Readers Only Want To Read About Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) From Youtube

I’m sitting here with a blank screen in front of me.  It’s not because I hadn’t thought of anything to write but, more to the point that most pieces that I do write, seem to go un-read.  Most readers coming in are in search of specific topics.  I almost wish that I didn’t have the stats to look at as it shows me that most people are only coming into my blogs (yes, I have more than one) to read about a couple of topics.  The main searches seem to be on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) whereupon, I end up receiving some nasty comments about how they think I am a “dude” where I am female, how “salty, bitter and jealous” they think I am over good ole Ralph.  There’s swearing, ranting, raving and everything your eyes and mind don’t want to be bothered reading or seeing.  They’re not even publishable comments for the general reader because of their tone and especially, wording.

Sadly, none of these commenters have gone on to read anything else that I’ve written to truly get a feel for who I am as a writer.  Of course, it goes without saying that no one can know me as a person because they’ve read one or two of my pieces (especially on the sole or same topic) yet, these types of people think that they can analyze me as a person, based solely upon my opinion on one topic then, proceed to let me know their diagnosis in often-times, not so nice terms.  Had they spent one-sixty-forth of the time that they spend watching the plethora of Youtube videos that Smart puts out every week, reading some of my other pieces, they likely wouldn’t have arrived at the same conclusion. Alas, they don’t.  They read, write their armchair psychological opinions of me and run, never to grace my writing again.  While that fact astonishes me, it also saddens me at the same time.  If they were to have spent the time to read my inspirational as well as spiritual pieces, they may have seen another side of me and had a different opinion of me.  They don’t.  They never go that far and it shows greatly in their comments.  It’s also indicative of those who have swallowed Smart’s rhetoric, hook, line and sinker but, have learned little spiritually, mentally or otherwise.  That speaks volumes for how much good Smart has actually been doing with his mountain of videos in my mind.

On several different occassions, I have considered removing my pieces on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) but, as I’ve gone to hit the “delete” on those posts so as not to have to endure any further abusive comments, I realize that they are my opinion on this person’s Youtube and social media presence and I have a right to voice it.  Yes, obviously, people don’t like it when I am not thinking of Smart as the best thing since sliced bread or God and prefer that I praise him to the hilt however, that’s not how I felt or feel about his incessant marketing of himself and services nor, his highly likely false labelling of himself. He’s doing what he does for the money, not out of pure love or the goodness of his heart though it’s seemingly that way because one can watch his videos for free, right?

For those who don’t understand what I’m saying or have been saying still, I’ve done the research on the topics that I write about.  While they are my opinion on the topics, I have background information on what I am saying or I wouldn’t be saying it and, though they may not be what others think or feel, my thoughts on the facts that I’ve gathered are not cause for such disdain in these pop-by reader’s comments.  There’s a reason people are searching with search engines for more information on Smart and a reason why they are having a hard time finding what they are looking for.  Besides Smart’s self-promotions, they’re not likely to find much else other than my pieces written here on Smart.  Perhaps, that angers them and I get the brunt of their frustration?  However, there’s a reason why these readers won’t find much at all on Smart other than his own promotional jags.  He has ever so wisely ensured that he only lets out what he wants the public to see about him (aka advertising) and nothing more.  It took a lot of digging and contacting sources on my part to find pieces of information that these readers and commenters wouldn’t have otherwise found and, even there, I have only been able to unearth enough of what makes Smart tick but, that’s how Smart wants it to be.  There’s good reason for it as well.

By the way, I am still inviting anyone with any concrete and reliable source citations to prove that Smart is truly a certified “psychologist” as he claims himself to be.  I’m open to it if you have it and, it might change my mind somewhat as to what Smart is all about.  That’s a challenge by the way to those who mouth off then run.


