Searchers Now Admit Wrong Area Was Searched For Missing Flight MH370

Searchers for missing Malaysian Flight MH370 have now declared that they’ve been looking in the wrong place all along for the plane.  It’s been reported that Australia has officially declared the searched area, off-coast of Perth, as “ruled out” now. 

After searching for 2 months in the area, going by pings they thought might have been the dying moments of MH370’s black box batteries, they’ve concluded that the pings were not those of MH370 and might have come from some other source which potentially includes other pieces of equipment or something the ocean itself produced. 

Still not giving up on the British Communications Satellite company, Inmarsat’s data, they are expecting to go back undersea with a contracted search of over 60,000 square miles but, the new search area has not been revealed yet and will come later.  However, they expect that search won’t commence until August of 2014. 

It was long since questioned in this blog, how it could be that searchers got “lucky” enough to have captured the final dying moments of the plane’s final battery life on its pingers.  The fact that there’s been no debris, no oil slicks, nothing found while searching over 4 million square miles of ocean surface, leaves a large, hanging question mark as to whether they’re even remotely close or, quite frankly, whether the plane is even in the ocean rather than on land. 

Meanwhile, Malaysia has finally handed out the Inmarsat data records.  Families of the missing passengers and crew members had been demanding that they be released as some of them had wanted to hire independent analysts to go over the data in their own investigation.  Not trusting Malaysian authorities and many of them still believing that with lack of proof of any sort of crash, their loved ones may still be alive.  At the same time, tensions between China and Malaysia have been growing steadily and the relationship between the 2 countries has become strained.  The majority of passengers on the plane were Chinese Nationals. 

Conspiracy theories are running rampant and being condemned as simply conspiracy theories.  At this point in time, it seems that any theory is just as valid as the ones that searchers have been working on and with.  One of these theories could be correct. 

It’s likely that these entries will become buried amongst many other entries before MH370 is found or, it could go via the path of Amelia Erhardt whose plane has never been found.  Moreover, it’s one of the biggest, most costly modern aviation mysteries and one not to be forgotten. 

Where is MH370?  What happened to 239 people on board?  Are they still alive somewhere?  Is there or was there a conspiracy behind its disappearance?  Have aliens taken it?  Will it show up as a missile in terrorist’s hands, having been hidden somewhere?  Will Inmarsat’s data also be proven to be wrong or bogus in line with the pings heard by searchers near Australia that they were so certain were from MH370?  We don’t know at this moment but, it appears that this case has been mishandled since the moment the plane’s flight officers signed off from Kuala Lumpur’s control. 

Or, perhaps, all of this was decided long before MH370 took off on that runway and that plane is somewhere not being searched for reasons that only a handful of people may know? 

Something is still rotten in this case but, we may not know for quite sometime, if not years or ever. 

Is MH370 Really A Mystery Or Is It The Work of Ineptness Or A Cover-Up?

“The fate of MH370 has become one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history since it vanished on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board,” it’s been said about the missing plane.

Is it truly simply one huge “mystery” with no one knowing or understanding how a Boeing 777 could just totally disappear or, are there other factors at play?

No, the world and public at large, doesn’t know where MH370 is or has been so, that makes it a mystery to most of us.  However, it didn’t need to be a total mystery had authorities been doing their jobs properly.

MH370 was like any other plane taking off that night or early morning.  It had clearance from Kuala Lumpur control towers to take off, a destination, a route path and Vietnamese control towers to be handed off to when it signed off from Kuala Lumpur’s control.  What should have been a normal “hand-off” didn’t happen and no one caught it.  That’s where the control of MH370’s whereabouts went terribly wrong and created the beginnings of the “mystery” on many levels.

At some point, it appears as though there was a plan.  Someone knew exactly what they were doing in turning off MH370’s communication’s systems (Transponder and Acars) at the point at which it was done.  Just after signing off from Kuala Lumpur control towers and, directly before it was to sign onto Vietnam’s control, those 2 systems were turned off seemingly, deliberately.  There was no further communications between the plane and either of the control towers.  Malaysia has deemed it “a deliberate act”.

It took 6 hours after the sign-off from Kuala Lumpur control towers and no further communications with any air traffic authorities anywhere in the world before Malaysia reported MH370 as missing.

