Malaysian Prime Minister Screws Up Again As Flaperon Found Not From MH370


Insiders in the France led investigation into missing Flight MH370 have leaked out that French investigators in Toulouse, France had finished their technical examination of the flaperon found, washed up on Reunion Island in July 2015 and there is no technical link to it and the 18 month missing Boeing 777 plane known as MH370. There was only circumstantial links.

This piece of information flies in the face of Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak’s proclamation in early days of the investigation that it was indeed from MH370, proving that the plane had indeed gone down into the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers and crew, dead.

Razak’s announcement came prematurely as the investigators in Toulouse, France would only say that it was a flaperon, part of a wing and came from a Boeing 777 plane but, stopped short by saying that there was a strong suspicion that it could have come from MH370 given the circumstantial knowledge that it was part of a Boeing 777, in a possibly correct location and that no other 777 had been deemed as missing.  Razak was the only one who rushed to make a grim, premature and false news release, stating that it was from MH370.

This wasn’t the first time that Razak has made such a leap to judgement and his ensuing rush to deem the plane as having crashed into the ocean with everyone on board, dead.  He made the same announcement only days into the initial search phase, rattling families of the missing passengers and crew as well as the world.  He later had to recant that statement through pressure from family members and lack of any evidence, proving such a claim.

It’s been stated by many within the airline industry that plane pieces are often changed by mechanics with airlines for differing reasons.  This specific part was reported to have shown no signs of having been ripped off in a violent manner such the alleged plane crash.  Razak then, turned his story into one that included his own hypothesis that the plane had made a “soft landing” onto the water’s surface and had sunk as a whole.

Secondly, we have the fact that while no other 777 had been reported as missing, the fact that these parts do get changed by airline mechanics and can be gotten ahold of, means that there is the possibility that someone had wanted that found on Reunion or, it went missing off of a boat of trash like so many other items have done amongst what is considered, ocean garbage.  Adding to that is the fact that Reunion has at least 2 airports which service and run public, commercial flights.  Is it not possible that parts for Boeing 777 planes, new and used, are stock-piled in one or both of those airports?

Thirdly, we can look back at the finder of the plane part, Johnny Begue, an island beach cleaner, that he was looking for a rock to use as a grinder for chilis when he came across the find at 8:45 a.m. that morning, having started at 7:00 a.m..  He told media that he first thought to bring the plane piece onto a grassed in piece of land and “plant flowers around it”.  Why?  It’s anyone’s guess but, he later apparently, turned his story into one of heroism where he knew it must be a crashed plane and he wanted to be respectful.  However, he told reporters that he thought about it and later decided to call a local radio station about the find.  Again, the question of “why call a radio station”, begs to be answered.  Begue later stated that he hoped he’d “get a medal” for his find.

One need only be reminded that Reunion has a high poverty and unemployment rate amongst its residents.  Bringing an international media spotlight to the tiny island and Begue himself, was not exactly one of wonder or amazement.

What is, however, amazing is that yet again, Malaysian Prime Minister Razak has been quick to leap the gun and declare the plane as part of the floor of the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers dead so many times and after his government as well as Malaysian Airlines had screwed up this missing plane’s saga so badly from the moment it signed off and shut down all communication systems through until it was deemed as missing even when it had re-crossed the Malaysian peninsula and flew for hours more, way out of its track and over the tip of Indonesia.

France is now also handling a criminal investigation case as 4 of the plane’s 239 passengers and crew were French and it is widely believed that the plane was intentionally taken with communication devices, seemingly manually and maliciously turned off right after the plane had signed off from Malaysian ATC towers and was to be handed over to the next in line.  The plane never made contact again.

What is he, his government and Malaysia Airlines covering up?

That is the question that runs through my mind from My Little Corner of Life.

Knowing When To Hold Or Fold Them When It Comes To Friend’s Problems

There are times when we all will have to choose between keeping a friendship and letting it go.  It shouldn’t be this way and normally, it isn’t but there are times when a friend gives you no choice but to accept that there is no choice and either way, can lead to an issue. The only question that remains is which one will leave your self-respect intact?


I am far more emotionally sensitive and have tried to be more helpful than I should be or is healthy for me to be. I’ve had more than enough experience in “people pleasing” and I’ve often been left hurt because of it.  It’s left me thinking about the lines between being helpful to someone else and being destructive to self.  Where is that line?

