Malaysian President Now Refuses To Say Flight MH370 Is Lost And All 239 Passengers Dead

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has refused to say that MH370 is “lost” and, countering his earlier statement over a month ago now that MH370 has crashed and there are no survivors, Razak is now saying that he will not say that 370 is lost nor, there are no survivors.

“At some point I would be, but right now I think I need to take into account the feelings of the next of kin — and some of them have said publicly that they aren’t willing to accept it until they find hard evidence,” Razak stated in an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest.

Reportedly, already sent to the U.N., a preliminary report on MH370 which he says will be released sometime next week.

A month or so ago, the world heard Razak pronounce all 239 passengers and crew of Flight MH370, dead at sea.

“last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth. This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”, he stated.

In a text sent to family members of MH370, that same day, he stated, “we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those onboard survived.”

Now, Razik is saying that there was someone monitoring the radar and there was a plane seen crossing the Malaysian peninsula that night “but the interpretation was done after the event.”  To add insult to injury, Razak said that the plane crossing the peninsula was not investigated by military “because it was deemed not to be hostile.” It “behaved like a commercial airline, following a normal flight path,” he said.

Being a lay-person, there’s a few things that I don’t understand.

Firstly, why was there a plane that Malaysia wasn’t sure was a “friendly plane”, crossing the country and no one did anything about it, as evidenced by the statement that interpretation was done after the event?

Secondly, why was Beijing not knocking on Malaysia’s Air Traffic Control, asking where the handed off flight MH370 was when the hand-off didn’t occur?  And, if it did, why were they not later, knocking on Malaysia’s door, asking why there were no further communications from it or visibility on their radar?

Adding to the above, if Beijing did contact Malaysia concerning this matter, why is It that they sat around with thumbs under rears, watching an un-identified radar blip cross their country and not say, “wow, this might be the missing flight…what the heck?”  Even if there was total ineptitude on both Air Traffic Controller’s Towers (Beijing and Malaysia) and no one noticed the plane’s disappearance from both screens and communications, how could Malaysia simply sit there, watching an unidentified plane cross their air space and not think about it?

Not being an expert in aviation by any stretch of the imagination, logic would tell me that once Malaysia had handed MH370 over to Beijing, there should have been a check-in from 370 to Beijing.  When that didn’t occur, what was going through Beijing’s thinking patterns?  Wouldn’t it be fair to say that with no check-in as expected, Beijing wouldn’t have attempted to contact Malaysia and ask something like, “where’s that plane you were handing off to us?”

Does that make both countries’ aviation systems inept?  Sure seems like it to a lay person, doesn’t it?

Then again, we have CNN mouthpieces like Richard Quest, running around the globe, making statements lead directly to what he considers “fact” that MH370 is in the Indian Ocean and all 239 passengers and crew are dead…all without a single shred of provable evidence having been found.  Not only that, he consistently defies any possible legitimate questions to the contrary of his personal beliefs with bellowing anger.  He’s seemingly so attached to British Satellite company, Inmarsat that one could almost question whether Quest is employed by them in some fashion.  True or not, who knows for sure but, it raises that question every time he opens his mouth about the company’s data.  I’m sure a lot of viewers want to know what crystal ball he’s gazing into to be so seemingly certain while everyone else is still scratching heads.

Yes, for all intents and purposes, it appears that 370 is gone and the 239 plane and passengers are “lost” one way or another.  However, do we really know for sure what happened?  No, we don’t.  There’s the seemingly “obvious” and there’s the almost surreal possibilities that are floating around that are labelled as conspiracy theories.  Are they?  Once in a very long while, conspiracy theories can be correct.  Is this one of the times?  A lot of people seem to tend to think it very well could be one of those times.  A good percentage of the population appears to feel that there’s a lot that hasn’t been told, a lot bungled (purposefully or accidently) which leaves a lot of open doors through which stranger than fiction thoughts can be built upon.

Perhaps, most strange is that Razak has made these statements on the heels of the possibility that families of MH370 could start receiving compensation monies under the Montreal Convention.  Is it tied into that or, is there something else that the world doesn’t know about this mystery?  Just as MH370 families were to receive compensation as set out by the convention, Razak seemingly retracted his original statements that the plane had crashed and there were no survivors.  Interesting but, not surprising, coming from a government that has been less than forthcoming, seemingly incompetent in this investigation and still, appears to be hiding a lot from not only the families but, also the world.