In the interim, Malaysia gave out false information to Vietnam that MH370 was over Cambodian air space, knowingly or unknowingly.  It would later in time, be corrected to be saying that it was the “projected flight path” and not the real whereabouts of the plane.  That alleged miscommunication lost time right there. Either way, it’s becoming clearer that perhaps, Malaysian authorities were not acting correctly in this matter.  For what reason?  We don’t know at this point in time but, it’s clear that either Malaysian authorities didn’t know what they were doing or it’s not totally implausible given these facts, that they had reason for being so apparently, unaware and seemingly, inept.  Those facts raise questions that need answering but, have yet to be addressed without more than what appears to be contradictory excuses.

It took 17 minutes of no communication from the alleged handed-off MH370 for Ho Chi Minh to recognize that it hadn’t had any contact from the plane it was to have taken on as their watch and, finally question Malaysian authorities as to where it was.  It was then that Malaysia gave false information to Vietnam of the plane being over Cambodian air space when in fact, it wasn’t.  Again, Malaysia later excused or corrected that statement by saying it was the “projected flight path”.  That let more time slip away.

Meanwhile, Malaysian military radar had shown a plane crossing Malaysian air space that it deemed as “friendly” and likely a commercial flight.  It dismissed it.  Only on play-back, hours later, did Malaysian authorities believe it to likely be MH370 which appeared to have made the famous 170 degree turn around after disabling communications and head west, back across the Malaysian Peninsula and back out over the Straits of Malacca, travelling along way stations and well north of Penang.

The Malaysian Military Defense Minister seemingly tried to cover up what might have been a solution to the issue of the un-identified plane by saying that it “appeared to be friendly” and “we are not at war” (with anyone).  He went on to say that he did not send up military jets because they had no intention of shooting it down so, what was the sense in sending up military jets if they weren’t going to shoot it down?  Many have questioned the possibility of a military “escort” to corral the plane back and onto a possible landing strip.  Of course, that wasn’t addressed or answered either.

With contradictory statements, such as “we only spotted the plane on play-back” and “we saw it but, thought it friendly” (without explanation as to how they had deemed it “friendly”), we are left with many questions.  Some of which might include whether Malaysian military was asleep at the controls not watching the screens because they weren’t at war, were lax or, could it have been that there was reason to overlook such a happening?  Ineptitude or perhaps, looking the other way purposefully?  No one in the general public knows at this point in time.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the passengers were Chinese Nationals.  Families of the missing plane’s passengers have complained about learning that their loved ones had died from Malaysian authorities via text message after the time the plane had been alleged to have crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean via Inmarsat’s raw data, a British Satellite communications company.  It appears to have been cold, premature and without certainty.  No debris, no oil slicks, no real reason to have deemed it downed in that area except, via Inmarsat’s say-so.

Malaysia later went on to say that there was still “hope” that the passengers were still alive, explaining nothing further but, to intimate that the reversal in statement from “no survivors” to “hope” was purely for the sake of the families.  This came on the heels of calls for death declarations to be issued so that families could receive some form of compensation through the Montreal Convention.   The lack of declaration of death, halted that process.  Why?  Why did Malaysia only back-track on their certainty when money was to be awarded to the families?  Another question that lays unanswered and adds more mystery to the country’s actions or lack of them.

While no one in the general public knows where MH370 went or rests, one way or another at this point in time, there’s no big mystery to the idea that this mystery didn’t need to be the case had Malaysia been on the ball with both their aviation and military practises.  Perhaps, Malaysia’s operations might be the biggest mystery of all?  Perhaps, the country is hiding something?  Perhaps, some other country is covering something up?  Or maybe, there’s dirt under a number of fingernails.

One thing that comes through is that there were missteps made by Malaysia and possibly, may still be being made through ineptness or possibly, purposefully.  There are things that we are not being told or, at the least, not correctly or openly by factions somewhere, somehow and for some reason.  At least, that’s the way that I see things from my little corner of life.










What Simon Cowell Was Eating On X Factor

It seems everyone wants to know what Simon Cowell was eating while on the judging panel of X Factor USA.

I’m still getting search engine hits on this topic so, while the show has been cancelled and Cowell has become a dad since those days, may as well answer this question to put it all to rest.

Simon Cowell was trying to quit smoking during the season so, he brought a bowl of MINTS and NUTS with him to munch on to quell his tobacco cravings.

There, it’s been answered.  The mystery is gone out of what Simon was so obnoxiously munching on throughout the show each week.

Phewww.  A load off our minds now, huh?

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Believes Missing Flight MH370 Is Hidden And Been Stripped

Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad believes that the CIA, USA and Boeing, all know what happened to missing Malaysian Flight MH370 but, are “hiding” that information.

In his blog, Mahathir states that ‘The plane is somewhere,’ he said. ‘Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take blame,” and appears to be saying that the CIA “remotely” took control of MH370.