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)-ism 

Yes, people are entitled to their own opinions.  I am the first to admit that as I do it all of the time.  However, having said that, watching Smart on Youtube every day with his plethora of videos, does not tell anyone the story that lays behind this young man’s motives.  His smile, calming voice, nature scenes he generally films in, willow or other tree branches grazing his face while he speaks about “the cat down the road” and utters canned and coined phrases in each video, do have a somewhat calming effect.  He’s learned what sells, what gathers an audience of mostly young, impressionable, lonely and lost people into the folds that he’s gathered.  As I’ve said before, it’s not much different from a cult-like following.  While he may not get you to drink cyanide laced Koolaid, he’s trying to suck people into eating Vegan instead.  Deadly?  Maybe not, maybe yes…if not done properly.  He doesn’t go that far, does he?  He doesn’t give out information on how to eat Vegan safely with the proper supplements or foods to obtain the nutrients needed for the human body which is meant to be omnivores versus herbivores, is he?  That’s because he’s not a trained nutritionist or dietician, is he?  Yet many of his faithful viewers will attempt to cut out flesh-eating and anything produced from it, without regard to the long-termed effects of improper Vegan Style eating.  Instead, they will chow down on strawberries, acai, quinoa and vegetables, thinking that they’re getting all of the nutrition they need to be “spiritual” and healthy.

“Seven Day Vegan Challenge, Baby,” he’ll say in every video somewhere (the “baby” is sometimes left out as the only variation).  “Slow motion this side,” and “we ain’t even had breakfast yet.”  See how catchy his phrasing is?  “PEEACE”  “Can I get a HELLOOOO?”  Take a look at one of his earlier videos HERE.  Not so calm sounding, is he? Does he still hold the same attraction for you that he does now?

Smart is cliché.  He’s no different from any other self-proclaimed spiritual guru.  He’s simply got a Youtube channel where people think because they watch it for free, this young chap or “cat” knows what he’s talking about.  Let me ask though, how much crap is there on the net that you wouldn’t swallow if honey were added to it?  There’s plenty of it to go around.  We could all take out shovels for the manure. That’s being said with a chuckle not a frown or grinding teeth.  The problem is, it’s hard to sort through and sift out the crap from the valuable information, isn’t it?  How do we know the difference except to experience its effects the hard way and learn from it all?


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep?) True Intentions And Goals Are To Only Eat Good Food and Travel

When he says that he’s been doing anything “for a long, long time”, ask yourself how long he could have been doing anything, including “helping millions of people” or “through his ‘early journey'” when he’s just turned 31 years of age?  How long could that have been in all reality?  Then, go back to Youtube and take a look at when he started his Youtube channel.  Do the math for yourself.  Use your own mind for a moment on his statements and what you cannot find out in information about him (purposely done as a marketer who only wants you to know what he wants you to know).  Ask yourself some key questions as I believe you are intelligent enough to do.  If you are wise, you’ll come up with more questions than answers but that one will have been answered using your own mind, not simply swallowing what Smart is telling you to believe or wants you to trust blindly.

From my little corner of life, I see Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) as part of those who will fill their needs and pay their bills by having their own angle as a sales person and marketer.  Before you go writing to me to tell me that I’m bitter, wrong, angry, spiteful, jealous, wanting to be like him but can’t, a “hack” and even a racist because he’s black (yes, I have been called that but, he has no colour to me nor does anyone else), I’ve heard it all before.  Save your breath and your time because you cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said in one way or another on this young man or this topic.  Save it and comment love to him instead please or spend that time, reading other pieces I’ve written on other topics.  I won’t be reading it or responding to it if it’s simply another “hate comment” as it shows me what type of person it’s coming from rather than anything that would be of any lesson or value to me as a writer, person, spiritual being or as Smart would say, Alchemist and Infinite Being.  Yes, we are all alchemists and infinite beings.  Smart doesn’t hold the title on that alone.  If you take nothing else away from my pieces, take that as truth about yourself and, you don’t even have to be a “Deep Diver” to be that much.  You already are those things.