I’m no saint and I don’t pretend to be one. My halo is not a glowing gold and I certainly don’t have the wings of an angel but, I have prided myself on my ability to recognize a friend in need, doing everything that I can to help them out of any and all pain, if humanly possible.  I cannot stand to see people in pain.  I therefore, empathize myself into and out of a lot of energy loss and heartbreak because of it.

I recently had an issue with a long time, net friend.  She’s been in and out of personal troubles, more often than not, as a result of her own poor choices.  In spite of that, I have always tried to step in and help when she wants me to do so.  I have rarely ever refused her any help that I could possibly give her, even if it could only be a shoulder and an ear for hours on end, day after day.

However, this time came to a point where I could clearly see that her current trouble was multi-faceted and clearly due to her own mistakes as well as control issues that she has had in her own life.  It was at that point that I recognized that no good could come from me wading into this mess to bail her out as I would usually have done with her.  The price tag would have been far too great a drain on my own self-respect, energy and time.  Not only that but, my efforts wouldn’t have worked in this scenario because the issues involved were created by her own poor choices, needs and internal predicaments that she’s kept herself under.

As hard as it is to do, we sometimes need to let others fall and not feel the need to dust off their behinds for them.  Sometimes, people need that bruising with which to learn what is needed to be learned. By constantly stepping into it all, it would be akin to depriving them of perhaps, a learning experience.  This is where I decided to step aside this time.

Was I right?  I’m not sure yet.  I do know that by not leaping in to the murky waters this time to save her, I angered her.  Yet this time, I also recognized that had I continued on with trying to help her, I also would have stepped into a role that was not mine to step into nor, one that was helpful to her or me.

While I have incurred the wrath of her upset at my lack of being The Calvary this time, I somehow, deep down inside, knew that standing back was the right thing for me to do, for her sake and mine, whether she sees it that way or not and in a way, it felt relieving to have done so this time.  Her current predicament is one that she has created, expecting others to help her.  This is the one time that I stood back and saw that either way, helping or not helping, it wasn’t healthy for either one of us and would have led to the end of our friendship anyway. Either way, I was going to lose something.

I have no clue where this is all going to end up but, I do know that for at least this time, I grew a thicker skin and didn’t let my usual patterns rule my actions. I refused to allow a friend’s poor choices affect my life this time and that felt good.

As they say, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.  It’s hard to please others but, really easy to tick them off. I may have lost a friend today but, I have gained something in return…the ability to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from My Little Corner of Life at this moment.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Changes His Story Again On Missing MH370

Searchers, looking for plane debris on Reunion.

Searchers, looking for plane debris on Reunion.

In case you’re wondering…yes, I am fixated on the plight of missing Malaysian Flight MH370 because there are so many flaws and mysteries behind its disappearance as well as Malaysia’s seeming untruthfulness or lack of action during the time it went off radar and communications well over 500 days ago now, that it can’t be ignored.  With 239 people’s lives involved and those of their family members, not knowing what happened to their loved ones as well as being distrustful of any more false reports over this mysterious disappearance, it’s hard to not think about it.

This past week brought no new revelations to the situation.  In spite of searchers from Malaysia having been sent to The Maldive Islands to look at debris that some believed might have belonged to MH370, there was no evidence of the pieces having come from MH370.  Once again, Malaysian officials deemed conclusively that they were not from the missing plane and not even plane related pieces and that MH370 lays in the Southern Indian Ocean with all 239 passengers and crew, dead.

However, more suspiciously, while French investigators in Toulouse, France, still have not conclusively deemed the Boeing 777 flaperon, found on the beaches of French run island of Reunion, to the east of Madagascar a couple of weeks ago now to be that of MH370, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak was more than eager to declare it as positively a piece of MH370 before investigators have come to that conclusive decision or even finished their investigations.

After a letter on behalf of MH370 families, saying that they were not taking the word of the Malaysian Prime Minister as gospel truth and explaining that they were highly suspicious of the Malaysian government and everyone concerned, Razak came out with his own “theory” of what happened which lends more lack of credibility to Malaysia’s story at least, in my mind.

