Possibility of MORE Gilmore Girls To Come On Netflix


Please say it will happen.  Pretty please with sugar on top or perhaps, 4 teaspoons of sugar in an extra strong coffee so that I can type faster.

No, this isn’t an old story.  This is new in March 2017.

Word has it that Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos has had a preliminary talk about more upcoming Gilmore Girls episodes with writers and creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino.  Notice the word “preliminary” is said.  It’s not carved in stone, nor is it evident whether the Palladinos have or will ever consider it.  Add to that, the fact that the main cast of GG is moving onto other projects and it may not be a go.  By gawd though, fans can only blow out birthday cake candles and make that wish as it’s out of our hands.  Well, at least we can voice our wishes on every mag or paper that writes about it.

When the series was cancelled in 2007 after the Palladinos had been left out of writing and producing the last season due to contract disputes, fans were left less than happy about the ending of the series in two ways.  First was the ending in and of itself but, most importantly, whomever took up the writing and producing of the final and seventh season, didn’t do the finale justice.

Nearly 9 years later, the original Palladino Duo, Amy and Dan, signed up with Netflix to do a 4 movie-length series named “A Year In The Life”.  Not only did it deliver more up-to-date content but it was as though time had moved along without us noticing those missing 9 years.  Though, I must say that there were times when I yawned at what appeared to be thrown in and wasted scenes such as the Stars Hollow Musical, Rory’s farewell escapade with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade which was almost akin to an LSD trip.  However there were other moments where a box of tissues to wipe eyes and noses were needed as tears streamed down faces with Lorelai and Emily’s fights and tensions, Lorelai and Luke’s love, tension and marriage and a few other occasions that were tear-jerking in a good way.

A lot of the old cast made its way back to the 4 episodes, even if only for what might be considered brief or cameo appearances.  It was novel to see them all again though some of them weren’t absolutely necessary for the series to continue and still aren’t.  It’s ok if some of the cast can’t commit to more.  One of them would be Melissa McCarthy who has become “too big a star” to have the time.  Jackson could go too as could Lane’s hubby and the band.  They were great reminiscing but, that’s about as much of a role as they needed to play and would need to play.  It’s possible to go on with the series without them now.

There was a lot left wide open for new story lines that could carry the show to go on.

  1. Emily’s life and what she’s going to do with it since moving to Nantucket.  Is it really where she will stay or is there more up her sleeve after a bit of a break from Hartford and the DAR?  There’s plenty more room for a bigger story for Emily to come, including whatever happens between her and her new beau/boyfriend.
  2. There’s Lorelai and Luke, their marriage, do they move, how do they incorporate being parents to both of their daughters as well as now….grandparents?
  3. Does Lorelai buy the old manor in the middle of Stars Hollow to expand her Inn and keep Michel with her?  How does she do it and what happens from there on in with her inn?  Who gets the chef’s spot or does Luke’s diner get all of the business?  Maybe, Luke runs both?
  4. Who is Rory’s baby-daddy?
  5. Does Rory smarten up and go on to grow up and be the mother to her child that Lorelai was to her?  What does Rory do with her life while raising a child?  Does she live with Lorelai and Luke and they help raise the baby?
  6. Does being grandparents and perhaps, raising Rory’s baby at least half of the time, make up for them not being able to have children of their own as a couple?

There’s a whole world left wide open to these characters yet to be written into scripts that could bring the show into the present time.  It’s already had the hallmarks of doing that in those 4 episodes that Netflix so bravely and wisely decided to bring out and together.

From my little corner of life, there’s not only plenty more room for more but, there’s also the fan base if they don’t wait too long to do it.  That’s key here.  Don’t wait too long.  Nine, almost 10 years was far too long for a revival.  Keep it warm while the fans are still hot and longing for more, Netflix, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bleddel (Rory), Scott G. Patterson (Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) and the rest of the cast that wants to join in, which will hopefully, be most of them but we know, not all of them.

Netflix has my vote.  What about yours?  Comment!  Let’s hope it brings this up to Netflix, the Palladinos and the cast’s attention.  We vote YES.


Readers Only Want To Read About Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) From Youtube

I’m sitting here with a blank screen in front of me.  It’s not because I hadn’t thought of anything to write but, more to the point that most pieces that I do write, seem to go un-read.  Most readers coming in are in search of specific topics.  I almost wish that I didn’t have the stats to look at as it shows me that most people are only coming into my blogs (yes, I have more than one) to read about a couple of topics.  The main searches seem to be on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) whereupon, I end up receiving some nasty comments about how they think I am a “dude” where I am female, how “salty, bitter and jealous” they think I am over good ole Ralph.  There’s swearing, ranting, raving and everything your eyes and mind don’t want to be bothered reading or seeing.  They’re not even publishable comments for the general reader because of their tone and especially, wording.

