Randy Jackson Officially Quits As American Idol Judge

It’s pretty much official that Randy Jackson, the sole remaining original judge on American Idol, has given up his seat as a judge and will likely become a mentor for the show’s 2013 12th season.

Signed on is Mariah Carey with a big price tag of nearly $18 million.

Reportedly, Nicki Minaj is still in talks but, allegedly close to signing as is Keith Urban, who comes in at a bargain basement price of $3 to $4 million for the season.

This sounds like a train-wreck waiting to happen.

Diva, Mariah Carey…who is well-known for her diva-style demands and big money for doing the show and insisted she be the only female on the panel.  Can anyone say, “Make-up, hair, wardrobe adjustment, double faced tape, where’s my Latte and, get Minaj out of here…I’m the STAR?”

Nicki Minaj the rapper who has a mouth that even bleach couldn’t clean up and dresses herself more like a cartoon character.

And, we have Keith Urban, the Australian Country-Singer legend who will take the bargain-basement contract because he’s alleged to want to promote his newest albums to North American fans as he did by taking a seat on The Voice (Australia) to up his popularity and promote his albums Down-Under.

Nigel Lythgoe, originally stated that he wanted a judge’s panel that “gelled” and had “chemistry”.  Uhhhhh….was he and his show execs drunk when they came up with this combo?  It seems rather impossible that the three of these judges could “gel” with one another.

Carey is said to consider herself in a league of her own.  Minaj has a reputation for having a “sewer mouth” and Urban…well….he’s the “lone male” between two opposite ends of the spectrum women judges.

All of the contending judges have albums and careers that they’re hoping to boost by their stint on Idol this season.  It’s wreaking of stars wanting to promote themselves rather than the talent on that stage.  We’ll likely have more result night shows with the judges rallying for air-time than anything else.

This can’t be a wise move on either FOX or Idol’s parts with other talent shows taking over viewership on the air-waves, like The Voice and Simon Cowell’s, X Factor, which airs in the Fall with his new judges’ panel.  Unless Cowell flops, Idol could leave viewers flipping the channel from a circus.

It’s sounding more like laying the show down on the train-tracks, waiting to be hit and knocked off the rails.  This season could be the “Swan Song” for the show or, at least, pretty close to it before mid-season.

It may be a bet to take that most viewers will tune in for the first couple of weeks as a novelty and the stats will show viewership dropping drastically by mid-season.






Keith Urban Reportedly Signed On As American Idol Judge For 2013

Country Singer, Keith Urban has reportedly signed on as a new American Idol judge for 2013 with a $3 to $4 million price-tag, beating out Brad Paisley who wanted $8 million for the season.

The wires are abuzz with reports that Keith Urban has now been signed on as a new American Idol judge for the show’s 12th season which airs in January 2013.

The country singer was a coach on the Australian version of The Voice.  He had signed on as one of the 4 coaches as part of a campaign to raise his fan base in his home country and did just that by his 2 greatest hit albums to number one.

Now, Urban seems to be eyeing the American scene and Idol will offer him the chance to up his popularity in the U.S. and Canada.  With at least a 21-million viewership, that should be alluring.

Idol was also targeting Brad Paisley but, Paisley’s fee was the higher of the two.  Paisley reportedly wanted $8 million while Urban came in at a bargain price of $3 to $4 million.  One can only guess that Urban sees the dollar signs coming up in free advertising for his upcoming album.

No word yet on whether Nicki Minaj will sign on the dotted line for a season but, my hopes are that she’s going by the wayside as she’s one mouth I don’t wish to watch.

It will be an interesting time to see who Idol does sign up and whether they go with the 3 panel or the 4.

What will happen to Mr. Randy Jackson and his “yo-yo-yo” and “DUDE”?

What happens to a Country Music phenomenon alongside a Pop-Diva (Mariah Carey who is already signed on and angry at the prospect of Minaj being signed on as she wants to be the only female on panel) and a foul-mouthed, cartoon style dress-up, female rapper?

This is sounding more like a freakish side-show than American Idol, the singing talent show.  It’s become more about the judges promoting themselves and their own work than about the contestants.

