You Don’t Know Me From My Writing


Why is it that a blog writer can write piece after piece on all sorts of topics and get no comments, likes or attention however, when there’s a piece that someone disagrees with, there will be comments.  I mean COMMENTS, half or better which are unfit for other human eyes and need to be deleted or dumped into the trash bucket. Poor trash bucket.

There’s a game that bloggers play it seems. They tend to like one another’s blog without having read more than half to one entry.  Sometimes, they don’t read a word.  It’s like an advertising campaign to get another blogger to like their blog in return.  These are not the people I’m talking about here.  They rarely leave nasty comments, if any response at all because that’s not who they are or what they are about nor, why they are around in the first place.  The ones that I’m referring to, are those who have used a search engine to find information, find a piece in a blogger’s blog and proceed to insult the writer.  Oftentimes, the comments are so raunchy that they cannot be approved for the public to read.

In the nearly 5 years now that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve learned to become a bit more bold in what topics I write about.  Most of my pieces are of the “Opinion” category which technically means that I’m writing my own thoughts and opinions on a topic that either someone else has brought up with me during a week, some news story or perhaps, simply a personal experience that has evoked both thoughts and emotions in me enough to write about them. In other words, my blog is what has been inspired by something or someone who gives me the impetus to write something on it and, even though I have often researched facts for the piece, it’s written from the perspective that I, personally have derived from that topic and those facts or experiences.

When I write something, it’s because I have a) researched the topic and written the piece with what is known at that time about the matter I’ve written about or, b) it’s purely personal opinion or experience.  None of them are invitations for personal insults nor, the type of pathetic comments that I have had to trash because they would cause my blog to become an X-rated place.

The saddest thing of all is that none of the insulting commenters have read many or perhaps, any of the other hundreds of pieces that I’ve written.  They judge me according to the one or two pieces or the singular topic that they’ve chosen to read.

Let me get one thing perfectly straight to those who have comments like that.  Yes, this is the internet and you are somewhat protected behind your computer screens in saying whatever you wish to say.  However, take note that you do NOT know me because you’ve read a piece or two that I’ve written on a topic that you have had interest in reading.  You may think that because of your anonymity behind the net that you’re feeling freer to say what you want to say, let me assure you that I can also see through you with your comments especially, the horrific comments that I’ve had to trash.  Intelligence levels are showing when a commenter decides to defer to personal insults and attacks or crude and rude comments.

Before someone goes off into those types of comments on a post or subject, I invite you to read other pieces I’ve written first.  I can pretty much tell which of the rude or insulting commenters have read what pieces and why they are resorting to such low-level comments or personal attacks.  If they have read more than the one piece and commented on one or more with vulgar or thoughtless statements, they have tied or connected one to another of similar topic or content and think that they know me as a person to attack or simply because it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen bravely insulting the writer.

From my little corner of life, don’t look now but, for those types of commenters, you have shown yourself and painted a picture of who you are that I and others can see right through.

Have a wonderful day and remember…you don’t know me because you’ve read one of my blog pieces.



Message To Ralph Smart/Infinite Waters Diving Deep Lovers Who Send Me Infantile Comments


I get tons of comments every day on the pieces that I’ve written about Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep).  Most of it is “hate mail” and a lot of it is so raunchy, poorly worded, taunting or plainly infantile trash that I deleted them because it’s not fit for human eyes or minds.

First things first.  If you’re that passionate about Smart and his videos, by all means, go watch them.  I’m not stopping you, am I?  If I am, then it’s because you’re already questioning his videos and motives, yourselves.  However, I can say that judging by the types of comments that I have to trash every day, not many of his faithful watchers seem to be getting his messages. The kinds of hate, anger and less than spiritual type of comments being sent are not at all what is being preached by Smart.  You are obviously not getting him or his messages and it is showing clearly in these types of comments.  If you write to me with raunchy, hate-filled or even taunting style comments, I trash them.  I don’t even finish reading them myself.  You’ve wasted your time.

Secondly, for those who would love to think that my pieces on Smart are because I “want to be like him”, am “jealous” of him or, would “love to make the money he’s making”, think again and re-read my pieces on him. You obviously didn’t get my points either nor, do you know what my life is about, how much money I have or what else I do, do you? Again, it’s like a dog barking up a wrong tree.  Most of all, had you read anything of the hundreds of pieces that I’ve written, you’d recognize that Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters Diving Deep, is nothing but a passing fancy.  I’ve written more about Malaysian Airline MH370 having gone missing and, or Gilmore Girls than I have about Ralph Smart.  What is clear though, is that these types of commenters, have not read anything else that I’ve written in the nearly 5 years that I’ve been writing this blog. These commenters come in here because they’ve done a search for Smart and found this blog amongst search results.  That’s all that they’ve read.  End of story.