Sadly, none of these commenters have gone on to read anything else that I’ve written to truly get a feel for who I am as a writer.  Of course, it goes without saying that no one can know me as a person because they’ve read one or two of my pieces (especially on the sole or same topic) yet, these types of people think that they can analyze me as a person, based solely upon my opinion on one topic then, proceed to let me know their diagnosis in often-times, not so nice terms.  Had they spent one-sixty-forth of the time that they spend watching the plethora of Youtube videos that Smart puts out every week, reading some of my other pieces, they likely wouldn’t have arrived at the same conclusion. Alas, they don’t.  They read, write their armchair psychological opinions of me and run, never to grace my writing again.  While that fact astonishes me, it also saddens me at the same time.  If they were to have spent the time to read my inspirational as well as spiritual pieces, they may have seen another side of me and had a different opinion of me.  They don’t.  They never go that far and it shows greatly in their comments.  It’s also indicative of those who have swallowed Smart’s rhetoric, hook, line and sinker but, have learned little spiritually, mentally or otherwise.  That speaks volumes for how much good Smart has actually been doing with his mountain of videos in my mind.

On several different occassions, I have considered removing my pieces on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) but, as I’ve gone to hit the “delete” on those posts so as not to have to endure any further abusive comments, I realize that they are my opinion on this person’s Youtube and social media presence and I have a right to voice it.  Yes, obviously, people don’t like it when I am not thinking of Smart as the best thing since sliced bread or God and prefer that I praise him to the hilt however, that’s not how I felt or feel about his incessant marketing of himself and services nor, his highly likely false labelling of himself. He’s doing what he does for the money, not out of pure love or the goodness of his heart though it’s seemingly that way because one can watch his videos for free, right?

For those who don’t understand what I’m saying or have been saying still, I’ve done the research on the topics that I write about.  While they are my opinion on the topics, I have background information on what I am saying or I wouldn’t be saying it and, though they may not be what others think or feel, my thoughts on the facts that I’ve gathered are not cause for such disdain in these pop-by reader’s comments.  There’s a reason people are searching with search engines for more information on Smart and a reason why they are having a hard time finding what they are looking for.  Besides Smart’s self-promotions, they’re not likely to find much else other than my pieces written here on Smart.  Perhaps, that angers them and I get the brunt of their frustration?  However, there’s a reason why these readers won’t find much at all on Smart other than his own promotional jags.  He has ever so wisely ensured that he only lets out what he wants the public to see about him (aka advertising) and nothing more.  It took a lot of digging and contacting sources on my part to find pieces of information that these readers and commenters wouldn’t have otherwise found and, even there, I have only been able to unearth enough of what makes Smart tick but, that’s how Smart wants it to be.  There’s good reason for it as well.

By the way, I am still inviting anyone with any concrete and reliable source citations to prove that Smart is truly a certified “psychologist” as he claims himself to be.  I’m open to it if you have it and, it might change my mind somewhat as to what Smart is all about.  That’s a challenge by the way to those who mouth off then run.


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep)-ism 

Yes, people are entitled to their own opinions.  I am the first to admit that as I do it all of the time.  However, having said that, watching Smart on Youtube every day with his plethora of videos, does not tell anyone the story that lays behind this young man’s motives.  His smile, calming voice, nature scenes he generally films in, willow or other tree branches grazing his face while he speaks about “the cat down the road” and utters canned and coined phrases in each video, do have a somewhat calming effect.  He’s learned what sells, what gathers an audience of mostly young, impressionable, lonely and lost people into the folds that he’s gathered.  As I’ve said before, it’s not much different from a cult-like following.  While he may not get you to drink cyanide laced Koolaid, he’s trying to suck people into eating Vegan instead.  Deadly?  Maybe not, maybe yes…if not done properly.  He doesn’t go that far, does he?  He doesn’t give out information on how to eat Vegan safely with the proper supplements or foods to obtain the nutrients needed for the human body which is meant to be omnivores versus herbivores, is he?  That’s because he’s not a trained nutritionist or dietician, is he?  Yet many of his faithful viewers will attempt to cut out flesh-eating and anything produced from it, without regard to the long-termed effects of improper Vegan Style eating.  Instead, they will chow down on strawberries, acai, quinoa and vegetables, thinking that they’re getting all of the nutrition they need to be “spiritual” and healthy.

“Seven Day Vegan Challenge, Baby,” he’ll say in every video somewhere (the “baby” is sometimes left out as the only variation).  “Slow motion this side,” and “we ain’t even had breakfast yet.”  See how catchy his phrasing is?  “PEEACE”  “Can I get a HELLOOOO?”  Take a look at one of his earlier videos HERE.  Not so calm sounding, is he? Does he still hold the same attraction for you that he does now?