But, that’s just my view from my little corner of the world and doesn’t make it correct.

Missing Flight MH370 “Cover-Up” Or, Hysterical Family Member?

There are lots of conspiracy theories running rampant about what happened to missing flight MH370 but, no answers.

After over a month of searching, with a lot of mis-steps, there’s still a lot of questions.

With no debris, no more pings, having searched the most viable ping area underwater in a 6 mile radius, finding nothing, there is now talk about ending the Bluefin21 unmanned sub ocean mapping search within days. 

Sarah Bajc, the partner of Philip Woods, one of the 239 missing passengers and crew on MH370 has been interviewed on CNN a few times.  It’s her belief that her partner, Woods, is still alive and that the plane has been landed with passengers having been taken hostage. 

In the following interview, Bajc cites her reasons for believing what she believes.  Could she be right? 




What Broke Tom Cruise’s Marriages?


What went wrong in Tom Cruise’s three marriages?  Was it Cruise’s devotion to his Church of Scientology religion or was it his ever-increasing fame?

Tom Cruise 2014

Tom Cruise 2014

It seems that Tom likes his wives to be in their 20’s when he marries them and, all three marriages ended when his wives were 33 years of age.  Perhaps, it’s a statement that Tom doesn’t see himself as aging or, beyond the age of 33?

All three of Cruise’s wives were or became Scientologists because of Cruise and, all 3 have since left the church.  None of them will talk about the church nor, the reasons for their divorce but, what is clear is that once children became a part of both Nicole Kidman’s and Katie Holmes’ lives, Scientology was abandoned with neither of them wanting their children to be part of it.  Cruise and first wife, Mimi Rogers had no children together.

Mimi Rogers, Tom’s first wife, was the one who introduced Tom to The Church of Scientology.  Rogers has allegedly stated that Tom had no interest in the bedroom after that and was one of the reasons that divorce was needed.


”Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk,” Rogers stated to Playboy in 1993.. “At least for that period of time, it looked as though marriage wouldn’t fit into his overall spiritual need. And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument. Therefore it became obvious we had to split.”

Rogers, later tried to retract that statement, saying that she was taken wrongly.  Was she?

While Rogers had held an upper role in the church as an “auditor” and opened her own branch with husband, Jim Rogers, she eventually abandoned the religion while Cruise continued on to hit some of the higher ranks within the church.

Was religion really the reason for Tom’s lack of bedroom exercise?  Not likely but, not impossible.

It’s reported that Tom had been seeing, emerging Aussie actress, Nicole Kidman, long before the divorce from Rogers was finalized in 1990 after splitting up in 1989.  Just when that relationship started is unclear but, mere months after his divorce was finalized, he married Kidman who was 23 years old at the time. She considered herself “too young” in retrospect and admits that Cruise’s stardom was something that kept them “in a bubble” together.


Cruise filed for divorce from Kidman in 2001 with a reported 50-50 split in total assets but, got full custody of the couple’s two adopted children, Isabella and Connor, who are reportedly, both also Scientologists to date.  Not a surprise, is it?  Cruise and Kidman had been married for approximately 11 years and, its ending became a nasty court battle before being finalized.

Just weeks after Katie Holmes ended a relationship and engagement to actor, Chris Klein, Holmes met Cruise in 2005 and started studying Scientology soon after they started dating. No doubt as to how and why, Holmes, a Catholic, had gotten into the church, is there?  In November of 2006, Cruise and Holmes were married in Scientology ceremony the day before they put on a lavish, celebrity style wedding in Italy.  Holmes was 28 years old when she married Cruise but, it begs the question of whether Cruise’s charm and status might have made him “The Rebound Guy” for Holmes after a broken engagement and relationship with now friend, Chris Klein?


If one were to be a conspiracy theorist, one can look at the idea that there may have been no coincidence in the fact that all 3 of Tom’s wives were 33 years of age when they were divorced from Cruise.  The number 33 in Scientology can be traced back to the church’s originating place of Arizona which lies on the 33rd parallel or that the number 33 is attached to the Arc Angel Michael.  One might buy that idea but, the truth was, both Rogers and Holmes were the ones who filed for their divorces, not Cruise.  So much for that theory.