Having said in early days that MH370 had crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean and all 239 aboard were dead, he soon recanted that statement and appeared to have bowed to pressure to show some form of empathy towards the families of the missing passengers and crew as there was no proof of the plane’s whereabouts at all, no debris, nothing.  All everyone had to go on was a set of data or satellite “pings” from a British company, called Inmarsat who admitted that their data has never been, nor intended to be used as a method of tracking a missing plane.  With some help from Australia and some math calculations, an area was deduced to have been the area that MH370 had “crashed into” and both air, surface and underwater searches began by several nations.  Nothing was found except for a lot of “ocean garbage” that is always being found.  There was no connection to the missing plane.  Not even an oil slick or a plane cushion, nothing that would indicate a plane had crashed into the waters anywhere to be found.

There were also stories that went around about the plane’s black boxes/data recorder’s batteries having been on their last legs as no one had allegedly changed them prior to flights.  It ranged to the idea that the batteries were over a year past due.  Yet, searchers picked up “pings” in what one would assume would be the beacon’s final battery days.  Hopes were raised, only to find out that the pings were possibly coming from tagged dolphins or some such nonsense type of account.

Now, some over 500 days later, a piece of 777 plane mysteriously washes up on a beach on Reunion and Malaysia leaps to make the announcement that it belonged to MH370 and offered condolences to the families of the deceased.  Families become enraged as French investigators have only said that it’s a strong possibility but, entered into air and land searches on Reunion and nearby islands for more debris with nothing found to date to tie into the wing part.

After it became more public that a 777 flaperon had not been detached from a plane via violent methods and forcing the re-thinking of the possibility that if this were to be part of MH370, it wasn’t ripped off in a huge crash style water entry, the Malaysian Prime Minister has now started his own theory that the plane had made a soft, gliding landing on the water’s surface with one or two people alive still and slowly sunk to the bottom whole.

The more Razak opens his mouth, the worse he makes things for himself it seems.

One cannot help but wonder whether French investigators were out searching for other possible washed up debris that might be tied to MH370 to perhaps, build more solid evidence that even if this wing part is from MH370 that it wasn’t planted as the sole piece. More debris linked to the plane, having also washed up on either Reunion or Madagascar’s shores would be more in line with the idea of what so called experts have deduced was current, tidal and wind blown influence on that piece washing up where it did, how it did and at the time that it did.  If that were true, then there should be more of the plane also coming up.  It’s not thus far.  That would mean that most thinking people would ask why not and, the only solution is for a theory such as Razak has more recently dealt the world.  It sunk whole with a soft landing.

It’s sounding more and more to me as though Malaysia knows more than it’s been saying as to what happened to MH370 and the more it tries to possibly cover it up, the deeper it digs itself into a hole and implants more suspicion upon it.

It’s been stated that these flaperons are often changed by airline mechanics and that pieces can be gotten easily.  It’s equally possible that if Malaysia knew what happened to MH370, that specific piece, being replaceable, could have been planted in the ocean or where it was found.  The mere fact that the finder, Johnny Begue, a beach cleaner, thought first to pull it ashore then, plant flowers around it but, then called a radio station first and not police, is telling.  I will let you draw your own conclusions.

What I do know and have been saying all along is that something is fishy in this plane’s disappearance.  Whether we will ever really find out or not what really happened, is still anyone’s guess.  If I am considered yet another “conspiracy theorist”, so be it.  I am not convinced that Malaysia has been or is, telling the truth of what they know…at least….that’s the way that I’m seeing things from My Little Corner of Life at this point in time and solely my personal opinions.

France Searching More Areas For Possible MH370 Debris

Kudos to France, the lead investigators in the find of what has been deemed as a “flaperon” from a Boeing 777 plane found on the French island of Reunion, just east of Madagascar.  They are daring to put pieces together more thoroughly.

While Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was quick to make what seems now like a premature statement that the plane piece belonging to a Boeing 777 jet found on the shores of Reunion a few days ago, was that of MH370, French investigators in Toulouse, France have only deemed it as a strong suspicion.  They have said that more investigation and testing needs to be done and are now searching for more debris that could be tied into a plane.

While many have claimed to have found other pieces of debris and speculated as to what parts it might be, Australian searchers have said that there is nothing that they can see that would appear to have come from a plane.