Smart is cliché.  He’s no different from any other self-proclaimed spiritual guru.  He’s simply got a Youtube channel where people think because they watch it for free, this young chap or “cat” knows what he’s talking about.  Let me ask though, how much crap is there on the net that you wouldn’t swallow if honey were added to it?  There’s plenty of it to go around.  We could all take out shovels for the manure. That’s being said with a chuckle not a frown or grinding teeth.  The problem is, it’s hard to sort through and sift out the crap from the valuable information, isn’t it?  How do we know the difference except to experience its effects the hard way and learn from it all?


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep?) True Intentions And Goals Are To Only Eat Good Food and Travel

When he says that he’s been doing anything “for a long, long time”, ask yourself how long he could have been doing anything, including “helping millions of people” or “through his ‘early journey'” when he’s just turned 31 years of age?  How long could that have been in all reality?  Then, go back to Youtube and take a look at when he started his Youtube channel.  Do the math for yourself.  Use your own mind for a moment on his statements and what you cannot find out in information about him (purposely done as a marketer who only wants you to know what he wants you to know).  Ask yourself some key questions as I believe you are intelligent enough to do.  If you are wise, you’ll come up with more questions than answers but that one will have been answered using your own mind, not simply swallowing what Smart is telling you to believe or wants you to trust blindly.

From my little corner of life, I see Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) as part of those who will fill their needs and pay their bills by having their own angle as a sales person and marketer.  Before you go writing to me to tell me that I’m bitter, wrong, angry, spiteful, jealous, wanting to be like him but can’t, a “hack” and even a racist because he’s black (yes, I have been called that but, he has no colour to me nor does anyone else), I’ve heard it all before.  Save your breath and your time because you cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said in one way or another on this young man or this topic.  Save it and comment love to him instead please or spend that time, reading other pieces I’ve written on other topics.  I won’t be reading it or responding to it if it’s simply another “hate comment” as it shows me what type of person it’s coming from rather than anything that would be of any lesson or value to me as a writer, person, spiritual being or as Smart would say, Alchemist and Infinite Being.  Yes, we are all alchemists and infinite beings.  Smart doesn’t hold the title on that alone.  If you take nothing else away from my pieces, take that as truth about yourself and, you don’t even have to be a “Deep Diver” to be that much.  You already are those things.

Be well.  Love and Light.









Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Commenters Save Your Breath

Don’t make me do it.  Don’t make me delete my pieces on Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep from Youtube) or worse yet, write an even more blazing set of pieces than I already have written.  Oh GASP!  I can hear the shouts, cries, inflamed souls as well as the  trashy explicatives people would call me for having done it.  They are already echoing in my ears and brain.

I went to the lengths of putting a note on all of my blog pieces about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) that I would no longer be reading, publishing or responding to any further comments about those pieces while asking readers to read something else on my blog from the several hundred pieces that I’ve written on differing topics.  Yet, Ralph Smarters or “The Cultists” as I have come to call and know them can’t seem to help themselves.  They have some sort of nagging need to defend this man with oftentimes, vulgar or insulting messages that I wouldn’t lower myself to respond to, let alone, publish for the rest of my readers. That’s telling me that there’s desperation within a good majority of those commenters who are sadly, Ralph Smart followers, living, breathing and taking in his every word.


I re-paid a visit to Ralph’s channel on Youtube (no links need to be given here as the chap does a good enough job of self-promotion already.)  What I found were his “worshippers”.  Nearly 100% of them who commented on his videos were young, inexperienced, gullible and seemingly, brainwashed by Smart’s constant barrage of videos that he puts out in a week.  It was then that I realized that those who were commenting on my pieces, are in fact, (in their minds) defending their idol.  Smart has turned himself into both an idol for these younger people as well as a cult-leader.

“Seven Day Vegan Challenge.  Can I get a HELLLO?  PEEEACE.  And we ain’t even had breakfast yet.  Slow motion to this side.”

People have accused me of being bitter, salty, hate-filled, jealous, in love with him and a plethora of other idiotic labels because my pieces were not glorifying Smart.  In spite of me having said in many of them that I had once been binge-watching Smart’s videos until I figured out what he was doing to everyone, people still kept pounding at me and continue to do so.  I have written many more pieces since then but, those coming in, do so because they’ve done a search for Smart or info on him and found my blog.  They only read what they see in those pieces that turn up in their search but, nothing else I’ve written in my several hundred pieces over the past 5 years and somehow, ignorantly assume that they know everything about me.  That’s where the nasty, raunchy comments come into play that I trash because they’re not fit for the human eye let alone my readers.