What are FOX and Idol Execs thinking?

Mariah Carey Furious At Idol For Possibly Signing Nicki Minaj As Judge

There’s storm clouds brewing over American Idol’s judges’ seats and it’s about to become a hurricane if FOX and Idol sign rapper, Nicki Minaj on for its 12th season as a judge in 2013.

Reportedly, the ink has barely dried and the fanfare barely begun on Diva, Mariah Carey’s contract as a new judge on the show and Carey is already furious that Idol may be/could be/might already have….assigned another of the show’s empty judge’s seats to Minaj.

Mariah Carey, reportedly furious over news that Nicki Minaj may be a fellow judge on American Idol 2013.


Spokespersons for Carey have gone into “repair mode” after Carey reportedly got nasty and hung up on an Idol producer who had called to let her know that Idol had signed a deal with Minaj to be a judge alongside Carey.

Carey was allegedly told that she’d be the only female judge on the panel so, she is reportedly infuriated by the idea of another female judge being on panel.  Diva or not, who could blame her if that was one of the conditions that she signed her contract under?

Carey’s built a reputation on a powerful voice and is in her 40’s and Idol is bringing in a 29-year-old raunchy-styled rapper.

Carey had tweeted to Idol that she had wanted to get her co-star in The Butler, Lenny Kravitz a seat at the table.  Talk about nepotism?  Carey’s manager, Randy Jackson gets Carey on board and now, Carey is wanting to get Kravitz into a chair beside her.  If things went according to plan, Carey would have Jackson on one side and Kravitz on the other.   unfortunately, that’s not how it’s seemingly going.

There’s still no word on what role Randy Jackson will have on Idol this season.  No one knows whether he’ll be back at all, taking another role as a mentor or whether he’ll be in his usual judge’s seat.  With that said, no one knows if there’s one, two or three seats left to be filled or who will fill them.

Speculation has it that if Jackson returns as a judge, Idol could be looking at adding a fourth judge to balance out the male to female ratio.  Even if Jackson is in his seat, with Minaj sitting on the panel with Carey, they still might have to add an extra seat to balance that gender ratio out.  Neither scenario will sit well with Carey who wanted to be the only female at the table.

One way or another, Idol is reporting that it’s still needing another male and is looking at  Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias.  The Jonas name seems to have been left out of the equation unless, they’ve already signed him on.

Criticism is being heaped upon FOX and Idol for potentially ending up with what sources have termed a “blackout” as a judge’s panel for 2013.  If Jackson were to stay in his seat and Minaj signed on, leaving it a 3-seat panel, the obvious is that it’s not gender that would be the problem.

Frankly, I think Idol is cutting its own throat and it will be fans who pull the plug after this season if they don’t think this through.

We’ve got the potential for Jackson, Carey and Minaj, possibly Iglesius, Paisley or Urban.  Talk about an odd panel.  A music producer and manager, a diva, a raunchy rapper and either a Country or a Latin music singer.

Jackson has been around since the show began and is tiresome with his “dude” “dawg”, “she/he wants it bad” phrases after 11 seasons already and has grown stale with his comments of “I dunno dude….it just doesn’t do it for me” with a wince and question mark sound to the end of that statement.

Carey is questionable as to whether she can get her mind off of herself long enough to make a criticism or, whether she’s simply “too sweet” to make a negative one at all.  It may be that she spends more time worrying about when the next make-up and hair fix is coming up and seeing to it that someone is filling her Coke glass.

Minaj’s mouth may be bigger than the show…though it may prompt some fun moments and possibly Carey storming out several times.

Urban, Paisely and Iglesius may all be and feel extremely out-of-place as a third or fourth judge if Minaj and or, Jackson are on the panel with Carey.  That may be the ticket for these 3 to walk out on even thinking of signing on.

No matter which angle this can be looked at from, signing Minaj on is a recipe for disaster for the show and may spell “THE END”.

With a rapper whose lyrics run along the lines of graphic topics such as hoes, bitches and “niggas”, dressed outrageously, this can’t be good for Idol, The Family Show but, some think that perhaps, between an angry diva and a raunchy rapper, there could be some rather entertaining and controversial moments.