France has declared that they have no other debris at this time.

If one were a betting person, it might be a reasonable bet for French investigators to look further than one possible piece of the plane, whether or not it has been deemed as part of MH370 for multiple reasons but, not the least of which may include more proof that this piece is not just a possible “plant” or because more debris would be a more conclusive connection to the now, seeming widely accepted hypothesis that MH370 lays in a watery grave somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Reverse engineering is what seems to be being used during most of this investigation and search.  Both searchers and investigators have used unusual methods of tracing the lost plane’s potential whereabouts via satellite data pings not meant to be used to find lost planes as well as this piece of debris, tidal/current charts and back-tracking to a possible place of entry.  All of this is based on the raw and rather crude data that British satellite data service company, Inmarsat offered up early into the search for the missing plane.  With some math and tweaking, searchers, headed by Australia, have deemed an area to the west of Perth, as the resting grounds for the plane.  Several times, they have admitted that they may need more fine tuning in the area they are searching.  The latest find on the island of Reunion, now suggests that more adjustments might need to be made but, they figure that they’re in the correct area.  That could be true if this flaperon truly did come from MH370 and it’s conclusively proven that the plane did crash into the ocean.

At best, this case reads like a detective novel where the readers seem to know the ending and works backwards, employing unorthodox and formerly unused methods by which to figure it all out. It’s akin to knowing there’s been a crime but, not having much of a clue as to where it happened, why, how, who did it and no body.

Should this turn out to indeed be part of MH370, it only seems wise to not assume that one piece solves the case.  Only when tied in with more pieces that are also deemed to be part of the plane, can one fairly conclusively, assume that the plane is where searchers have assumed it to be and even that the plane had indeed crashed with all 239 passengers dead.  Beyond that, it’s all still speculation in one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation and Malaysian officials and especially, Malaysian Prime Minister Razak have some hard questions that need to be asked, requiring precise answers.  Bravo to France if this is their intentions because there have been many false leads and finds over the past 515 days now since the plane went missing.  There is much more that needs to be answered and perhaps, France is on the right track by being guarded at this point with further searches.

At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from My Little Corner of Life.

A Lot of Questions About MH370 And Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

According to Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, the debris found on the island of Reunion, just off the coast of Madagascar, conclusively belongs to the missing Boeing 777 known as Flight MH370 that went missing over 514 days ago at time of the writing of this piece.  His statement emphatically states that the plane and all 229 passengers and crew were killed with the plane resting somewhere on the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysian Prime Minister Razak delivers the premature news that MH370 is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Malaysian Prime Minister Razak delivers the premature news that MH370 is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

French and other investigators in Toulouse, France, examining what is said to be a flapperon to a 777 jet, say that while there is a strong assumption that it does belong to MH370, further testings are needed.  They have not declared it to be that of the missing plane at this point.

Razak, having over-stepped boundaries and leaping the gun to get the bad news out to families of the missing passengers and crew members, uttered these words without regard for the fact that there has been no official verdict shared by investigators in France.  This isn’t the first time Razak has made such a statement.  The first came only days and hours into the search for the missing plane after Malaysian officials had miserably failed to follow any sort of protocol and severely bungled their handling of not only a missing plane but, also in terms of having an un-identified plane crossing their airspace and doing nothing to find out what was going on or why.  They stalled on giving out reports to other nations who were calling for the details of how Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government had handled the situation or lack thereof of any proper actions.

This lands questions squarely at the reason for Malaysian government officials, wanting this whole thing to be put to bed with such zeal that it loads questions in many people’s minds as to why.  What is it that the Malaysian government knows that it’s not telling the rest of the world?  What is there to this and why are they being so quick and insistent that the plane is gone and all 239 aboard, dead?  Why do they want this to “go away”?

While Razak was busy telling the world that this was in fact, MH370 and not having it confirmed by French investigators, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, was active in putting out new conferences about other debris that had allegedly washed up on the shores of Reunion like a plane window and seat cushions, making it seem as though it was suddenly now time for these pieces to begin showing magically up on the shores.  When asked what these items were, Lai stumbled on his words.

“There are many items. I can’t itemize one by one. There are many items collected and we are sending them to France,” Lai stated at a recent press conference.