More than anything, I have to wonder what it is that they are really taking away from Smart’s messages.  It seems that their anger, bitterness, hatred and even self-esteem is still rock bottom to write comments as they do.  More to the point, they don’t seem to have gotten any of Smart’s messages.  If they did, they wouldn’t be writing the types of comments that they’ve written.  Then, it hit me squarely in the face.  The answer was right there all along.


Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) has given out few, if any, good, loving or helpful messages.

One need only to have seen the sheer numbers of people who have written to Smart and received no answer from him.  The begging, the pleading, the bargaining from these commenters both here and on his videos are pathetically showing the desperation that these followers have within themselves.  These are not necessarily whole, healthy, self-esteemed people.  These are broken or lost youngsters in search of either an idol, someone to tell them how to live their lives or even (in some cases) a parental figure.  However, Smart will charge you an arm and a leg for his time and the ability to talk to him.  Try to the tune of 350 British Pounds for an hour’s worth of time with him that is undefined as to what that session or time with him contains.

Laughable was the fact that the majority of Smart’s followers, are too young to have that kind of money.  He’s aimed his audience at a target group who will only ever follow his free Youtube videos and beg for him to contact them.  It’s sad to see people leaving their email addresses in public, pleading with him to write to them when he barely re-visits their comments.  He’s already moved onto his next video that he releases daily but, they don’t and won’t see that in him.  After all, he’s a role model, an idol, a “Guru” and akin to a cult leader to them.  He’s got the viewers alright but, he’s got the viewers who will likely never purchase a thing from him and that is what he wants…purchases.  He wants his bills paid by them because he doesn’t want to work a 9 to 5 job and has admitted that in many of his videos.  In effect, he wants troubled young people to pay his bills.

Good idea but, wrong crowd, Ralph.

More comical are the words that he utters in most of his videos.

“I’ve been helping millions of people for many, many years now,” he says, never wiping the smile from his face while I can’t stop the laughter coming from mine.

At this writing, Smart is still 30 years old.  He started Infinite Waters Diving Deep as a Youtube channel about 3 or 4 years ago.  So, how many years has he been “helping millions” as he phrases it as though delusional?  The math can speak for itself.

Still un-proven as no one who complains has yet to be able to give me a credible source that actually states that Smart is a real, certified psychologist as he claims.  While we know that he obtained a combined degree in Psychology and Criminology, that B.A. doesn’t make him either a Criminologist nor a Psychologist.  Being a psychologist requires either a PhD or a Master’s degree and at least 3 years doing clinical work as well as writing a board exam to get his license.  To the best of my research, Smart did none of this.

As a matter of fact, the closest that I’ve been able to find of Smart having done anything “clinical” comes in the form of him, having been placed in (yes, I am not joking or exaggerating this point as he admits it on a video of his during his early days linked HERE where he appears almost “manic”) a Psychiatric Ward, himself and given meds.  Don’t believe me?  Watch for yourself.  The link is there, above.  However, it did lead me to question whether above and beyond Smart’s split B.A. in psychology, if he had considered that hospital stay his accreditation in being a “psychologist”.  While I haven’t been in a psychiatric ward of any type even as a visitor for someone else, I have studied psychology myself and, as stated in another piece, I do not consider myself a psychologist because I have accreditation in some psychology education yet, apparently he does.  Again, if anyone has a credible source as to Smart’s accreditation as a psychologist, please let me know and I will reconsider at least that portion of his claims.

Several people have asked me what is wrong with him making money off of his time?  There’s nothing wrong with him doing that however, having said that, he charges an arm and a leg for it.  If you doubt me, as I’ve said in a previous piece, try this converter and see what 350 British Pounds amounts to in your part of the world with THIS CONVERTER.  In my part of the world, with today’s exchange rate, that’s over $576 for one hour.  Even a real psychologist doesn’t get paid that much and how he can expect younger people who make up the bulk of his viewers can afford that is beyond me.

Many have said, “I don’t buy anything off of him.  His Youtube videos are free.  I watch them and get so much out of them.  He makes no money off of them or me.”

I have news for those who think that Smart isn’t making money off of his videos.  Even if you aren’t buying his ridiculously priced, undefined sessions that are without description or merit, his books or his cd’s, Smart makes money off of every click that he gets onto one of his videos from Youtube.  Why do you think that he’d spend the time to put out so many of them?  Do you really believe that he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart?  How does he pay his bills?  Have you asked yourself those questions?  I’ll bet not.  Yet, you’ll spend the time to write comments on both his videos, begging him to write to you, talk to you or praising him or, you’ll write to me to blast me for what I’ve written about him.  Are you thinking for yourself as you do that?  Can you not see what he’s doing to you and others?  Give him an “A” for marketing.