It’s also the former Malaysian PM’s belief that MH370 has had its logo stripped and is being hidden somewhere, something that a lot of people have begun to believe though perhaps, not under those exact circumstances.

“The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS (Malaysia Airlines) markings,” he scribed in his blog this past weekend.

While a lot of people have the theory that MH370 was hijacked and might be on land somewhere, Malaysia’s former 88-year-old Prime Minister, is not without controversy.  He’s been well-known for coming up with theories that have somewhat shocked mainstream society.  One theory was that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated for the purposes of invading Muslim countries, a theory that many have held since 9/11.  No one has proven it wrong but, no one can prove it correct either.

“It is a waste of time and money to look for debris or oil slick or to listen for pings from the black box.

“It is a waste of time and money to look for debris or oil slick or to listen for pings from the black box. Airplanes don’t just disappear,” he’s written. “Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.”

He then, goes on to blame the CIA and Boeing by stating, “Surely Boeing would ensure that they cannot be easily disabled as they are vital to the safety and operation of the plane. For some reason, the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA.”

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Defense Minister, Husshamudin Hussein, was busy defending Malaysia’s decision not to send up military planes when they spotted an un-identified aircraft crossing Malaysian airspace.

He stated that as early as 2:00 a.m. or about a half hour after 370 appeared to be missing, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority had telephoned the military.  That led to more speculation as he said that the plane had been tracked in “real-time” but, had been deemed “friendly” and had been allowed to continue flying into the Southern Indian Ocean.

The statement was in conflict with earlier statements where Malaysian authorities had stated that it was only in play-back that the military realized that it might have been Flight MH370.

When asked why jets weren’t sent up, Husshamudin answered, ‘It was commercial, it was in our air space, we were not at war with anybody.’  Then, went on to ask why they would send up military jets unless they were going to shoot it down.  He continued by saying, “if we weren’t going to shoot it down, what was the purpose of sending them (jets) up?”

It doesn’t take a genius to see double and defensive talking going on here.

Malaysia’s authorities have been full of controversy in what they’ve said, taken back, let out and not let out all throughout this mysterious disappearance of a 777 Boeing plane with modern avionics technology available.  No wreckage, no debris, no oil slicks, nothing at all to support the idea that MH370 has crashed in over 4 million square miles of ocean surface covered thus far by searchers.  Conflicting statements made by Malaysian authorities, including statements made perhaps, prematurely about the death of all 239 passengers and crew aboard the missing plane.

Malaysia had let that plane pass over its airspace, figuring it was a commercial and friendly plane but meanwhile, MH370 had dropped off the radar and Malaysia had given false information to hand-off control towers by saying that the plane was over Cambodian Air Space when it was crossing back over Malaysia.  Viet Nam was the one who contacted Cambodia to find out that it was not in fact, over their air space.  It was then, that Malaysia admitted that it didn’t have a physical whereabouts but, rather an expected flight path.

Hours went by before Malaysia declared MH370 as “missing”.  Why?  Why did so much time pass if Malaysia didn’t know where 370 was, they’d spotted an unidentified aircraft at 2:00 a.m. crossing Malaysian airspace and knew it (according to Hushamudin’s statements)?  Would it not be a reasonable and rational conclusion to come to that something was and is amiss with this?

Most experts now believe that the plane’s 2 communications systems (the transponder and Acars) had both been deliberately shut down by someone on the plane.  Just between the sign-off with Kuala Lumpur and the hand-off to Vietnamese air traffic controllers was to have taken place, that’s when all communication systems ceased.

‘It should have been “Good night Malaysia, good morning Vietnam” – as quick as that. It didn’t happen,’ said a former pilot and chief with Malaysian Airlines.

It took only seconds for that switch to have taken place between both systems.

As controversial as Malaysia’s elderly, former Prime Minister might be, he may not be far off the mark in the idea that something sinister happened to MH370 and that the plane may be readied to use for other purposes.  Just what, no one knows.  However, it means that if the plane were to have been hijacked for other purposes and is on land, it’s feasible that the 239 passengers and crew are not in their watery graves in the Southern Indian Ocean as hypothesized according to Inmarsat, the British Satellite company’s data and calculations  have indicated is the most likely scenario.

Last but, not least, Malaysia has now said that it will release the raw Inmarsat data to the public.  This will allow families of the missing passengers and crew members to hire independent researchers to look into the data and decide if there’s any merit to what has already been hypothesized or, whether there should be other areas and other ideas explored.