Australian officials heading up the search, countered Lai’s announcements by saying that they remained extremely skeptical saying that the additional debris found don’t even seem to be from an aircraft.

If that is the case then, it should stand to reason that Madagascar and the eastern shores of Africa should also now be seeing washed up debris pieces as dictated by models that the experts have hypothesized would be the drift of the currents and winds for that area.  Thus far, it has not.

The assumption seems to be that the piece of plane is indeed from a Boeing 777 and since there are no other missing 777 planes, it therefore, has to be from MH370.

Most certainly, it makes logical sense that if MH370 is the only plane missing/un-accounted for, then any plane part that washes up on any shore in the region it was believed to have gone down, must belong that specific plane.  However, there are so many unanswered questions about how Malaysia dealt with this case right from the moment it cut off communications, which has been admitted by Malaysia and other authorized to have been seemingly deliberately done, re-crossed the Malaysian peninsula, was detected on military radar but, nothing done about it and only many hours later, when MH370 was expected to arrive in Beijing and didn’t, did Malaysia report the plane as missing.  Several hours had gone by where no one was looking into the mysterious circumstances or the whereabouts of the plane when there was no communication from it to the hand-off tower.  Malaysian traffic controllers gave Cambodian air traffic towers false information and no one looked into it after that.

CNN “expert” Les Abend, goes on in a CNN report about how the families are traumatized and naturally, don’t want to accept the evidence as being real…especially, given the distrust that they have had with the Malaysian airlines and the government in THIS ARTICLE. 

Naturally, family members are angry.  They have been mislead by so much throughout these past some 514 days since their loved ones went missing with false reports of debris and other things like “pings” thought to be from the black boxes of the plane, laying in the ocean floor that eventually led to nothing, they have every right to be skeptical now too.  As a matter of fact, anyone with half a mind would be less than believing at this point until or unless, the entire plane has been found as proof positive.

There’s a lot of dirt under fingernail type questions that needs to be asked for good reason.  The fact that there’s no other missing Boeing 777 planes does not mean that this piece is from MH370.  Even should it be proven to belong to the missing plane, there is no real evidence that it wasn’t planted to be found as it seems that Razak is anxious to have this wrapped up and sealed as a fated flight even if searches continue for the rest of the entire plane.  Searchers have already stated that it may be years, if at all, that the plane might be found and we may never know the reason for the plane’s disappearance or what happened to cause it to go missing in the first place.  It’s akin to looking for a needle in a giant field of haystacks at this point in time.

What does stick out is the idea that nothing was found during the first few weeks of searching by air and water.  No debris, no oil slicks, nothing.  There was no signs of a plane crash for thousands of square miles found anywhere.  So, how is it that suddenly, this debris piece has beached itself without other pieces having been spotted at the beginning or now? Why has it been the only piece of the plane, if it is that of MH370?

If this piece is found to be that belonging to MH370, I still have skepticism towards the entire thing and would have to question whether the piece had been planted by some method to have washed up as it did.  There are just too many unanswered questions that are possibly indicative of dirt under fingernails, not the least of which, includes Razak’s determined eagerness to deem this plane gone and all aboard dead.

I’ll keep saying it.  Something is fishy with this entire thing and I hope that it will one day be revealed as such.

At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from My Little Corner of Life.

Waiting For Answers About Plane Piece Find On Reunion Island And A Match To MH370

As we await final forensic studies on the plane piece found on the rocky beach side of St. Reunion, the French run island to the east of Madagascar to see if it truly does belong to missing Malaysian Flight MH370, we have to wonder quite a number of things along with this discovery.

It’s being reported that Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has already made a statement that confirms that plane piece as belonging to that of MH370 while French Investigators have not yet confirmed this at the point of writing this piece. Investigators in Toulouse, France are not quite as quick as Razak to deem it as that of MH370 and said that tests on the plane part would be done on Thursday of this week.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you, an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion is indeed from MH370,” Prime Minister Najib Razak said at a brief press conference. “We now have physical evidence that … Flight MH370 tragically ended in the Southern Indian Ocean,” Razak said in a short news conference.