Finally, if you are reading this, please note that it’s a waste of your time to write to me with raunchy defensive or defending style comments as I will NOT be reading, publishing or responding to them as I’ve posted on the bottoms of the rest of my blog pieces.

From my little corner of life, I’m too busy writing other pieces about other topics and Ralph Smart is of little consequence to me.  What does become my business are the comments that I have to trash every day that a search engine sends to this blog by people who are searching for something on him.  Just what they are searching for is only a guess but, I’d hazard one to say that people are searching for further information on him because they either love him or they are skeptical as I was.  Either way, good luck.  He’s been careful to erase his steps so that you’ll have difficulty finding them on the net.  And, by the way, as far as I have been told by a source, he lives with his sister and mother still. There’s your idol.

And, by the way, I make NO money from this blog nor, do I want to.

I do not hate Ralph Smart nor, do I want to be like him.  I am not jealous nor, in love with him. (I’m old enough to be his mother.  My daughter is older than he is.)  Most of all, I am  far from stupid, a fool, un-enlightened or anything else you can throw in my direction so, hang onto those insults for your enemies in the play-grounds or troll some other place like Twitter.  Trump does it.


Blessings, Love & Light.



Why Prince Likely Didn’t Die From The Flu


There were so many tributes pouring out for the Late Singer/Song Writer/Musician, Prince that I didn’t think it necessary to put out yet another one, listing all of his contributions to the music industry.  By now, everyone knows what Prince’s musical portfolio contains over the decades as well as his musical talents.

It bothered me that David Bowie has passed away as seemingly, suddenly as it happened.  It was only in learning that he had been ill for quite sometime and had kept it on the hush-hush that one could understand that while still in his prime, he had no choice except to leave this earthly existence.  Prince however, was a different story.  Not only was it un-expected to the public but seemingly, also to his most trusted of friends, staffers and family members.  Although Prince was considered a “private person”, it’s highly unlikely that he wouldn’t have confided any serious illnesses, especially a terminal/dangerous one to at least one of his closest people nor, likely that he would have continued living alone.  That’s what makes me think that there was more to this story than we, as the public, may ever know about his sudden, lonely death.

I’ll be up front and blunt in my thoughts here.  I don’t for one moment believe that it was “the flu” that ended Prince’s life.  While we may never be told the truth in this case and may be told that he died of a “sudden coronary/heart attack”, I believe there were other causes likely unintentionally created by Prince, himself so to speak.

The media has been well known to leap to get headlines and exclusives, often rushing facts or putting 2 and 2 together, arriving at 5 and printing it as though it was gospel truth.  Pun about gospel truth not intended given Prince’s religious beliefs.  So, it’s hard to swallow everything that the media has spewed out over the past nearly week since Prince was found dead, alone in that elevator by concerned staff who allegedly, came looking for him and found him already dead.  The last person to see him alive was at 8 p.m. Wednesday evening when he was dropped off into his huge but empty Paisley estate, alone and having picked up something yet unknown from his local pharmacy.  One would think that should Prince have appeared unwell, the friend who dropped him off, would have insisted on staying with him or getting him medical help.  At the least, one would like to believe that this friend would have checked in on him afterwards even had Prince insisted on being alone.  That may be the case but, it hasn’t been admitted to date.  Either that, or Prince appeared fine to his friend. To make matters worse but, understandable, even legal authorities are keeping things under covers as they investigate further and await the autopsy results, expected in coming weeks to months.  All of this allows minds to run rampant with theories as to what caused Prince’s death.  I am no exception to that group as I am doing the same thing.  I wanted to make note of that because this is purely my own opinion and nothing more.

What makes Prince’s death at age 57 hardest to fathom is that there was no real indication of either a serious/terminal/life threatening illness nor, of foul play or suicide.  Prince lived not only a “clean/health-nut/vegan lifestyle” and was said to be as healthy as a horse but, he was also a devout Jehovah’s Witness member who both lived and preached his religious beliefs as does pretty much every member of that sector of religion.  His hips needed surgery from years of wearing high heels and jumping from higher places while on stage.  Prince reportedly, refused surgery because of his religious beliefs it’s believed.  While Jehovah’s Witnesses are reportedly, not against surgery or medication, they do take a great stance against blood transfusions.  It has been alleged that Prince refused surgery on the grounds that the doctors might have to give him blood if it was needed.  Correct or incorrect, what is known is that Prince suffered with a great deal of pain from his hips and was often seen with a cane because of the hips and pain.

The infamous emergency plane stop in Illinois to get an “unresponsive male” (which we now know was Prince) to hospital, some 48 minutes from his home in Minnesota, was rather tell-tale.  Some reports first stated that Prince had been hospitalized for “the flu”, was given a “flu shot” and released.  That made no sense whatsoever to even a lay person as most of us know that once someone has the flu, a flu shot is not given.  An anti-viral med may be given but, not the flu shot.  What doesn’t add up with that story is that Prince was allegedly advised to stay in hospital for another 24 hours after the alleged shot, which he allegedly refused upon learning that there were no private rooms available.  At least, that’s the way the story has been passed around.