However, let’s get down to brass tacks here.  If these types of commenters have done a search for Smart on Google or whatever search engines they’ve used, they are seeking further information about him, themselves.  The question of “why” is moot but, in reality, I suspect it’s that they, themselves are questioning something about Smart in one way or another.

Lastly, I want to stress this one final time.  I used to be a Ralph Smart Junkie.  I watched his videos until I couldn’t see straight in binge watching style.  Like many others, I lapped them up and couldn’t get enough of them…that is….until he became too “New Age-y” for my liking and started going offside with his method of “helping you” and messages.  He’d found a way that appealed more, got him more viewers/subscribers and went off track with it all. I also realized that a lot of his newer videos were re-cycled materials from either his own, older videos (oftentimes, word for word, re-taped) or, could have come out of the fingers of any New Age writer.  The only difference is, he’s speaking his words and judging by the level of maturity that a lot of the grunge commenters have used in their comments, I’d say that watching a Youtube video is the best that some of these minds can comprehend.  I’d highly doubt that there’s a book out there that they’ve actually read which might lend them more help than Smart’s videos give to them.

Let me make one final point here in summing this up.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no different than any other “Spiritual Guru” out there who professes to know the meaning of life to some extent or another.  Like many people of the 80’s, Smart is looking for a way to make a living without having to work a 9 to 5 job and he’s doing it on your minds and brains.  He’s not out to “cure your ills” as tempting as it may be to believe that because he puts out ten to a dozen videos a week or so, for free.  He’s out to make you spend your money on buying his books, his cd’s, his ridiculously priced sessions which go undefined in content.  He’s selling you something whether you believe it or not.  He’s good at it.  He’s found a marketing ploy and he’s using it.  I saw that a long time ago when he started into manifesting and opening your pineal gland in his videos.  That was quite the change from the so-called, “psychologist’s” roots that he began with which, by the way, I am still waiting for someone to prove to me, with solid citations that Smart is indeed a registered psychologist.  There’s none to be found.  The most I could find is an honours B.A. in psychology, split with criminology.  If he’s a psychologist, so am I then.

Please believe whatever it is that you wish to believe about Smart.  Continue watching his videos until your brain explodes because he’s going to keep producing them until he finds a new hook to make money.  No, I don’t want, envy, love or want to be like him in any fashion.  I have a job that earns me enough to be quite comfortable and I enjoy.  This blog is nothing to me but a hobby and, if you are going to spend the time to make a comment that has an infantile or raunchy message to me about Smart, don’t waste your time because those types of comments are simply tossed into the trash bin of this blog’s panel while I chuckle at how well Smart has done with his audiences and messages.  Perhaps, you haven’t tried his Seven Day Vegan Challenge yet and need to?

From my little corner of life, these types of commenters need to get a life of their own and become their own person.  Quit relying upon a cultist like Smart and get on with real life.  Most of all, don’t waste your time on sending me infantile comments or messages.  I consider those who do that type of thing, “Trolls”.

Love, Light and Blessings

Just One of Those Blogging Blah Days

I’m sure every blogger has them.  They’re the days when everything in your life seems like someone pulled the plug out of the bathtub of your life and everything is draining out yet…you don’t have a clue on what to write about that won’t scare off any readers, bore them to tears of have them wondering if you belong in a psychiatric ward, doped on heavy medications.

Yup…I’m having one of those days….months, really.

To make matters worse, it seems that out of everything that I’ve written, Tom Cruise and his marriages seem to be the highest read entries, making everything else seem like a total waste of time and breath.  I’m kind of wishing at this moment that my blog was purely about Tom Cruise.  Problem is, I don’t know the guy or anyone who knows him so the scoops, dishes and dirt on him are as much a mystery to me as they are to everyone who Googles “Tom Cruise” in search of everything they can find out about him.

Really, what do we need to know about Cruise that’s all that fascinating?  He’s had 3 marriages, ruined them all because of his Scientology religious affiliations (where they were using him to begin with as he was a big name that brought attention to the practises of the “church”). His first marriage to Mimi Rogers, who by the way, introduced him to Scientology as her father was part of it.  She was raised on its teachings and the marriage ended by the church’s interference.  That’s how he met Wife number 2, Nicole Kidman.  The church saw to it that Cruise’s philandering ways were heading down the path of meeting Kidman and making her, Wife Number Two. That marriage ended when Cruise’s Scientology involvement became too much for her to deal with and, likely…for other reasons as well.  He has children with his second wife, actress, Nicole Kidman that he’s inducted into the Scientology Hall of Fame and, another child with young actress, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise…who is terribly spoiled for all intents and purposes and not indoctrinated into the church as mom, Katie, wouldn’t hear of it happening.