However, let’s remember that Razak while Malaysian authorities seemed to have under-reacted to the plane’s seeming deliberate acts of diversion and the entire missing plane saga from Day One, was very quick to announce that MH370 had gone down and all 229 passengers and crew were dead.  He later had to retract that statement as angry, grieving, shocked family members began to rally with questions and anger.

“The burden and uncertainty faced by the families during this time has been unspeakable,” Prime Minister Najib said today. “I promise you this,Malaysia will always remember and honor those who were lost onboard MH370.”

MH370 has been missing for over 500 days.  In spite of a massive air and water search, NO debris from the plane has been found, up until this latest discovery on Reunion’s shores over the weekend.  Suddenly, the tiny island, filled with poverty and relying chiefly upon tourism for its source of revenue, has been flooded with media and has become news worthy.  Most people hadn’t even heard of the island until this piece hit the news and there’s been a lot of coverage on it in the past few days.  

The beaches are now being combed and all at once, everybody and their brother, are finding pieces of things that are being thought of as possible pieces of MH370.  A bit unusual to say the least that it would happen this way but, each “find” has been making the news, bringing more and more publicity to the small tourist island and locals are gaining recognition with reporters surrounding them and writing their stories as well as filing filmed reports of their accounts.

One needs to ask themselves where all of this debris has been floating since Day 1 when searchers traveled and covered thousands of square miles of surface and found not even so much as an oil slick or trace of any debris.  Suddenly, pieces are washing up on these shores?  How can that be?  Where was it all this entire time?

They have hypothesized that the “flaperon” found on Reunion and now deemed to have come from a 777 plane such as MH370, had been floating because of air pockets within the metal encased interior.  However, that would mean that rust would have formed much more heavily over the more than 500 days since the plane went missing, were it to have been “floating” on the water until it washed up on shore.  Johnny Begue, the finder of the piece stated that there wasn’t much rust and no bolts had been rusted.  Could it be that Boeing has really done its job on paint and rust retardants?  That could be true but, it still sounds a little more than fishy at the moment and does not explain why any of this debris wasn’t spotted early on during air and water surface searches.

I’m not an expert on any of this so, it’s likely that experts could easily explain this phenomenon however, it seems rather dubious to me that the plane piece would be surfacing to be found only at this time and on that island were it to be found to be a match to pieces from MH370.   Where are the other pieces and where is that plane?  Why only now is it surfacing?  One would think that the opposite would be true.  The parts would be so water logged that it would be rather glued to the ocean floor by now through water weight, not getting lighter and just surfacing now.  Again though, experts could likely counter all that I’m postulating here.

Let me just say that no matter what turns out of this examination and whether or not this is in fact a piece of missing Malaysian Flight MH370, the fact remains that there are many questions as to how this all happened as it has not the least of which includes why it has been that Malaysian Prime Minister has always been quick to the draw to report that airline as having crashed into the Indian Ocean from only hours past the country’s very late announcement and mysterious lack of reaction that the plane had gone missing.  What did and does he know that is not being let out to the world?

Could this be a “plant” of some kind whereby, someone seeking fame or attention to the tiny island, has placed a piece of a Boeing 777 there?  Given that there are 3 airports in Reunion and pieces of planes can be gotten and are often replaced, could someone have gotten their hands on one and placed it where it would be found to raise media attention on the poverty stricken island?

Even were that not to be the case, could it be that there are those who may have been responsible in part for the plane’s mysterious and widely thought devious disappearance, placing parts of it where it was least likely to be thought to be found?  Or, perhaps searchers or the Malaysian Government itself, looking rather empty handed, trying to divert attention away from a failed search that has cost several nations millions of dollars and over 500 days without a trace, to resort to desperate measures to protect their search efforts?  Did Malaysian authorities know more and now have a piece of the plane to plant? Why has no more of the plane been found?

Let’s remember that the Malaysian authorities, did not react properly to a plane that had disappeared with 239 people’s lives at stake.  They did not follow what should have been proper protocol in seeing an un-identified plane, flying back over its airspace.  They waited hours before reporting the plane as even missing.  Did the Malaysian government know something that they’re not letting out to the rest of the world and thus, their lack of appropriate reactions and actions?

While we await full answers as to whether this plane piece, does in fact belong to the missing airliner, let’s remember that there are many questions that would also need to be answered should it be found to be part of MH370.  Not the least of which includes why Malaysia has reacted so negligently towards this missing plane.