Unlike Kidman, Holmes was prepared in every direction for the onslaught.  She is said to have sought advice from Kidman as well as having well planned her escape from the marriage in order to keep custody of the couple’s only child, Suri Cruise and keep her from the clutches of the church.  In a round-about way, Cruise allegedly, later admitted that the church had become an issue in the marriage and that Holmes had been trying to protect Suri from induction into Scientology.  Holmes is no longer a member and, if she has her way, Suri will never be part of it.  The only cause listed for the divorce was, “irreconcilable differences”.  The marriage ended in 2012.

What’s ironic is that none of Cruise’s 3 ex-wives will talk openly about their split with Cruise nor, of the Scientology religion.  All 3 have taken a “code of silence” on both matters and, none will divulge the secrets that may lay behind their marriage, their affiliations with the church nor, Cruise where a lot of celebs will spill their dirty laundry over ex’s, if paid enough to do it. Could that be the mystery surrounding the church’s influential and perhaps, threatening power?  Or, has Cruise been able to give them what they want to keep them quiet?  Or, maybe, it’s simply because the marriage was so disastrous to their self-esteem by having been suckered into Cruise’s clutches through charm, money, romance and religion?  Will we ever know?  Do we really care?

Meanwhile, Holmes is moving on with both her career and possibly even her love life.  Rumor has it that she’s seeing Jamie Foxx while scuttle-but has it that Cruise has enlisted the help of the church in finding him a fourth wife, no doubt, this time, a Scientologist, herself and yes, oddly enough, he’s seeking a woman in her mid-30’s.  Perhaps, he’s trying to avoid the hassle of having to convert another Catholic into the church and another divorce at age 33 when they realize how insane the religion and he is?  These 3 divorces are also costing him part of his estimated worth.  Holmes’ one-two punches may have knocked some sort of sense into him.

If nothing else can be said about the reasons why Cruise can’t keep a wife, the fact that he appears as a total lunatic, can pretty much explain everything right there.  About the only woman who could possibly put up with Cruise and his Scientology life, might be another Scientology Lunatic.  That’s just a joke but, likely not far from the truth.

But, then again, all of this is just my own ponderings from my little corner of life.






Flight MH370: Have CNN’s Panel of Experts Become Biased?

In listening to CNN’s coverage of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370, one can hear some of their panel of experts, becoming dismissive of any other explanations for the whereabouts of the missing plane and its passengers and crews.

Lately, it’s become obvious that a lot of these panelists have become biased towards the idea that there is no other place that the missing plane could be, other than the depths of the Southern Indian Ocean.  Any other possibility mentioned by viewers has been labelled as a “Conspiracy Theory”.

There’s been many false leads, many false hopes, many delays, and many un-truths as well as mishandling of this case by the Malaysians.  Almost daily now, we are hearing of some tidbit of information that the Malaysian Government either didn’t expose or, has to correct.  It’s gotten to the point where even these experts are admitting that we can’t trust the Malaysian Government for information to be correct or fully exposed.  That is leaving a wide swath of questions and, leaving it wide open to many interpretations.

The latest came when Malaysian Authorities let it out suddenly that the 370’s copilot’s cell phone signals were picked up while the plane flew over Penang.  At this moment, as with everything, it’s unknown whether the co-pilot was trying to make a call, the phone had been left on (an apparent no-no in the cockpit for pilots) or, whether the pilot had switched it on but, not made a call.  Seemingly though, no other cell phone signal from the 238 other passengers and crew, had been picked up.  At least, that we know of or, have been told about thus far.

There’s been no debris found from the plane.  Nothing, nada, zip.  Yet, experts will explain that away as the amount of time it’s been since the plane went down, a cyclone having hit the area two to three weeks ago and, just about every other imaginable explanation that they can come up with to support the idea of 370 being under the Southern Indian Ocean.

The pinger’s batteries have died.  Searchers were lucky to have gotten four pings from it on the very last two days of the batteries’ power, in an area/location that was tracked using calculations from a satellite that does not have GPS abilities and never was intended to be used this way.