Frankly, from my little corner of life, I believe that fresh eyes and minds should prevail and that there’s a good chance that MH370 is somewhere else, on land.  But, I may be sounding a little bit like a conspiracy theorist or perhaps, out there with the former Malaysian Prime Minister.  Either way, this search needs to be re-thought and re-planned because something is rotten in this entire scenario.








Inmarsat Had Already Handed Over Data On Missing Flight MH370 To Malaysia

British satellite company Inmarsat, famous for its ping data on missing Malaysian Flight MH370, says that it has handed over the raw data to Malaysia.  Malaysia denies it.  Is someone lying?

In a statement to CNN today, just hours after Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had denied that they had the famous Inmarsat raw data on missing Flight MH370, Inmarsat, the British communication satellite company set the record straight.

“Inmarsat’s raw data was provided to the investigation team at an early stage in the search for MH370,” the statement from Inmarsat to CNN’s Erin Burnett said and blamed Malaysia for not having released that fact or the information.

Actually, Malaysia has denied having had it all along.  Why?  What is that saying?

While Inmarsat has complete faith in its data and is the basis for the ongoing search for the 70 day missing plane with its 239 passengers and crew, many others are not as assured at this point.  It’s become one of the most expensive and mysterious searches in modern aviation times.

“We have very high confidence in the analysis of this data, which was independently evaluated by the international teams accredited to the official investigation,” Inmarsat statements went on to say.

Meanwhile, searchers have now said that 2 of the original 4 ping areas originally heard over a thousand miles offshore from Perth Australia, are not considered to have been man made and therefore, are not from MH370.  Searchers are now doubting that they’re even searching in the “right ocean” and may have to halt the search and re-think everything.

Let’s face it.  Searchers have been covering the Southern Indian Ocean, based on data received from the British Inmarsat Communications satellite company whose data was never intended for use like this and has no GPS capabilities.  It was attempting to break ground with its calculations based upon “pings” from its satellite to what it believes to have been flight 370.  It’s not the same as a radar “ping”.  In less technical terms, Inmarsat data is meant as a communications beacon for chiefly marine and plane communications, not for tracking planes.  It was attempting to see if the plane needed signals, much like your cell phone attempting to reach a signal.  Inmarsat took the data, not intended for tracking and did some math calculations based on several single pings over a 6 or 7 hour period and attempted to find a “track” that stretched into northern countries as well as to the south and into the Southern Indian Ocean.  The north track was somehow eliminated as a possibility by authorities and the southern track was then calculated to have been the path whereby after the last half ping it captured, would have been the area in which the plane allegedly crashed, laying in a watery grave, some 4,000 miles beneath the surface.

The problem with this is that not a single piece of debris from the plane has been spotted or found in over 70 days now and in spite of hundreds of hours of and millions of square miles of ocean surface having been searched.

Secondly, the batteries on the flight’s data recorders and black boxes, only had a 30 day life expectancy.  Almost ironically, searchers said that they hit the last 4 days of the battery life to pick up four ping areas before the batteries “died”.  How “lucky” could that have been?  (Count it as a miracle were it to be true…that’s how “lucky” it would have been.)  With nothing else to go on and these pings, along with Inmarsat data, being the only potential leads thus far, searchers continued to search.

However, it’s becoming extremely costly for searchers from international sources and Malaysia Airlines has hit its lowest in over 2 years.  Things need to be re-looked at and someone is lying about that raw Inmarsat data.  My bet is that Malaysia is lying but, I’m guessing, based on a lot of other information that Malaysia has held back in this case or, at the least, not been forthcoming with it.

Stay tuned, as I’m sure that there’s a lot more to come out in coming days, weeks, months or perhaps even years.  At least, that’s how I see it from my little corner of life.



Could Missing Flight MH370 Be The Result of An Al Qaeda Terrorist Plot?

Having a hypothesis can lead to making pieces of info fit to prove it.  Is that what has happened in the case of missing Malaysian Flight MH370?  Is there more to the story than what Australian Searchers want either us or, themselves to believe?  Is the plane at the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles west of Perth, or could it be somewhere else, part of a plot that authorities would dismiss as simply “a conspiracy theory”?