Something is rotten in that Southern Indian Ocean and questions need to be answered no matter which way this analysis goes.  At least, that’s how I am seeing things from my Little Corner of Life.

Taming Fear And Worry Thoughts


We all have them.  They are those nagging worry thoughts that flood into our minds, causing us to react with “fight or flight” chemicals coursing through our veins.  None of us are immune to having them.  They’re the thoughts that drag us through the proverbial mud of potential fear and panic.

How realistic though, are those thoughts really and, are they really helping us?

Worry is something we can tend to do as a possible solution to what our minds cook up as potential problems.  These thoughts assume that we need to somehow counter something that could happen in the near or distant future lest we end up in trouble.  They are an attempt to foresee every imaginable and possible scenario that might occur so that we can come up with a solution before it even happens but, are they helpful in reality?

In Cognitive Therapy, the assumption is that our emotions are created by our thoughts. If we change a thought, we’ll change an emotion.

For example, let’s take a look at a possible scenario and see how thoughts might be influencing our emotions.

Two friends are about to throw a party for a mutual friend.  Both are busy with preparations for it and both were looking forward to surprising their friend.  They’ve got everything they need and are setting up the backyard with decorations and putting together tables for food and drinks.  They have everything well planned but, suddenly….Laura starts to think that perhaps, the food and drinks aren’t going to be enough.  Sarah goes on decorating and setting up, music turned on, singing while Laura, doing the same things as Sarah, is starting to get a knot in the pit of her stomach.  Her hands are going cold, her face is draining of its colour, she’s feeling herself start to shake and stops doing what she is doing.

Sarah:  What’s wrong?

Laura:  I don’t think we’re going to have enough food and drinks.  We should have gotten more of both.

Sarah:  There’s PLENTY of food and drinks here. What are you talking about?

Laura:  I don’t think so.  What if someone is lactose intolerant?  They can’t eat the pizza.

Sarah:  So…they eat the burgers or wings.  Big deal.

Laura:  What if it rains?  There’s not enough room to take everyone inside?  We should have gotten a tent!

Sarah:  There’s not a cloud in the sky and I checked the forecast last night.  There’s no rain predicted.

Laura:  Yeah, but what if it does?  What are we going to do with everybody?

Sarah:  Oh for heaven’s sake.  We’ll move it into the garage and the house.  It’s NOT going to rain!

Laura:  There’s only one washroom.  What if everyone needs it at the same time?

Sarah:  So, people wait.  What’s the big deal?

Laura:  No one will have a good time.  They can’t eat or drink or go to the washroom and we might be crowded into the garage or the house!  This is going to be a crappy party and Kathy is going to hate it!  Everyone will hate it!   No one will enjoy themselves!

Laura goes on with a plethora of negative “what ifs” and is practically curled up in a ball on the grass, totally incapacitated by the worry thoughts that she’s coming up with in abundance.  Now, even the decorations don’t look right to her, the wind has blown some of the table cloths off of the table and she’s convinced it’s going to rain and spoil everything in spite of there being no sign of rain anywhere.  She’s a mess, feeling sick and wanting to go and lay down.

Sarah on the other hand, finishes the decorating, puts out the food and drinks and greets the first guests with a happy greeting, feeling really great about the entire party.

The party goes wonderfully with everyone enjoying it except Laura who is still wracked with “what ifs” that have extended beyond food, drink and rain gone onto everything and anything.  She has become a total train wreck emotionally, unable to enjoy the party.

What was the difference between Sarah enjoying the entire process and party and Laura who couldn’t wait for it all to be over, hoping that nothing would go wrong?


Sarah’s mind went to what was going right and though she was doing just as much as Laura was, she was enjoying the whole thing from setting up and the whole party.

Laura’s mind, on the other hand, same circumstance, same surroundings, same everything, went off track to all of the frightening scenarios and caused her to become a nervous wreck and miss out on the fun that Sarah, their friend and everyone else had that night.

Two people had the same experience, same circumstances and yet both of them had very different experiences emotionally because of their thoughts.