Searchers and experts know that the area they are searching in, is deep, likely far too deep for the underwater sonar equipment that they’re using to be able to do a thorough job of mapping the ocean floor below in search of 370’s alleged wreckage.  The mission was aborted yesterday as the Bluefin returned to the surface early, due to the depth of the ocean floor.  Yet, other equipment exists that can go deeper than the Bluefin.  It’s just not on site and there seems to be no plans thus far, to bring that into play.

Questions, anyone?

Many “brave souls” have ventured to question this entire theory of 370 being on the bottom of the ocean where searchers are looking.  Those questions have been met with both a great deal of skepticism and even condescension by CNN’s panels of experts, brought in regularly.  Anything outside of the idea that 370 is not on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, has been repeatedly termed as “Conspiracy Theories” and quickly dismissed.


With no real or trusted information from Malaysian authorities, no debris, no wreckage and a plethora of nothing but questionable mistaken leads, is it so far-fetched to thing that perhaps, that plane is not where searchers believe it to be?  Why is it considered a “conspiracy theory” to question whether there could be the possibility that 370 is elsewhere or perhaps, landed on land somewhere?

It seems plausible now that anything is possible.  MH370 may indeed be the target of some “sinister” plot by a hijacker or, a misguided flight crew member or, even a rogue passenger.  It’s possible that 370 may be sitting on land, somewhere, with passengers alive and being held hostage while clandestine negotiations are going on between either Malaysia or China and an unknown source, is it not?  It’s just as feasible as anything else at this point in time and with lack of anything really concrete in terms of proof that 370 lays in a bed of silt on the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean, a few miles beneath the surface.  The Mirror might have something for all that anyone knows.  The possibility that 370 is in Afghanistan, on land, being held by a militant group and passengers being held in a make-shift hostage camp might not be totally out of the realm of possibilities.

CNN, if you’re reading this, ask your panel experts to be a little more tolerant of other people’s potential theories.  At this point, they’re as plausible as anything being spoon-fed to us by both the searchers and the panel experts you bring on endlessly.  Who knows?  There could be a lot of egg to wipe off of smug faces down the road.  That remains to be seen in a mystery where anything is possible.

Has MH370 Been Found?

Tuesday March 8, 2014:  Searchers have re-established connection with what they believe are the pings of the black boxes from Flight MH370 but, are waiting to find wreckage before they’re able to say for sure that it is 370,  Head of the search, Australian Angus Houston has said that he believes it is those of missing flight MH370 without coming out and saying it directly. 

This is either the most brilliant piece of detective work the world has seen, the most miraculous piece of luck or, there’s a lot of intelligence that searchers and governments have been privy to that the public hasn’t been told. 

While this is looking more and more like it may be the wreckage of 370, laying in its watery grave in the Southern Indian Ocean, there’s a lot of questions that go with its discovery. 

They’ve found NO debris. 
How does a plane hit that ocean’s hard surface and leave no debris?  There are many hypothesized answers but, none of them fit fully that there would be no debris left behind. 

Was it brilliant detective work, formed through calculations from Inmarsat, the British Satellite Company’s data which contains no GPS abilities that allegedly found the area…information and data not used for those purposes and never has been used for that purpose before?

Or, is it a pure stroke of luck that the pingers have been heard by the Australian searchers just as the battery life of the pingers batteries have reached the end of their charge?

Is this MH370’s pingers or is it some other piece of equipment?  

Whatever this is or isn’t, it’s truly miraculous and mysterious.  This is either another false finding or the biggest piece of amazing work the world has ever seen. 

Or, is there a lot more than what the public has been given in intelligence information? 

It’s still a mystery until the actual wreckage has been found and identified positively as that of Flight MH370.  Until then, there’s a lot more questions to come from this mystery.   More to come, I’m sure.   

Have Searchers Found Missing Malaysian Flight 370 With The Latest Pings?

It was announced early yesterday that both Chinese and Australian searchers had both picked up what could be considered “pings” on Friday and Saturday and, “could” be from Missing Flight 370’s black boxes.. 

The Chinese say that they heard two separate acoustic events.  One was brief and heard on Friday, the other, some two kms away from the first, was  heard for 60 to 90 seconds but, stopped.  It was not long enough for them to have recorded it. 