Be well.  Love and Light.









David Blaine’s Stunts/Illusions Need Clarification As To Real Or Illusion

Illusionist David Blaine's stunts are crossing lines to dangerous.

Illusionist David Blaine’s stunts are crossing lines to dangerous.

We all know that Magician/Illusionist, David Blaine is both a genius and a total obsessive compulsive freak with his illusions.  The man has gone to no ends to figure out how to perform wildly different versions of old magic tricks.  There is no refuting that point.

We also know that Blaine has gone to extraordinary lengths to get himself in shape to do his stunts.  Some of them have been pure mental and physical training where he’s put himself in great health danger but, for the most part, Blaine’s illusions are more the result of lengthy, oftentimes a decade or more, of re-creating newer and more exciting versions or spins on old magic tricks done by many before him.

One stunt stands out in mind as perhaps, one that is a combination of disgusting as well as worrisome.

In Blaine’s television special which aired back in November of last year, entitled “Real Or Magic” Blaine proceeds to seemingly and realistically, put an ice pick through his hand on a couple of occasions, in front of celebrities.  He also seemingly sticks a metal skewer through his arm in the bicep area and has someone else pull it back out for him. No blood, no pain on his face (except for his smirky, quirky grin), he pushes both the pic and the metal skewer through both his arm and his hand on separate occasions.

Watch actor, Ricky Gervais’ reaction when Blaine sticks the skewer through his arm at the bicep.   Note: if you’re faint of heart or squeemish, you may not want to watch this one.  

A fantastic and magical endeavor but, one in which it has an ethical dilemma that it leaves behind for younger people.

Blaine leaves in doubt whether this is an illusion or whether he’s simply a total freak or to use his word, a “maniac”.

While there are people throughout the world who have meditated and can do this type of thing in reality, Blaine has had people talking about this on boards all over the net. Most people don’t know how it’s done but, know enough that sticking something like an ice pick or a metal skewer through parts of their bodies, isn’t something that anyone should do.  However, there are younger people and even older people who are curious enough to want to try this.

A lot of people are under the assumption that Blaine is actually sticking these objects through his body parts and Blaine has done nothing to uncover the reality behind this illusion.  He leaves it to the imagination as to whether he is really doing this or it is an extremely well done take on a very old illusion.  It is also leaving behind, people who will inevitably, sit in their own livingrooms, bathrooms or bedrooms, sticking needles through their hands and biceps, figuring it is real.  Afterall, Blaine has bragged about his “training” for other stunts.

There have been several explanations for Blaine possibly really doing this illusion.

Some have hypothesized that Blaine studies with swamis and mentally prepared himself for pain and to control bleeding.  Others have thought that Blaine may have had tubes, surgically implanted in these body parts to pass the pick or the skewer through with the skin having become scar tissue over both sides.  Still others, have hypothesized that Blaine had spent years of sticking needles through exact spots in his hand and arm, working his way up to a thicker gauged instrument.

No matter what hypothesis one can come up with, this is dangerous to go on believing that Blaine has done this in reality.  It is a trick…an illusion that many before him have done.  It’s simply a far more clever variation than what has been done before.  That is what took Blaine the 13 years that he claims it took him to prepare to do this illusion.

One of the best known versions of this came back in the 80’s when actor and amateur-comedien magician, Harry Anderson of “Night Court” fame did his stunt in front of audiences.  Again, if you are squeemish or faint of heart, you may want to by-pass watching that video but, know that it IS a trick.  Anderson is really not sticking anything through his body.

Anything dangerous that is an illusion, shouldn’t be left to the imagination that it’s possibly “real”.  It not only allows for imaginations to run wild in those who have more guts than brains but, it opens doors for kids to get themselves into serious problems. One can only hope that Blaine will come out and tell his fans that this IS an illusion and not to try this as a real event.  At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life but in the meanwhile, let’s lighten this entry up with a parody on David Blaine’s Street Magic.