Did I say that he’s crazy?  Ok, well…he is. …but, I’ll let you be the judge in this video where he goes off into a rant.  If you can tell me what he’s talking about, please translate for me in the comment section.  I don’t speak Alien.  By the way, if you’re interested in a good laugh, this might be a better video to watch.  It’s a spoof of Cruise’s rant and well done.  There’s actually a few of them.

As a sidenote, rumour has it that Cruise has a “new love”.  Emily Thomas is seemingly, a Katie Holmes “look-a-like” and yes, only 22 years old.  Yes, the now, 54 year old actor seems to like them young.  Maybe, he thinks he’s Noah and going to re-populate the church on his own?  Who knows what runs through the man’s head?  Do we really want to know what runs though his head at all?  Worst of all, who knows what runs through any woman’s head who wants to be with him?  Well, besides money and fame, that is.  However, when they try getting out of the church or the church wants them out, they either have a difficult time of it or, their marriage is meddled with, along with their heads, until they’re running for the hills and keeping their mouths shut.  Mum’s the word, it seems.


With that now off of my chest, I digress back to blogging and the effort that it takes to write something coherent and interesting.  I’m in a slump at the moment.  Really, I should stay away from the stats page where I can see the searches that people do and what they are looking for while doing them.

By the way, yes you can eat dessert and lose weight.  I know that’s another popular search many people do.  Type it into the search bar and my piece will come up.  While you’re at it though, would you take a look at some of the other of the pieces that I’ve written?  It might boost my morale for writing a tad again.  Oh yes…and let me know what you think on any of the pieces.  After all, there’s more to this life than Tom Cruise and his marriages.  At least…that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.





Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell On Adele, Desserts Are Highest Read Entries

There are weeks when you can sit down and write blogs until they come out of your ears only to have readers, searching for the same blog entry topics over and over again.

Do you want to know what the highest read topics are?

  1. Who were Tom Cruise’s wives?
  2. Why does Simon Cowell hate Adele
  3. How to lose weight while eating dessert


I get that Tom Cruise is still a big deal to some people even though he’s insane most of the time.  However, does it really matter anymore who Cruise was married to?  He’s lost all of his marriages in divorces because of his affiliation with Scientology and his lunacy over that religion.  It’s doubtful that the man will find another woman that will stay with him after all of that now.  Mind you, there’s women who want to and do, marry murderers in prisons so, I guess anything is possible.

Simon Cowell, hating Adele.  Well, there’s no big mystery there really.  First of all, he doesn’t “hate her”.  I’m sure he isn’t liking the over-play her songs get and all sound exactly the same….whining about lost love, separations, desperation and crying over those losses.  Her voice grates on me now and I can’t tell the difference between one song and the other except when it starts off with “Hello….it’s me….”.  By the tone in her voice, we all know it’s her and that’s she’s going to cry over spilled milk in a relationship again.  If there’s any doubt as to Simon Cowell hating Adele and why…it’s for that reason alone.

Losing weight while eating dessert is not rocket science.  Take your daily calories, divide them into your 3 meals and allot a calculation for each dessert then, move more.  You can have your cake and eat it too.

That all being said, I’ve written about some fairly serious news topics and events, poured out my heart on many different topics and even been quite controversial with my opinions at times.  More than anything, I think I could stop writing entries and people would still be searching for and reading what I’ve written 2 or 3 years ago and no one would notice that I haven’t written an entry for awhile.

Meanwhile, I have a hole burning through my brain on Prince’s death so, excuse me if I end this entry here and do some more research for my next piece.


Bloggers Beware…

I recently wrote a blog review about two weight loss online programs. I had tried both, personally and was attempting to give my review of both as I get a lot of search engine visits to my blog because of a previous piece that I wrote about losing weight while eating dessert.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Powers That Be in WordPress, looked upon my blog entry as an advertisement of some kind for one or the other of these programs and suspended my blog for three days.

I neither work for either of the companies that I was reviewing nor, was I getting any sort of compensation in any form from either one. I was simply comparing two online weight loss methods that I, personally had tried, along with the pros and cons to both from my own experiences.

The bottom line Fellow Bloggers, is that it’s prudent to be extremely careful in how you word your blog entries if you are doing a review. It may be misconstrued as a violation of WordPress Terms of Use…or that of any other blog provider.

And, by the way, I never did receive an answer as to why my blog was suspended. I had to guess at it and still haven’t received an answer. It’s simply back up, without explanation.

Be careful in how you word your entries so as not to fall into the “gray category” of misunderstandings or you could lose your blog and heaven knows, it takes time to write them. It’s hard to see them down and inaccessible when it’s avoidable.

