Is Colorado Shooter James Holmes Truly Insane?

Is James Holmes, the Colorado shooting suspect, insane?
That decision will be looked at in the coming days as Holmes is formally charged with 12 murders.

Colorado Shooting suspect, James Holmes is being formally charged with the deaths of 12 people and injuring 58 others.  Of course, the only real defense can be that Holmes is “insane” if his lawyers are to prevent the death penalty.

The question of whether Holmes knew right from wrong when he walked into a Colorado movie theater and took 12 people’s lives and wounded 58 others will be a tough challenge for both of the legal sides as well as for psychiatric assessments to determine.  Obviously, someone who has those types of impulses, is not a well person to begin with but, the question remains as to whether he truly is incapable of knowing right from wrong.

The law in Colorado concerning Criminal Insanity states that a person must not be able to know right from wrong due to a mental illness but, goes on to stress, “care should be taken not to confuse such mental disease or defect with moral obliquity, mental depravity, or passion growing out of anger, revenge, hatred, or other motives, and kindred evil conditions.”

Allegedly, Holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist at the university he was attending to study neurosciences, ironically enough.  While it’s unclear as to whether Holmes was seeing this psychiatrist for personal counselling or for other purposes, what is clear is that Holmes had issues that needed to be dealt with in some fashion or another as he had allegedly been stock-piling weapons for an assault throughout May and June of this year.

Sadly, Holmes had been able to purchase four guns legally prior to the shooting.  He’d bought a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, having to pass a background check which takes only about 20 minutes to do in Colorado.  With no criminal record, Holmes was easily able to buy those guns and harbour them.  Aurora police also say that he had booby-trapped his apartment so as to kill any police officers who entered his apartment.

What is unclear at this time is the question of whether or not Holmes actually was seeing the university’s psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton as a patient, for how long or, in what other capacity she may have been seeing him.  Allegedly, he had sent a package to her office prior to the shooting at the movie theater but, those details have yet to be disclosed.

Even with a plea of insanity, one would have to wonder if indeed, Holmes was truly insane.  Having been a neuroscience student, it would have given him plenty of access to knowledge of mental diseases on which to build an “act” and perhaps, outsmart assessments.  If one has enough knowledge about certain mental disorders, it is quite possible for Holmes to “fake” the symptoms, know the answers to give and perhaps, cleanly fool authorities into believing he is mentally ill.  Certainly the stunned/dazed looks he was reported to give in court could well been that of someone who was simply acting the part of a diagnosis he’s imitating.

The other question that can be asked is whether he was garnering information from the university psychiatrist to set the stage for an insanity plea or whether he truly was insane and seeking help?

It’s been said that those who are truly insane, don’t know it so, if in fact, Holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist for counselling, it may be that Holmes was not truly criminally insane because it would demonstrate that on some level or another, he knew “right from wrong”.

It also raises the question of whether the psychiatrist had picked up on this man’s intents or warning signs that should have been reported to authorities.  While there is doctor-patient confidentiality to consider, it is understood that if a psychiatrist knows that a patient is a danger to themselves or anyone else, that clause goes out the window.  Did she know?  Or, was she being “played” as well by Holmes?

If in fact, Holmes is criminally insane then, the gun laws need to be revamped to ensure that innocent people aren’t killed by someone who can so easily and legally obtain guns, period.

American Idol Officially Signs Mariah Carey As New Judge For 2013

It’s official.  FOX has signed Mariah Carey on for the 2013 season as one of the new judges to replace one of the seats left vacant by Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Mariah Carey has been signed on as a new American Idol Judge for the 2013 season.


As one would guess, Carey is working on a new album and being on Idol for the season will give her fabulous exposure and free publicity, likely having her on stage throughout the season at some point or another to push her work.  Carey gleefully made this statement about her upcoming judge’s role.

“I’m currently in the studio working on my new album and its first single, ‘Triumphant,’ which will be out early next month. I can’t wait to channel my  creative energy as a part of this show, which is a massive global  phenomenon.”

Simon Fuller, one of the Idol execs, of course, patted himself on the back after Carey was signed up.

“We are proud to have one of the world’s greatest-ever female singers join our  show,” he said, beaming.

If anyone should be beaming, it should be Carey.  Sources have said that she’s now become the highest paid tv reality personality with a salary of $18 million for the season.

Reportedly, Simon Cowell had wanted Carey as a judge on his hit show, X Factor but, Carey’s pregnancy put the brakes on those plans.  Could Cowell be jealous?  Not likely.  He’s doing just fine with having signed Demi Lovato and Britney Spears for his upcoming season.

By all accounts, Carey would be joining her manager, Randy Jackson at the judges’ table but, there’s still rumor swirling that Jackson may not be in line for his seat this coming season or that Idol may not want him there.  Speculation has it that Jackson will return on contract as a mentor to contestants with Jimmy Iovine.  Interesting concept and fitting as Jackson is part of old Idol and it seems that FOX and Idol execs are trying to estrange themselves a bit from the show’s old image.

