Are Veterinarian Fees Extortion?


Sitting in any veterinarian clinic’s office and especially, emergency clinics, you can see desperate people, spending money that they don’t truly have to spend, trying to save their animals lives or improve their health. The more we do that, the more vets seem to charge and there’s no end to how high they can take those fees it seems.

I know that having a veterinarian clinic is a huge overhead and prices need adjusting according to that overhead. Something has to cover it and no one would begrudge a vet who has taken the time and money to be schooled to help our pets, having a decent salary/income but, there has to be a reasonable level at which they need to be regulated.

I live in a large city where having a pet has become fashionable or trendy. People will spend extraordinary amounts of money on clothes, coats, boots, toys, grooming, beds and the fluff stuff for these pets so, it only follows suit that seeing that people are spending that kind of money on those things, vet care can command ridiculously high amounts of money as well and get it.

The problem is, there are those of us who simply want a pet to be a pet, a dog to be a dog, a cat to be a cat and are not out there, spending a fortune on the frills for them but, want proper vet care for their health and now, cannot afford it because people have made dogs and cats into their children and allowed vets to push up their fees.

Where are the old days when a veterinarian went into practice out of pure love for animals and drew a modest or comfortable salary from their practice but, didn’t overcharge just because they could get it?

I recently had one of my pets in serious and critical health trouble. In spite of my constant upkeep in vet checks, tests, visits and follow-through with meds and whatever was prescribed, my pet became critically ill and needed help. Some over $10,000.00 later (that I didn’t have to begin with), my pet lost her life and I’m left with a debt that will take me years to pay off. My question is why?

While sitting in the veterinarian emergency clinic, I watched one person after another, carrying or taking in very ill dogs and cats, in tears, begging for help for their beloved family members. Before they could be seen, they had to hand over a credit card and were instantly charged a $400 plus fee. Once assessed, a preliminary fee was produced and another charge of several hundred to several thousand were put onto their cards before the pet was even treated for anything. If they couldn’t produce a credit card or didn’t have the upper credit limit, they were turned away in tears, broken-hearted, watching their pets die. It’s heart breaking to say the least.

I think it’s time that governments stepped in and regulated the veterinarian practices now by monitoring the fees able to be charged. It’s now no longer a matter of health for pets but rather, a big business venture. One that not many of us can afford.

For those who are not animals lovers, one could say, “if you don’t have the money, don’t have the pet.” Or, “put the animal down.”

For those who are animals lovers, you know exactly what I’m saying.

Is it time for there to be some sort of governing body so that vets cannot over-charge? Is it time that vets are put on a limit as to what can be charged?

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