Meanwhile, Australian searchers, some 300 nautical miles away from the Chinese, said they also had heard an “acoustic event” that they believe *might* have been from 370’s black boxes. 

Ships are now heading to the Australian site first then, to the Chinese site to check it out.  They believe it will take some 14 hours for a British ship, pulling a towed pinger locator to reach the Aussie even site.  It might take another 24 hours to reach the Chinese site. 

Pardon me for being skeptical but, a few key points stand out in this scenario that go against this being the answer as to where Flight 370 went. 

First of all, yet again, officials have done yet another calculation round, using new calculations, figuring a higher speed than previously thought.  This would put the plane in yet another location. 

Secondly, both the Australian and Chinese ships were some 300 nautical miles apart but, both claim to have heard the “pings”. 

Thirdly, the Chinese were using a rather rudimentary or cruder form of ping detection, which consisted of a microphone fashioned to the end of a pole and hung over the edge of what appeared to be a rubber dingy.  With the ocean depth being estimated (something that changes by the reporter) to be 4.5 kms deep, it makes it rather dubious as to the ability of this rather crude instrument being able to pick up that ping.  But, who am I to question this?  I am not an aviation expert. 

Fourthly, the fact that both heard pings but, were some 300 nautical miles apart, is telling me (logically) that one or both are not hearing real pings. 

Fifth, is the idea that the black box batteries are running out and, at least a billion dollars has been spent thus far, in trying to locate the missing plane.  Countries and resources searching, cannot keep up this search both resource wise as well as financially.  Something has to be found soon or the search has to either scale back or be dropped.  It’s a question of when, not if so, if something is not found soon, aiding countries are going to pack up and leave the search. 

Lastly, comes my conspiracy theories kicking in again. 

The time is running out on the battery life of these black box batteries after a month of searching.  It’s estimated that we’re likely already at that 30 day point now but, perhaps, have another 10 to 14 days if we’re lucky in the batteries life expectancy.  It’s ironic that just as we reach this critical point, two ships, hundreds of miles apart, have suddenly, heard potential “pings”? 

It’s been said that the Malaysian radars did not pick up the turn-around that 370 made nor, the crossing back over Malaysia.  Some have theorized that perhaps, ground control had turned their heads away intentionally from “seeing this” event.  Of course that would lead many to think that Malaysia knew something that they don’t want anyone to know that they know.  Know what I mean?

If the above were to be the case, what would stop Malaysian or, perhaps (not sure why) even Chinese from dropping a black box into the ocean, set to the same frequency as Flight 370 and even perhaps, batteries drained to almost the same amount as Flight 370 would have to be at this point in time?  What if they want searchers to concentrate on that area and this is the incentive?

Of course, all of that is purely conjecture and imagination.  But, what if it were to be true?  What if that plane were to be sitting on land, perhaps, even in Malaysia, hidden away, passengers held somewhere in a make-shift refugee style camp situation?  Could it be?  It might be.  Nothing is impossible and the way things have gone thus far, with so little information coming from radars, satellites, governments etc., it’s just as possible and plausible as the theory that 370 is sitting at the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean west of Australia somewhere, totally intact so that no debris can be found. 

More to come, I’m sure. 




Can We Trust Anything That Comes Out of The Malyasian Prime Minister’s Mouth About Missing Flight 370?

Malaysian Prime Minister, Razak at press conference on Missing Malaysian Flight 370

Malaysian Prime Minister at Press Conference concerning missing Malaysia Flight MH370.

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, made a visit to Australia where he and Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, gave a news conference on Thursday where Razak declared again that the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 is now considered a “criminal investigation”.

April 1, 2014, it was announced by Malaysian National Police Chief, Khalid Abu Bakar that all 227 passengers had been cleared of a possible involvement in 370’s hijacking.  This left only the 12 crew and 2 pilots as suspects.  The criteria for excluding 227 passengers (rather quickly from what can be gathered) were any personal or psychological problems.  While that may not have been the totality of the investigation into each passenger, it certainly leaves a lot of holes by which there can be questions still left behind.  Not every hijacker will have displayed or known psychological or personal problems.  Furthermore, most family members or friends of these passengers are grieving their losses and would not likely release any information about their personal lives in a negative light.  So much for that “investigation”.  Like everything else the Malaysian Government has done in this plane’s disappearance, it’s been quick, hap-hazardly done and rushed to what seems to be, hasty conclusions.