So, if Prince did indeed receive a shot, it was not a flu shot.  The mere fact that the hospital had allegedly advised him to remain for 24 hours for observation is more in tune or indicative of him having received what TMZ had reported he received, a shot of Narcan/Naxolone, an antidote to a narcotic or opiate drug over dose.  Now, that shot normally comes with the recommendation for the patient to remain supervised under medical care for at least 24 hours and fits more closely with the idea than a shot of an anti-viral medication.   However, anything is possible at this point.

When one couples that with the reports of Prince having been seen again after that (or, possibly so) as well as 4 alleged trips to his local pharmacy(s) in the days leading to his death, one can think that perhaps, Prince was still getting prescriptions for narcotic/opiate based meds for his pain or, that he was also given a home kit with Narcan/Naxolone “just in case”.  Reports of him having completed a concert, thrown a party and been seen out in public at a record/cd store as well as a favourite night spot in the days leading up to his sudden death and looking either “fine/normal” and finally, “nervous, sweaty, jittery and pale”, seem to possibly be more in line with someone who was either withdrawing from prescription pain meds or, was OD’ing again on them.  Again, one can only speculate but, it’s reported that Prince’s “ride” on the Wednesday evening prior to him being pronounced dead some 14 hours later, alone on that elevator, makes one wonder.

The other thing that hit my mind was that with all of Prince’s wealth and “yes people” around him, were Prince to be feeling that ill, does it make sense that he would have stayed alone and not requested either a doctor or a trusted friend and staff member, stay with him while he recuperated?  While we know that he was a private workaholic, it isn’t making sense that if he had already collapsed and was un-responsive once due to “the flu”, he wouldn’t have been left alone while not feeling well.  Even if were only for someone to make him tea or get him something to eat.  It’s not adding up in my mind anyway.

If I am correct in my assumptions then, it’s quite possible that Prince had a stash of Narcan/Naxolone, which can be bought over the counter in that state from larger box chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.  It’s been said by others who had visited his Paisley mansion/studio that Prince rarely took the elevator in his home so, the fact that he had taken it that evening, is more leading to the potential assumption that he may have taken more prescription pain meds while working but, had left the Narcan/Naxolone, upstairs in his living quarters and was trying to get to them via the elevator but, never made it that far before collapsing as he did on the plane that night.

Prince, himself, had made mention on a few occasions that he had been born an Epileptic and had seizures as a child.  However, he also made the statement during at least one aired  interview where he stated that he had told his mother at a very young age that “the angels” told him not to worry, he wouldn’t be sick anymore.  He alleged that he hadn’t had another episode after that.  It’s rather unlikely that it was a seizure at this point that caused his collapse in that elevator that either Wednesday evening past 8 p.m. or the following morning.  Even were it to have been seizure related, unless there was a fall during one with massive head injuries, such as the one that ended my brother’s life in 2011, he would have more than likely woken up and eventually been able to make his way wherever he had been heading.  I don’t believe it was seizure related for those reasons either.

Given all that I’ve written above, it sums up to say that I don’t believe Prince died from “the flu”.  I believe that while he may have had the flu, it was used as an excuse to the public for the forced landing his plane made that night a week or so before his untimely and sudden death.  With what little we do know (trust worthy or not), is appears that he likely was given an antidote dose of Narcan/Naxolone for a prescription narcotic/opiate pain relief med that he’d taken too much of accidentally to get out of pain or, had possibly become addicted to.  After all,  he had just been on stage prior to this emergency landing in Illinois so, his pain factor would have been great.  I do believe that Prince died from a complication or perhaps, an accidental over dose of pain meds and couldn’t reach his home stash of Narcan/Naxolone in time, dying, alone, in that elevator.  Police did say that they couldn’t comment on whether or not they had taken something from Prince’s estate during their early investigation nor, would they be able to say what it was as there was an ongoing investigation.  Translate that into, “yes, something was taken” from my personal opinion only. They didn’t however, (in conjunction with the chief medical office’s agreeance) feel that there was foul play or suicide involved and neither do I.

I think that they already have a fairly good insight into what ended Prince’s life on a surface level with what they know already but, of course, it won’t be certain until the rest of the autopsy results are in, including the famous toxicology report to see what medication was in Prince’s system.

Sadly, from my little corner of life right at this moment, I feel that Prince was the victim of  a number of factors.  His hip pain, his refusal of surgery, his acceptance of possibly addictive pain meds instead, his religion and religious beliefs that possibly caused him to forego surgery to correct that issue in fear of a transfusion, his own privacy insistence, his pride, his stubbornness and seeming sheer determination and more than anything, Prince, being Prince.