If that’s the case, the only question left would be whether the show is about the talent competition or the judges’ dramas.

Can you say DISASTER?

That’s the way I see it from my little corner of life.



Nicki Minaj May Be New Judge On American Idol

Insiders say that Nicki Minaj is being considered as a new judge on American Idol.

Insiders have said that there’s talks going on towards having Nicki Minaj become a new judge on American Idol 2013.   Nothing has been confirmed or denied but US Weekly has made claim that the deal is done.

Has FOX lost its mind?  Have Idol execs lost their minds?  What are they thinking?

If anyone has seen Minaj perform, one knows that she’s not exactly “family viewing”.

Perhaps, Idol execs have seen a bit of Jennifer Lopez in Minaj.  Afterall..they both see to want us to “get on the floor”.  

FOX and Idol can count me out if Minaj is in.

Nathalie Roze & Co. A Clear-Cut Shopping Phenomenon

If you’re a Torontonian or planning on visiting Toronto then, you have to pay a visit to Nathalie Roze & Co..     You’re in for a shopping delight.

I visited the East End of Toronto recently and found a unique shop that I never knew existed.  I only wish that I had found it sooner.

It was such a treat to be in this store as every nook and cranny of it, holds something fabulous.

Nathalie Roze & Co., located at
1015 Queen E Toronto, ON M4M 1K3
(416) 792-1699
A One-Of-A-Kind, Indie/Artisan store and fabulous shopping experience.

Had I blinked, I might have passed it by but, its green exterior walls and signage caught my eye.  Parking was no problem so, I pulled over and stopped in.

From the moment I entered its doors, I was struck and amazed by the unique displays and items that flooded every inch of the store.  There was so much to see that I started at the front door and worked my way to the back.  I scarcely knew where to look first.  There was just so many delightful and intriguing items that I wanted to look everywhere at once.

I was greeted by a friendly sales clerk who simply let me know that if I needed any help or, had any questions, she’d be available.  I thanked her and she left me to look and wander around, looking on my own.  (There’s nothing I hate more than a sales associate who’s breathing down my back, asking me what I’m looking for when even I don’t know at the moment.)

Nathalie Roze & Co., truly a delight and surprise in every nook and cranny of the store. Filled with Indie Designer and Artisan clothing, jewellery, accessories as well as Re-Creations (recycled items, designed into new fashion and fashion accessories).

It was amazing to find out that most of this store’s stock had been created from items that had been re-cycled into something different.  Nothing was mass-produced and every piece had a flair that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Hard to believe that this tunic top/dress was created from a pillowcase but, one of the many examples of the uniqueness of Nathalie Roze & Co.’s Indie and Artisan Designs.

Everything from the jewellery to purses, hats, baby clothing, maternity to quirky items such as journals created from old vinyl records to greeting cards, handmade and so unique, one couldn’t resist giving as gifts, made me want to keep looking.

There was something for everyone in this shop.  I picked up several birthday gifts in one store, knowing they were unique and no one else would have the same thing.

Recycled vintage brooches that can be attached to purses, used as hair clips, or simply a brooch.

When I finally did have questions, the sales associate was clearly in view and did answer them fully, leaving me again to go on with my shopping experience but, remaining within eye contact should I need her again.

It wasn’t until I was having my purchases rung in that I was told that Nathalie Roze, the store owner, and staff, also do Wardrobe Consulting and have regular DIY workshops for everything from soap to jewellery making and so much more.

I’m sure to go back as this is not the type of shopping experience one can only sample once.  They’ve always got new items being added to the store as well as upcoming events such as “clothing swaps” and workshops both evenings and weekends.

If you’re not in Toronto or won’t be, Nathalie Roze & Co. has begun to expand their lines of both in-house designs and Indie Designer pieces on the net for your shopping pleasure from your own home.  You can visit their website by clicking on Nathalie Roze & Co.

Also be sure to follow them on Facebook in order to keep up to date on upcoming specials, events, workshops and much more news.

Britney Spears May Be The New X Factor Junkyard Dog

Britney Spears could be meaner than Simon Cowell as a new judge on Season 2 of X Factor.


