Why Are Women’s Public Washrooms Disgusting?

Why is it that a lot of women’s public washrooms tend to be disgusting?  What is wrong with women that they cannot act like civilized human beings and keep a public washroom in usable condition?

If you’re a male reading this, you might be surprised to find out that you guys tend to actually be cleaner about using a public restroom than a woman will.

Shocking, isn’t it?  Sadly though, it’s the truth.

Perhaps, I’m an alien but, it baffles me that quite a number of women cannot use a public washroom toilet or sink properly.   As a matter of fact, I’ll go a bit further to say that some women, treat a public toilet as though it’s an outhouse because that’s what it resembles when they’re done.

Someone please tell me why it is that a toilet cannot be flushed after use, toilet paper actually go into the bowl and urine and other excrements along with it?  Why must all of this end up on the floor or left unflushed?

Perhaps, I’m being too graphic but, pretty much every woman can relate to what I’m saying here, right?

I usually avoid a Walmart washroom at all costs.  I’ll dance around and try to wait to hit somewhere else first.  I have to be pretty desperate before I’ll go into a Walmart restroom.  Today was one of those days after having run around, picking up things that I needed, I’d had a large coffee before I hit Walmart.  Big mistake.

Out of 4 stalls, only 1 was decent enough to enter.  The other 3 were beyond description.

I waited in line with every other woman who was having the same issue.

Some were either bold or desperate enough to feel that they could brave one of the un-used ones and rushed past the line-up, checking each one, only to turn back, red-faced and head to the back of the line with the rest of us.  Others saw the length of wait and simply spun on their heels and walked out.  Were it not for the fact that it would have been at least another 15 minute drive to the nearest coffee shop, I would have joined them in leaving too.

I know that there’s all kinds of hype about the health hazards of sitting on a public toilet seat but, from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t take a forensic specialist to figure out that women are either squatting over or straddling a toilet rather than sitting and have really bad aim or positioning.

Second to that, is the idea that there’s bacteria on the toilet flush handle so, some women don’t want to touch it to flush it so, they’ll leave it and walk out.

What I don’t get is how women can’t aim the toilet tissue into the bowl?  It’s not like you have to be Magic Johnson to get the hoop, though I suspect that some women may stand back and attempt “hoop-shots”, shrugging if they miss and walking out.

If you make it past getting to use a toilet still decent enough for human usage, you still have to face the sinks.  At least, one would hope you’re going to use the sink, soap and a paper towel or the hand dryer.

Not only was every counter soaking wet but, it was either full of paper towel or the floor was so wet beneath it, you risked slipping and breaking your neck or having a concussion and, if you used paper towels to dry off your hands, you had to kick the balled up wads that women had thrown on the floor rather than into the basket.

Ladies, I’d like to ask you something.  Do you do this at home?

Here are some tips for those who are offenders so that everyone else can have the privilege and ability to use a restroom after you’re finished.

  • If you’re a germaphobe…take a ziplock baggie with some of those disinfecting wipes with you in your purse and wipe down the toilet seat so that you can sit on it rather than trying to stand on, straddle or squat over the toilet and miss it.
  • The handle of a toilet is used to FLUSH it.  Use it.  If you’re worried about touching it, use your elbow, foot or another piece of toilet tissue to flush, then quickly put that tissue in with the rest or flush it again.  You’re not paying for the water bill so, don’t worry about an extra flush.  It’s fast and easy.
  • Lining the seat with the toilet paper is another option before you use the seat BUT, make sure that you put that tissue into the toilet as well…not onto the floor.
  • Nature calls when it calls and we all have issues now and again but, if you’re in a public washroom and have other issues, at least try not to get it onto the seat and floor, please.  That toilet is big enough that there’s no excuse for anything that we can excrete to be on the floor or the seat.  If you have a problem that explosive do the world a favour…please stay home.
  • If your child hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a week and has some bad constipation issues, please think about not taking the child to a public restroom to resolve it.  There is nothing worse than hearing a parent, trapped inside of a stall next to you, endlessly yelling at the child “we’ve been in here for 20 minutes…push it out” and hearing the child crying, screaming, “it won’t come out!”  Take your child home and let him/her work it out there, please.  If it’s been in there for a week, another hour isn’t going to hurt at that point.
  • A sink is a sink.  Granted that some of them don’t work optimally in public restrooms but, if you can put your hands under your own faucets at home without soaking the counter, the floor and flicking water down the walls and onto the floor, you can do it in a public restroom too.  Besides being courteous to others, you just may save yourself from having the woman next to you, cursing and swearing at you when her top or jacket gets wet at waist or crotch level.

The bottom line is, if you wouldn’t do it at home, why would you do it elsewhere?

