawberries.



Banning Menthol Cigarettes To Stop Kids From Smoking?


This is a photo of a kid smoking marijuana in Canada…the land where the government does nothing to kids who do this in public but, are banning menthol flavoured cigarettes as an alleged ploy to stop kids from smoking. Make sense to you?  It doesn’t to me.

The Canadian government (and, likely other governments around the world) are determined to “save us” from our health issues apparently.  They are now banning menthol flavoured cigarettes.  Why?  Because they say that menthol flavouring cuts the harshness of cigarette smoking and therefore, appeals to kids.

First off, let’s get this straight.

The Canadian government/Health and Welfare Canada has been alleging to want our welfare/well being in mind in all that they do but, are they really or are they backwards, misguided and have an agenda that has nothing to do with the public’s well being?

Look at the fact that there are many convenience store owners who will sell cigarettes to kids no matter what.  What are they doing to those creeps?  If a kid is determined to smoke, they will find a way to get cigarettes one way or another.  A flavour isn’t going to make or break that idea.  Crack down on the illegal sellers and they stand a bit more of a chance.

Secondly, by removing menthol flavoured cigarettes from the market, Canada’s governments are effectively removing the rights of other adults to have their choice in spite of the fact that kids will smoke no matter what they do or don’t do.

Thirdly, they are toying with the idea of legalizing marijuana, a substance that has been proven to be as dangerous, if not more dangerous than cigarettes.  Not only do joints hold  almost the same number of both irritants and carcinogens during the burning process that cigarettes do but, the smoke is inhaled and held much more deeply than a cigarette.  That doesn’t touch upon the impairment abilities of reefers that now hold equal to or above 40% more THC (the psychotropic ingredient responsible for the high and impairment) than the versions smoked in the 1960’s and ’70’s.  Add to it that there are NO current roadside testing capabilities yet available that will hold up in court on a DUI charge and, you’ve got a recipe for total disaster.  That danger holds not only for the pot smoker but, also for everyone else in society who may fall victim to an impaired person’s ability to cause an accident of one kind or another, vehicular or otherwise.  How caring is that to people’s wellbeing?  It’s not.

Next, we have those who wish to try to quit smoking.  Drugs intended for this purpose such as Chantix, come from Big Pharma and Big Pharma is finding out daily that the list of side effects, including suicidal thoughts and possibly suicides, are possible outcomes for their drugs.  They are a form of antidepressants which doctors are handing out like candy for every ailment from true depression to menopausal symptoms and now, smoking cessation.  While they claim Chantix is non-addictive like other anti-depressants, try coming off of any anti-depressant and see what you face while trying.  It’s hell.

Most of us who have had a few attempts at quitting, know that quit-smoking aids like patches and gums, lozenges etc., are useless as well and another product of Big Pharma which pays governments huge sums of money, not to mention the perks it gives docs for attending seminars, seeing their reps and prescribing their meds (and, yes, they say that it’s illegal but, it happens all of the time still as I have friends who work for doctors and see it happening on a regular basis.  They even look forward to the lunches, dinners, gifts etc that they receive from the Big Pharma reps).

So, what are smokers doing to try to quit?  They’re turning to “vaping” or “E-cigarettes” to get the vapour hit as well as the nicotine and hopefully lower the amount of each as time goes by.  What is the Canadian Government doing?  It’s putting in laws that won’t permit people to smoke these things except in places where regular cigarette smokers can smoke.  If that’s the case, someone who vapes, is simply going to go to the same place people smoke cigarettes and light up a regular cigarette.  Why not?  The government is thereby saying that even vaping cannot be accepted.  Oh, but we’re going to legalize weed and until recently, Ontario Premiere, the great and powerful Kathleen Wynne, was going to allow medical marijuana users to light up wherever they were.  What about their second hand vape/smoke?  She’s seemingly re-thinking this one.

Most of us know that smoking is bad for our health.  If we don’t know, the fact that three quarters of a pack of cigarettes or better, are covered with graphic photos and warnings as well as a little card inside each package, stating that cigarettes are harder to quit than Heroine, might just tip us off to the fact.  We don’t need a mother/father in Canadian governments to ground us or take away our rights to tell us that.  However, the idea that kids can run around with guns, killing each other and innocent by-standers faster than any cigarettes could possibly kill and nothing is being done about that, speaks volumes for the brains that call themselves “governments” in Canada.

Call me nuts but, I’d much rather take my chances that a few more kids might take up smoking (if they can scrounge up the money for the astronomical sin taxes already added to cigarettes) than to take the risk of being shot and killed or permanently disabled by a kid with a gun where nothing or very little happens to them because of the Young Offender’s Act and the “code of silence” where people don’t rat out other people.  I’d also much rather take my chances of a kid taking up smoking than seeing one killed instantly in a car crash by a DUI under the influence of marijuana.

However, that’s just me and my thinking from my little corner of life.