At the same time, investigations into the two pilots as well as a search of the pilot’s home-made flight simulator’s hard drive (which had allegedly been wiped out), have netted no evidence of any sign of criminal intent and no red flags.  In effect, Malaysian authorities have said that neither the pilot nor the co-pilot have anything under their fingernails to hide either.

So, what does this leave us with?  A member of the crew?

How is it that Malaysian police and the Malaysian government, can so quickly clear 227 passengers but, they haven’t yet cleared 10 crew members (excluding the pilots)? Keep in mind that this clearance of the 227 passengers also included two passengers who were travelling on fake/stolen passports.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Finally, Malaysia has released the full transcript of Flight 370’s departure up until there was radio-silence and the plane fell off the radars with communications systems having gone dead, seemingly, intentionally turned off.

The first part of the transcript seems like normal communications between the control tower and the plane’s pilots.  All appear to be normal communications done by every pilot getting ready for take-off as well as in the air.  While seemingly insignificant to most experts, Malaysia had not been accurate in reporting the final words of the pilots and their final words at hand-off to Beijing’s control towers.  That has now been corrected in releasing the full transcript only some nearly 4 weeks later.

Here is the excerpt of the transcript between 1:07 a.m. and 1:21 a.m. when the plane went forever silent and off radar.

[The last transmission by the plane’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) — which relays key information on the plane’s mechanical condition every 30 minutes — takes place at 1:07 am]
01:07:55 (MAS 370) Malaysian… Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:08:00 (ATC) Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:19:24 (ATC) Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9, good night
01:19:29 (MAS 370) Good night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero
[The last transmission from the plane’s communication transponder is at 1:21 am, and it vanishes from ATC radar at 1:30 am]
At 1:19 a.m., Flight 370 was at a normal cruising altitude of 35,000 ft. (for all intents and purposes, allegedly on autopilot/George) and was being handed off from the Malaysian control tower and over to Beijing’s control tower as was supposed to happen. Nothing seemed amiss/wrong.  The last ACARS report at 1:07 gives no indication of any mechanical problems or otherwise.  The pilots give no indication of any issue.  It’s a normal hand-over.  But, at 1:21 a.m., only 3 minutes later, the transponder had been turned off and shortly afterwards, the ACARS system also shut down.
So, what happened to have the plane turned around, heading in the opposite direction to its intended flight path, communications turned off and continuing to fly for another 6 to 7 hours?
It seems most logical that someone had to have a lot of skill and aviation knowledge to have turned off communication systems, turn that plane around and fly for another several hours.  Who had the knowledge and ability to have done so and why?
A hijacker, likely wouldn’t have been intentionally heading south into the Southern Indian Ocean.  What was there to fly towards or where was there to land in that stretch of the ocean?
Pilot suicide seems even less likely when either of the pilots could have simply plunged the plane into a watery grave within the first half hour or less of its flight path.  Why fly another 6 to 7 hours to do so?
Mechanical failure cannot be ruled out but, it also seems highly unlikely since there was no indication of any problems with the plane prior to the abrupt turn-around only moments after the last transmission and all communication systems having been seemingly, intentionally turned off.
So, where does that leave this bungled investigation?  Can we believe anything that comes out of Malaysian Prime Minister, Razak’s mouth now or, is he simply a possible “mouth-piece” for other Malaysian groups?  Can we believe anything that we’re being told by Malaysian authorities about this case and can we trust their investigational skills at all?
The world is involved.  Many countries are spending millions or dollars in trying to search for a needle in a haystack with half truths, lack of proper information as well as perhaps, something as sinister as a government cover-up?  Who knows?  One thing is becoming clearer by the day, this mystery is not solved and if other countries are going to continue to be involved, they must insist on being able to carry out their own investigations as well…whether or not it contravenes any national laws on this sort of event.
Lest I am criticized for over-blogging about this flight, I am signing off until or unless there is something more substantial that comes to light.