And, I can’t believe that I’ve written over 1,000 words on Bathroom Etiquette but, I did.




Oddball Judging Panel On Idol And Simon Cowell Hates Adele Songs

It’s been a strange couple of weeks for reality tv singing talent shows and it’s leaving viewers wondering whether they are worthy of being watched any longer.  Viewership is going down on the two current shows that are running alongside one another.

Both The Voice and X Factor have lost viewership this season and it’s no small wonder.  Judges have either changed or will change soon.  No one can keep up with it all and frankly, it seems that the viewing audiences are showing their displeasure with so many ups and downs as well as far too much of the same type of shows.

Meanwhile, back at American Idol headquarters, a new panel of four judges are on the scene at auditions for the show’s upcoming January 2013 start of its 12th season and it’s an oddball judge’s panel.

Idol’s 2013 season will see Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and yes, Randy Jackson will be back at the table.  After all of the much tooted hype and speculation about Jackson stepping away from his judge’s role and taking on a mentoring position, Jackson is right beside his diva client, Mariah Carey.

American Idol Judging Panel For 2013

While there’s something to be said about diversity, this panel is as different as they come and could signal the beginning of the end of the show.

About the only thing that Idol has going for it, is that it’s scheduled in a time slot and season where a large portion of the American and Canadian population, are stuck inside with the cold, the early darkness and the post Holiday Blues, looking for something to cheer them up.   Without that going for it, it’s questionable that AI could withstand another season or, hit the viewership that it’s hoping to have this upcoming season.

It’s questionable as to what Idol execs were thinking when they hired on a pop diva, a country music star, a vulgar, garish hiphop rapper and a washed up musician/music producer to sit together at a table as judges, hoping to bring up the show’s ratings to keep it going.

Maybe, AI wants the attention on the judges and the much-anticipated tension that will be at the table.  However, that leaves the question of whether viewers will be tuning in to watch the talent on the stage or to see what will happen at the judge’s table.

The Voice will lose Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green next Spring as judges.  Both Voice judges have given notice that they won’t be around for the next round of The Voice so that they can work on their own music careers.  That’s likely a safe bet for both of them as it’s been reported that viewership on The Voice has been dropping as well.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell is finding that viewership for his second season of X Factor (USA) has been going through a bumpy ride, in spite of his pick of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new judges after dumping friend and long-time co-judge Paula Abdul and singer-actress, Nicole Scherzinger at the end of last season.

After a rough viewership start in the first week, X Factor (USA) got a boost in its ratings with U.K. viewers tuning in to see a well-known Brit face, Louis Walsh who subbed for a missing and alleged “sick”, Simon Cowell for one evening.

When Cowell returned the next evening, he appeared grumpy, harsh on contestants, showed little patience and barely smiled.  He adamantly told contestants he did not want to hear “anything Adele”.  Unfortunately for some, that wasn’t good news as their chosen audition songs were those of the singer-song writer.

At one point, a pig-tailed, smiling, 12-year-old chubette, Jordyn Foley, danced bounced onto the stage with loads of energy and audience magnetism, wowing the audience with her cutesy and adorable exuberance and sent Cowell into a tizzy when he stated that he hoped she wasn’t going to sing anything from the musical Annie.  The youngster stood there looking shocked and bewildered, slowly nodding that she was indeed, going to sing Tomorrow  while Cowell scowled and showed his displeasure and impatience.  She managed to be voted through on a 3 to 1 vote.  Cowell, of course, voted “no”.

There have been many camera panned shots of Spears who often looks like she’s either sucked a lemon or is simply bewildered and lost.  Something is telling me that viewers won’t likely see Spears either signing back on for a second season or being asked to re-sign.  There’s just a hint or twinge inkling that hints towards the idea that Spears is not exactly enjoying what she’s doing on this panel.

Thankfully, either Cowell has gotten the hint that viewers aren’t impressed with his constant eating and chewing or sucking something throughout the show or, he’s versed the camera men to keep shots off of him while he’s munching because this week, there weren’t many times we saw Simon sucking or chewing on something and talking with his mouth full.  At least that’s an improvement over the previous week.

It seems that the questions will be, how many singing talent shows can tv audiences handle and which ones have the most to offer?

But, if you’re fed up with singing talent shows, you can always go the dancing route.  Dancing With The Stars, now in its 15th season has its All Star edition out this season and coincides with The Voice airing times.

So much talent that it’s become overwhelming.

X Factor Or Simon Cowell Eating and Britney Spears Meltdowns?

Simon Cowell’s X Factor made its Second Season Premiere last night.

Cowell was in his usual fine form but, a little laid-back in his comments and appearance but, that is likely due to the fact that he was letting new and much tooted judge, Britney Spears, take the reigns last night.