Worry is caused by thoughts that have little, if any basis in reality except in our minds. Worry thoughts are an attempt by our minds to prevent potential issues that it thinks it can foresee as a possible issue to be dealt with ahead of that event even happening.  It is our “coping mechanism” whereby, we think that if we have a solution ready for a potential problem, we can circumvent it happening or deal with it quickly and effectively.  Oftentimes, however, this is not only an fruitless endeavour as things rarely happen as in our thoughts but, the variable that can go with it, should it happen, are not what our brains have concocted.

So, how does one at least quieten these thoughts?

Cognitive Therapy helps get to the root of those thoughts by confronting the thoughts, categorizing them and giving us the tools with which to challenge them back into reality.  It’s easily self-taught through books or your primary physician may be able to help direct you to some classes where trained therapists can teach us the tools.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things that can be done.

1) Imagine your worry thoughts, being put into a balloon and set free.  Watch it drift off into the sky and out of sight.  Let it go.

2) Write your thoughts out on paper.  Just getting them from your head to paper is a symbolic act of getting rid of those thoughts from your mind which loves to keep track of every single one of them.  Once you’ve written them out, tell yourself that you’ve jotted it down and you can therefore, leave it there and if need be, return to them when or if they do crop up.

3) Set aside a “Worry Time” for yourself.  Give yourself only a set amount of time…say 20 minutes to a half hour.  Do all of your worrying during that time then, give up.  Once your time is up for worrying, you’re done.  There’s other things to concentrate on.

4) If you have faith in a Higher Power, hand those thoughts over to that Power and let that Power deal with it, having faith that It/He/She has much more ability to deal with the “what ifs” than you do and has your best interests at heart.  Control what you can control and leave the rest up to Higher Powers.

5) Write a letter to your rather overactive imagination in your mind and send it on a vacation from worry thoughts.

Here’s one that I wrote to mine.

Dear Mind:

I know that you mean well with all of your deep thinking and worrying but, seriously…you don’t need to do this. It’s not helpful. All of your worry and upset and frightening thoughts may make you feel as though you’re “foreseeing” any and every possible catastrophe and preparing me for it BUT…in reality…you are simply making me miss out on what Life has to offer in the Good Dept..

As soon as you start bombarding me with all of the “what if” scenarios and frightening outcomes…you do nothing to help me. You simply overwhelm me into incapacity, panic, lack of logical thinking and inability to do what I need to do in other areas of my life.

You are good. You have a very vivid and good set of “problem seeking methods”. You can find problems that aren’t even there! You’re good at it. You’re also very good at making me feel as though everything is covered as you come up with scenario after scenario for me to have to come up with a potential solution for when it’s not even happening and may never. You’re equally good at building mole hills into huge mountains that seem impossible to get past.

What amazes me is that you have the ability to convince me that there’s something negative about to happen at all hours of the night and day, every day. It’s truly dumbfounding how much you have come up with over my lifetime thus far. You’re a hard worker. There’s no doubt in that whatsoever. You never take a break until I’m so exhausted that I have to shut you down. I’ll give you credit for that hard work and never stopping.

However, I must tell you that I’m unable to keep up with you and your thinking. It’s exhausting keeping up with all that you keep throwing into my lap on a constant basis. I can’t come up with solutions for everything that you throw at me. As fast as I think I can solve one thing, you’ve already tossed me ten more.

The real trouble with you is that you’re not being realistic. Only a tiny fraction of what you come up with ever happens and even if they do, there’s variables to them that you didn’t foresee that make the entire set of plans that I’ve come up with to deal with them, useless. it’s usually the things that you haven’t tossed in my direction that comes to pass. I’ve therefore, wasted a lot of energy, time and big chunks of fun that I could have been having by trying to counter the thoughts that you’ve come up with.
Thank you, Mind for being so hard working in trying to help me but, you’re driving me nuts! It’s really ok for you to go have a good long vacation and permanently stop being in over-drive. There’s really no need for you to work this hard. It’s solving nothing and only overworking both you and me.

Actually, it’s ruining my life!

Your Owner

After you’ve done these things, go do something fun and relaxing.  You’re not any further ahead by scaring yourself oftentimes, needlessly.  You’re actually behind the game and drive yourself to ineffectiveness.

If you want to have a bit more fun…leave the worry behind.  At least, that’s the way that I’m beginning to see things from my little corner of life.