We, as Joe/Jane Q. Public, may never find out the truth behind Prince’s death.  We may be given a lovely, neat, tied with a bow, explanation that will appear acceptable and have to suffice but, we may never know for certain.  In the meanwhile, Prince’s only full-blooded sister, is seeing to it that his estate is being taken care of and, according to news reports at this moment, he died unbelievably, intestate (without a will) which means that his entire fortune will be left open to Tyka and his half siblings to be divided.  From all that has been said, Prince had a net worth in the several hundreds of millions of dollars.  That means that there’s likely at least $100,000,000.00 each with more coming in by the day as his record sales soar posthumously.  That should be plenty to go around, one would hope but, don’t be surprised to see a potential court battle ensue and no one get a cent for a few years to come.  We will likely be able to see family and other’s greed, not including the IRS who also battled with Michael Jackson’s estate.  Good luck to all of them.  I’m glad it’s not my battle but, Tyka seems fit for a battle beyond all battles and is on the ball.

Rest In Peace, Prince.  Let the world fight it out now.  While much has been made about you writing your memoirs as a “sign” that you knew death was imminent, I’m sure that you didn’t.  Well…at least, not in my little corner of life.







Is Gilmore Girls Returning To The Small Screen?

Are they or aren’t they?  Is it true?  Is the famed mother-daughter-love story show,  Gilmore Girls getting a re-boot by both Warner Brothers and Netflix?  Those are the questions swirling through the net and, for those of us who were devoted fans of the beloved show, hearts.

gilmore girls

In October of 2015, rumours ran rampant that Netflix was going into talks with WB over the possibility of a revival of the show that ended far too soon and abruptly in 2007.  It lacked a proper ending to the series and still held a lot of material for a much longer series.  Unfortunately, the writer of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino had been in a contract dispute with WB’s and the series was wrapped up, having the final season written by someone else.  It stunk, for lack of a better and more succinct way to phrase that.  It fell short on all levels with everything from a dropped set of story lines through to the death of a much beloved and cherished show that television needed and wanted more of.  The rumours remain just that, rumours and, fans are stuck on finding tidbits of info that they can spin into proof that there is reality and hope there of the show returning to the small screen.

During a 2015 June reunion, a good chunk of the original cast, got together on stage to answer questions and re-hash the show in every facet.  Sherman-Palladino stated that the show couldn’t hold up in today’s world so, she wouldn’t consider any further writing nor, entertain any idea of the possibility of a re-boot.  Just months later, the rumours began to swirl (from where, is anyone’s guess and perhaps, just wishful thinking) sending former fans wild with delight.  What’s that saying tv execs?  Netflix and WB…are you listening to the words that are coming out of our fingers?

Listen, if they can resurrect Full House to Fuller House, they can bring back anything.  Not that I didn’t love that show at the time but, I can’t see that it was more wanted as a return show nor, can I see it as more viable to withstand today’s standards than I can see Gilmore Girls being made relevant to today’s standards.  Heaven only knows that we’ve had to endure The Kardashians, Real House Wives, Say Yes To The Dress, The Flash, more cop and crime shows than the world can handle and, supernatural shows as well as ghost hunting sleuth-mediums.  If they can survive, there’s a place for Gilmore Girls re-booted.

To date, there’s still no official word as to whether they will or won’t bring this show back or, whether this was a fan-based, wishful thinking rumour that started on the net somewhere and has snow-balled.  One thing is for sure, there’s certainly a want out there for it.

So, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Netflix, Warner Brothers et al, if you’re not truly thinking of re-booting Gilmore Girls, can you not see the reality behind the want for it across the net and in fan groups all over the world?  What are you waiting for?  There’s more than plenty of viewers out here.  Most of all, not just for 4 ninety minute movie length episodes but, for a full and total re-start of the series in which you can modernize it as well.  Want ideas?  We all have them.

Here’s hoping that there’s reality behind these rumours and we’ll all soon be parking our rears each week to watch the show as we once did.  After all, American Idol is finally ending and from my little corner of life, you can bet you’ll most definitely have the audience for far more than  just 4 movie-length episodes, if in fact that is truth and not simply a rumour.  Here’s to hoping and…maybe a bit of praying.  We’re all wondering what’s taking you so long to confirm this or, deny it.  If you are going to deny it, the question so many fans would like to know is….are you stupid?  We’re here, waiting and ready!



Harry Connick Jr Is Keeping American Idol Alive

Harry Connick Jr. brings a breath of fresh-air to American Idol and revives ratings with his humor.

Harry Connick Jr. brings a breath of fresh-air to American Idol and revives ratings with his humor.