Cowell has made it no secret that he was planning on honing in on the Britney Spears angle prior to this season’s premiere and it held true to form as the cameras seemed constantly aimed on Spears.  It made one wonder if Cowell should have re-titled the show to “Spears Factor”.

The first half of the show or more, Spears appeared pale, drawn, uncertain, nervous and ghastly looking.  She appeared more like she’d been through a horrific experience, without sleep for weeks and it’s little wonder because it all came across as though Cowell has thrown the burden upon Spears to make or break the show this season.

Meanwhile, the very young, Demi Lovato showed her immaturity in giggley toned joking around.  Cowell seemed amused, as though he was playing with a kid he’d taken under his wing in a fatherly fashion.

L.A. Reid was barely focused upon and sat at the end of the judge’s table with only kind comments or facial expressions.  Can it be that Reid has become the Randy Jackson of American Idol to Simon on X Factor?

What we didn’t see were the alleged infuriations with Cowell from fellow judges, the walk-offs by Spears, and a lot of antics that went on but, will never see the television screen.

Reportedly, LA Reid was furious during one wait for Simon to get back to the studio after leaving to hit a diner and chowing down on grits and mashed potatos, keeping an audience of 5,000 and contestants waiting.

Is Cowell developing an eating disorder of some kind?

Cowell sat, popping something he was eating into his mouth throughout the entire show.  Even before commenting, the audience (both tv and live), had to wait for Cowell to finish chewing or sucking on whatever it was that he was popping constantly into this mouth.  It became annoying to say the least and for others, it may be considered rude.

Word has it that Cowell has given up smoking so, whatever it is that he has in that little glass bowl and keeps chowing down on, may be an aid to his cravings.  Whatever it is, Cowell needs to find another way to deal with it because it’s become the focus of the show to see him munching on something or other and wondering what it is that he’s eating.

The two-hour premiere did have its moments.  One young girl, came on stage to prove herself after having been bullied a good chunk of her life.  Thankfully, she could sing and poured her heart in pain, crying through the entire song.  She was put through to the next round but, only time will tell if this girl has what it takes to make it or whether this was a one-trick-pony deal with the tears and empathy.  Admittedly, it was a bit of a tear-jerking moment.

The next round of auditions airs tonight.  It is yet to be seen whether Spears will be able to carry off the tremendous weight Cowell has placed upon her shoulders to hold the show or whether she’ll melt down altogether and be leaving the show hanging mid-season.  Of course, we won’t see the behind the scenes happenings to keep her on screen.  There may be many times that Spears walks off in reportedly, panic attacks or emotional melt-downs.

In the meantime, someone please hand Cowell a piece of gum.  Eating while judging on television is not pleasing.




Love Transcends All Barriers


It was one year ago today, September 10th 2011, since my brother left this earth so suddenly and so unexpectedly.

Today, I am reliving everything with clarity as though it was just yesterday.  I still cannot fathom it.  I am still asking the questions that will not have answers during this lifetime, “Why and why him, why now?”

I’m lost without him.  There are still days when I want to pick up the phone and talk to him….just to hear his voice.  He was the only one in this world who understood me so fully and could make me laugh, even in the face of fear, troubles, pain or death.  No matter how bad something felt, he had a way of making me see the lighter side of things.  He could make me laugh even when things were bleak and serious.

We grew up close in age.  One year and eleven months apart in age, with me being that much older than him.  Yet, he became “my big brother” even though I was the eldest.

At one point, it was me, protecting him but, that quickly changed into him, protecting me and never stopped.

We grew up with the same friend group, for the most part, and were included in one another’s lives greatly.  We knew each other’s deepest secrets, fears, hopes, dreams and worries.  We thought a lot alike.

Our childhood was not one that of a fairytale.  There were plenty of struggles but, we managed to get one another through it by being there for one another.  He was my rock and I tried to be his.  He told me I had succeeded.

There was no time for goodbyes.  I was at the hospital but, he was already on a ventilator, comatose, unable to respond.  Yet, I told him that I loved him and knew that he somehow heard, somehow knew.  Death was not going to be a barrier to that love for love transcends all barriers.

Going back is not possible.  This much, I know.  However, I do go forward with him in my heart and think about him daily.  He is in every part of my house and soul.  There isn’t a memory that I have that doesn’t include him in it.  There isn’t an inch of my house that doesn’t have something he’s done in it for me.  That’s just the physical.

I know that my brother is with me.  I cannot “see” him or “hear” him with my physical senses but, I know that he is here with me when I need him to be.  I know he hasn’t truly left me.

It’s that knowledge that makes me smile, even through my tears today.

Love knows no barriers.