It seems that Simon Cowell has been tooting his own horn in having brought Britney Spears onboard as a fellow judge on his new hit tv talent show series, X Factor (America).

Cowell has implied that he thinks of Spears as an Austin Power’s style, Mini-Me and thinks she has the guts and glory to be as cut-throat in her judging and commenting as he has proven to be in all of his talent show judging positions.

Spears seems to agree with him.

“I think it’s just based on myself and who I am,” she said of her judging style. “I’m a very honest person.”

That may be an understatement.  Spears may prove to be a little too “honest” for most viewer’s liking.

“I’m not going to lie about this,” Cowell has stated. “I always said the No. 1 person I wanted on one of these shows was Britney. She’s intriguing. You see a different side to her and she’s a really great judge. … Britney is quite mean, which you’ll soon discover.”

Meanwhile, Cowell has termed one of his other newly signed-on judges, Demi Lovato as a “brat”

“….but there’s something really likable about her as well,” Cowell adds.

It appears that Cowell has lined up an entire panel of “Mini-me’s” as co-judges.  Will that simply allow him to sit back and let the others be the harsher judges or, will it leave room for Cowell to be even more nasty to contestants than he already is and, us not realize it because the entire panel has a critical edge to them?

Don’t look now but, it seems that this season’s X Factor could turn into more of a judge’s contest and focus than the contestants themselves.

All that I can say to the contestants for this season’s show is….you’d better grow a pretty thick skin because it sounds as though it’s the judges who will be competing with one another to see who can be the harshest and meanest.

Hey, it’s gotten Cowell the millions he’s made thus far but, it could also spell the end of the show if he’s not careful to keep the harsh criticisms from his panel to a tolerable level.  Everyone loves to hate someone on a show but, no one loves to hate everyone.  That’s a death sentence for viewership.




American Idol Looks At Alanis Morissette To Fill Judge’s Chair

It’s been leaked that singer, song writer, actress, Alanis Morissette is in talks with Idol execs to be one of the show’s new judges for the 2013 season.

“I’m in talks with somebody right now. I can’t name any names, but I’m pretty excited at the thought of doing it more formally,” Morissette has stated. “I still have to investigate further, and that’s all I can say.”

Singer, song writer, Alanis Morisette in talks to being a judge on American Idol for the 2013 season alongside newly signed judge, Mariah Carey.

This latest news certainly wouldn’t be a Jagged Little Pill  for Morissette fans to swallow.

Interestingly, Morissette holds dual citizenship as a Canadian born talent who gained American citizenship in 2005.  With 16 Juno’s, 7 Grammys, 2 Golden Globe nominations and being shortlisted for an Academy Award, this gal’s got the background, knowledge, qualifications and talent to sit at the AI judge’s table, no doubt.  She’s also opinionated so that may make her excellent entertainment for the show and offset Mariah Carey’s Divadom.

While it’s doubtful that Morissette will be the female version of Simon Cowell, she could put quite a slap to her comments and critiques which would make it an interesting show to watch.

Known for over 17 years for her angry, bitter songs about lost loves, revenge, frustration released and angst, Morissette says that there’s a calmer side to her…though she’s calmed down some after getting married and having a child.  When asked if she can still write those songs that held so much passion, Morissette admitted that she hasn’t fully changed.

“My husband can still attest to the fact that there’s still anger, testiness, frustration…..” she states with a chuckle at herself during a CBC interview.

Also still in the running is Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers, Pharrell Williams and Sean P. Combs though, it’s been rumored that Combs isn’t exactly jumping at this opportunity.  Just the opposite, Williams has been rumored to have told people at his record label that he already has the job.  Interesting that Idol wouldn’t be blaring this news if this were to be true.

Of course, it should come as no big surprise that both Carey and Morissette both have new albums coming out.  Morissette’s new album, Havoc and Bright Lights should debut later in August of this year, while Carey’s new album, Triumphant is also slated to be released within the next few weeks.  This should bode well for both singers’ careers with free publicity and likely a couple of performances from the two on the show.

It’s also been rumored that Nigel Lythgoe may be eyeing the return of a 4 seat judge’s panel for the 2013 season.