Eleven Al Qaeda terrorist group members have been arrested in Kuala Lumpur and are being interrogated over the disappearance of Flight MH370.  They are a new branch of the terrorist group, operating out of Malaysia, planning terrorist bomb attacks on Muslim countries.  International investigators, including the FBI and MI6 have asked that militants be interrogated and, an officer of the Malaysian Counter Terrorism Division has stated that there may be a link between the missing flight and a terrorism plot.  Malaysia has been a base for several terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda of 9/11 fame.  Coincidence?  Maybe but, can we discount this possibility or, should we be taking it seriously while Australian searchers continue to comb the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean for a plane that has allegedly crashed, leaving no debris, no traces and no real signs that a crash has occurred?  Could the Boeing 777 have been the target of a theft for use as another missile like the planes used in 9/11?

A short, 5 page report was released to the public by Malaysia this week that contained the voice recording of the last vocal communications between the control tower in Kuala Lumpur and the pilots of 370.

What followed was an account of a 4 hour delay in seeking rescue for a missing Boeing 777 and it’s 239 passengers and crew.

Directly at sign-off from Kuala Lumpur at 1:19 a.m., pilots were to be handed over to Ho Chi Minh’s towers and to check in with their air traffic control.  That’s when the plane dropped off of radar and communications and time began to be lost in finding the whereabouts of 370.

Seventeen minutes elapsed before Ho Chi Minh began to question where 370 was and why they hadn’t had communications from the expected hand-off to them.  Neither Kuala Lumpur nor, Ho Chi Minh “noticed” the absence of the plane in that time frame and therefore, didn’t “act” upon the lack of the plane.

It was 1:38 a.m. before Ho Chi Minh finally noted that “verbal contact was not established” and conversations between the two towers began to take place about earlier radar blips, speaking every few minutes.

This is where it becomes questionable.  At 2:03 a.m., Malaysian controllers assure Ho Chi Minh falsely, that 370 was over Cambodian air space, giving the false assurance that Kuala Lumpur was tracking the plane.  Vietnamese air traffic controllers then tried to verify the information with Cambodian ATCs.  Malaysia then assured that it had been able to “exchange signals with the flight,” in Cambodian air space.  False again.

An hour later, Vietnamese found the flaws in Malaysia’s story because 370 wasn’t set to fly over Cambodian air space and there was no communication or information on the long missing plane.

While Malaysia kept in contact with ATC’s, at 2:35, they gave out yet another false but, reassuring message.  The plane was “in normal condition based on signal download,” which placed it off the coast of Vietnam. Not true, obviously but, it made it seem that 370 was on track towards Beijing as planned.

An hour later, at 3:30 a.m., Malaysia finally said, in a new message: “The flight tracker information was based on flight projection and not reliable for aircraft positioning.”

Throughout this time, controllers in Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City were in contact with each other and the airline. Kuala Lumpur air traffic control contacted counterparts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Finally, at 5:20 a.m., some over 4 hours and several false messages later, Kuala Lumpur deemed that the plane had “never left Malaysian air space.”

Ten minutes after that, contact with the rescue co-ordination center were initiated by Malaysia.

It gets more confusing and curious.  Malaysia’s military had tracked the plane as it headed back across Malaysia in a westerly direction.  However, that was only discovered “after the fact” in a play-back of the radar recordings. Malaysia has not made it public about when that happened and doesn’t detail the military’s role nor, involvement in this scenario.  Strange?  Yes.

The entire short, anemic report can be READ HERE.

The possibility of a plot to hijack 370, hatched by the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, by an admission by Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, has bolstered the potential that the Boeing 777’s communications systems had been deliberately switched off “by someone on the plane”.  All of this is leaving a huge question mark behind a lot of things involved in this case, including Malaysia’s actions or lack of them.

While some have defended Malaysia of having been “naïve” or “unprepared” for such a catastrophic event, it’s clear to most thinking minds that something was amiss in Malaysia’s actions.  The false info given to other ATCs, the 4 hours of lapsed time before it even considers the plane missing, the excuses of knowing an un-identified plane was crossing its country but, deeming it “friendly appearing” and no action taken, no search for a missing plane that had fallen off the communications fields and much more, make it seem as though Malaysia may have had some knowledge of what was happening to MH370.  For what reason, we don’t know yet.  However, it is increasingly becoming obvious that there was more to this story than what Malaysia is letting out or, better stated, perhaps hiding.

While only my opinion and certainly not fact, it’s possible that Flight MH370 is somewhere else and the passengers and crew may still be alive somewhere, held as hostages.  It’s equally possible that Malaysia knows or suspects that 370 is part of a terrorist plot.  It may even have let things slide as the plane crossed back over the peninsula and purposefully, didn’t deem it missing for those many hours for reasons that only they know.  Again, these are only my own personal opinions based on these emerging facts but, something is rotten in Malaysia from my little corner of life.