Let’s face it, American Idol has taken a nose-dive in the ratings department over the past few years with many of its former fans, bailing on the ailing show.  With FOX and Idol executives scrambling to find fixes for the show’s lack luster performance, they’ve done everything from re-formatting the show to paying out huge sums of money to bring judges to the table who simply didn’t have the right chemistry together.  More often than not, egos got in the way and the tensions ran so high that people were turned completely off of watching the rest of the season.

Enter Harry Connick Jr., a crooner who not only has the goods himself but, seems to bring the judge’s table together and lights the air with a breath of fresh air in his both, bluntness and humorous escapades while in the judge’s chair.

As a former Idol die-hard fan, it was a struggle to watch the show after former Idol judge, Simon Cowell left the show for what he believed would be greener pastures (which all failed miserably) and finally turning off the show completely after a couple of episodes of watching the likes of Niki Minaj and diva, Mariah Carey totally ruin the show with their ego lit cat fights.

In 2014 when the powers that be behind Idol decided to dump the panel, including “The Dawg”, Randy Jackson, the sole original judge who had out-stayed his welcome on the show and replace the panel with singer, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., curiosity got the better of most of us who hoped that the show could be revived by this change.  It didn’t totally disappoint but, lacked luster still somewhere that I, personally, cannot point out and again, interest was lost.

This year, Connick seems to be bringing more of his humor than his harsh, Cowell Wannabe attitude and that seems to be making a difference for the better.

Connick seems to ignite the flames of interest in never knowing what he and Urban will do next.  The humorous stunts and attitude give the show not only a light feel to it with a great deal of entertainment value but, also brings the spotlight back to the contestants, something that the show is supposed to be about but, had been taken away by poor choices in judges on the panel and bad chemistry between them.

Kudos to Connick for his sense of proportion and fun-loving antics that don’t detract from the contestants but, add to the entertainment of both the contestants and the viewers.

While Idol may still be lagging behind its competition in “The Voice”, aired between September and December, it’s certainly seemingly being given a boost by Connick and Urban’s sense of balanced humor.  J-Lo is simply a pretty, giggling face that doesn’t clash but compliments the two men’s humorous escapades.

Bravo to FOX and Idol execs.  They’ve found a balance that will hopefully, revive the nearly half-dead show this season if it continues as it’s going thus far.
At least, that’s the way that I am seeing things from my little corner of life.

Renee Zellweger Aged By Cosmetic Procedures

A picture paints a thousand words or, at least they say.  In Actress, Renee Zellweger’s case, this may actually be true.

Renee Zellwegger, aged by plastic surgery?

Renee Zellwegger, aged by plastic surgery?

For some celebs, plastic cosmetic procedures and surgery have offered them a more youthful look.  Others have had total disasters where they end up looking grotesque or like some sort of alien creature.  Renee Zellweger seems to have turned the hands of time forward, aging her years beyond her 45 current chronological age.  One look at the photos above, tell that story quite clearly, without words.

I have hated my own “hooded eyes” for a good portion of my life.  It’s gotten worse as age and gravity have done their own work on them.  I’ve often thought about getting some sort of lift procedure whereby my upper lids have been de-bulked, giving me the look of having some sort of crease or socket.  That temptation has been held back by the sheer cost of such a procedure and now, having seen what it’s done to Zellwegger.

I’ve always been a fan of Renee.  To me, she has “it” not only as an actress but, as a seemingly genuine person.  The Bridget Jones’ Diary famed Zellweger seemed to have had it all so, it’s made me wonder why such a beautiful young woman, inside and out, would have gone to do what it is that she’s had done to herself.

It appears that she’s had several different procedures done but, the biggest seems to be in her eyes or, better put, the windows to her soul.  The 45-year-old actress now appears much older by virtue of the look of her more recently altered eyes.  She’s barely recognizable let alone, pretty.

Besides rather sunken looking eyes, she has let her eyebrows grow thick, un-plucked/coiffed as well as seemingly, not caring about her hair.  It’s as though she almost wants to look much older than her chronological age but, why?

Sources say that the actress was falling victim to the belief that she would garner more roles from Hollywood if she altered her appearance.  My bet is that it hasn’t been the Holy Grail to further stardom for her nor, has it been flattering to her personally.  As a matter of fact, I’d wager a bet that she has actually lost roles because of her latest surgical procedures.

In looking at Zellweger now, I can barely recognize her and don’t really wish to.  I have learned one thing though.  I will not be having my own hooded eyes done.  Having seen this woman’s results, I will keep myself as I am thank you very much.

In trying to perfect yourself, you can sometimes make yourself worse.  Stay how you are and love yourself as you are and you’ll be better off.

At least, that’s how I see things from my little corner of life.