Losing Weight Online Review

Weight Watchers has been around forever.  It’s a sane, sound weight loss system that doesn’t need any introduction to most of us, struggling to lose weight.  It has a sound track record that goes back decades and promotes a healthy way of living versus a diet.

As with most things nowadays, Weight Watchers no longer requires you to go to meetings in order to be with the program as they’ve taken it online.  However, it’s not free.  Actually, it’s rather costly for what it is, in all reality.  It’s an online program that you follow on your own, keeping your own weigh-ins and measurements and exercise tracking on your own.

While one can see the costs in up-keeping data space and web design costs, it’s a little dubious as to why it is so costly when there is a perfectly wonderful online program that works on the same basis but, can be either free or a paid account…both of which are far less costly.

If you’ve never heard of this site before, it’s called “Spark People” and happens to be one of the best online weight loss programs that I’ve encountered thus far.

With the free program, you get all of the same trackers and more as Weight Watchers provides as well as a few extras.  You also get discussion forums and the ability to connect with others who are also aiming for the same goals that you’re trying to obtain.

If you’re 50 and over and want to meet other 50 and overs, trying to lose weight and get healthier and into a healthier lifestyle, there’s a board and group for that goal.  If you can name it, there’s a discussion on it and if you can’t find it, you can start it.

Spark offers your own trackers or, it will supply a meal menu for you with your own adjustable menu items.  It tells you how much you’ve had in a day and how much more you can have, without going over your limit.  You set the limit of how fast you want to lose and they do the calculating for you as to your particular weight, goal, speed, exercise ability, lifestyle etc..  It’s really all encompassing for free.

While Weight Watchers has developed the Points System, Spark operates on a calories level.  Not much of a hassle or difference and honestly, having come from an age where calories are what we went by, it seems far easier to know the caloric value, fat levels etc., than to figure out points.  Try going to McDonald’s and finding the point value for Weight Watchers food counts.  You’ll get their charts with the caloric value as well as all of the other stats but, you won’t find Weight Watcher’s points values.  You’ll have to pay for their charts to factor how many points you’re about to eat.

Some very eye-opening knowledge can come from counting calories versus points.

Did you know that you can have a grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds for less calories than one of their dinner salads (using their dressing)?  Wouldn’t you think it would be the opposite way around?  Check out their website to find out for yourself.  It blew my mind to realize that.  I also realized that it’s ok to have a McDonald’s apple pie with my tea and not blow my calorie balance for the day.

I was astounded to go find out that ordering a toasted bagel in Tim Hortons was more calories (almost double) than having a jelly filled donut and, we don’t want to talk about the muffins.

Looking at caloric values can make you think smarter and be more aware that what you thought “should” be better for you, actually isn’t.  Whereas, with a points system, you’re still not sure where you stand because not many places will post Weight Watchers points values but, pretty much all major restaurant chains have a website where their food values are posted…especially, fast food chains.

Would I put Weight Watchers down?  Absolutely not!  It’s a sound and well researched, time honored and healthy way to lose weight.  However, it can bite into your wallet if you don’t have extra cash laying around month by month/week by week.  This is where Spark can come in and keep you on track, without the cost.  Of course, they will also offer you a Premium account, which does cost but, thus far, the free version has done well for me and a few others that I know who are now trying it out.

Take a look for yourself and see what suits you best.  Both are wonderful, sane, healthy and lifestyle changing methods to a healthier, slimmer, fitter you.

Best of luck!

Plagiarism Is Illegal: Pope Benedict XVI Post Stolen

They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but, plagiarism is not.  It’s theft and it’s illegal.

Unfortunately, my most recent post, “Is Pope Benedict XVI A Rebel” has been plagiarized.  It’s been re-posted in its entirety, word for word, photo by photo, into what seems to be some sort of site that captures and posts anything written with the word “pope” in its tags/title.  That also includes designers and other articles/sites that have nothing to do with the pontiff.

The plagiarizing site “” may be operating out of some type of software that automatically copies blog posts, articles or site content that comes across an RSS Feed with the keyword “Pope” in it and automatically posts the entire article or post with a link-back to the originating site/blog. 

This is not to be considered a “ping-back” as the entry has been copied in its entirety, not just a portion of it and, the link-back as a “source” is not considered a “source link” but, rather a total plagiarized version of the original article.

I have given the site operators/owners 24 hours to remove my article from their site.  If they do not comply with my request, I will be contacting DMCA and having this pursued further.

There was no request from the site to re-post my blog with a back link nor, was there any follow-up communication from the owner.  There are many other’s works who have had their pieces stolen on this site as well.

I urge all bloggers to keep track of their entries.  Stay vigilant because you never know who is stealing your hard thought-out words for their own purposes.

This is not flattery.  This is theft and it is illegal.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this entry plagiarized as well since it contains the word, “pope” in it….which will also prove that this is an automated steal.