While Idol execs and FOX are sighing out of relief that one chair is filled, Nigel Lythgoe is still hanging onto the hope that Jennifer Lopez’s tour will fail and she’ll come back, begging for her seat back.  Who knows?

Normally, it would make sense that Idol can’t afford two big salaries.  However, with the other talent shows crowding in and stealing audience from AI, it may be a make or break it year for the show that is now getting old amid the newcomers in the tv line-up of talent reality shows.  If Idol loses more viewership, it could be that there won’t be another season beyond 2012.  May as well blow the bank, go all out and try to ensure a place in the 2014 listings.

There’s a lot of questions left unanswered yet, not the least of which is, “who is judging the auditions that are currently going on while two of the three judge’s seats are still up in the air?”

Will Randy Jackson return to his judge’s seat or will he act as a mentor this season, needing his chair to be filled too or, was he instrumental in getting Carey to sign on and as part of getting her onboard, saved his position?

Can Carey, The Diva cut the mustard as a judge or will she be “unable to say no” as Simon Cowell has predicted she will be?

It may take the seasoned veteran and sole hang-out on the panel, Randy Jackson to steer the helm for Carey, making decisions for her if that were to be true.




Colorado Mass Murder Shooting And Rash of Multiple Shootings in Toronto Means Guns Need To Go


If People don’t have bullets, people can’t use guns to kill people.
It’s that simple.

It’s one thing to have a mental issue and want to harm yourself and others but, if they didn’t have guns at their fingertips, they’d be unable to do the type of damage that we’ve been seeing in both Canada and the U.S. lately in gun related crimes.

I’m not going to talk many stats as that would be futile to debate.  Someone will always come forth with the idea that owning a gun in a right.  Afterall, it’s written into the U.S. Constituition as such.  Many will also debate the idea that in areas where everyone owns a gun, there’s less crime.  Others will say that it’s people who kill, not guns.

However, in the wake of the mass shooting in Colorado this past week and a rash of public shootings in Canada over the past couple of weeks, one has to ask themselves the question of whether that “inalienable right” to carry a gun is right and whether it’s time to reconsider the possibilities and problems that come with that so-called “right”.

There was a time when owning a gun was necessary.  Way back when the U.S. Constitution had that amendment written into it, there were reasons for possibly needing guns.  Hunting to eat, protecting one’s land from both human as well as animal intruders etc..  However, we don’t live without police and most of us don’t hunt our own food anymore.  We have police.  We have supermarkets and we should not be vigilantes.  Those reasons are pretty much gone by the wayside.  What originally became a reason for carrying a gun, no longer holds any water.

Most of the hand guns, used in Canada in today’s crimes, come from the U.S..  Over 70 plus percent of all handguns in the hands of hoodlums and gang and drug dealers today in Canada, came from the U.S..  Not that the U.S. can be blamed for producing guns because the Canadian governments are not doing enough to stop them from getting across the border and into Canada.  However, were the U.S. to not be so free with the ability to own and carry guns, it wouldn’t be quite so difficult to clamp down on.  One hand washes the other so to speak.

A gun in the hands of someone whose mind is clouded by drugs, gang related activities or just plainly having a mental disorder, is a dangerous thing.  It allows them to act out whatever it is that’s running through their minds.

Perhaps, the idea is to forget getting the guns off the streets and instead, make it impossible to buy the bullets.  You want to carry a gun…carry one but, you won’t have bullets for them.  However, the only way that Canada can accomplish this is to have the U.S. on board in stopping the supply of bullets to Americans as well.  One stop across the border for either country not on board with this idea, negates the effect.

As far as I’m concerned, you want to hunt….hunt but, hunting guns belong locked up on a range or hunting ground and the only place to purchase the bullets is from that source.

Want to take your rifles home with you, fine…empty the chamber and be searched before you leave a hunting area so that no bullets can be taken off-site with you.

My personal opinion is that if you can’t get the ammo, a gun is useless.  In that case, a person can’t kill other people.

So, to anyone who wants to use the argument about the right to protect oneself, if no one has any bullets, we’re all on equal footing and there’s no need for a gun, period.

That’s just the way that I see things from my little corner of life and I’m sure I’ll have a rash of comments on this one.

Idol’s In Trouble As There’s Still No Judges for 2013

Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of American Idol, may have said it all when he responded to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were leaving/booted off as judges on American Idol, one day apart from one another.

“I have to respect both Jennifer and Steven’s decisions. They’ve got a much bigger career than just sitting judging Idol,” Lythgoe, said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. “They’re both very talented people and you have to respect their decision to carry on and do what they were doing before Idol. It breaks my heart, because I love them both dearly.”

The truth is, Idol can’t afford the big names.  Even Mariah Carey’s hubby stated, allegedly jokingly, that they couldn’t afford his wife as a judge for the show.  Sadly, that’s very likely the truth.

The fact is, Lythgoe has stated that he is considering that AI may have to look at the judges for the panel on a year by year basis and consider them only for one year stints on the show rather than the long-termed contracts that AI had been handing out.  He’s said that while there’s a long list of names coming at him, “he’s looking for the The Three Stooges (nice term to call potential judges, Lythgoe.  That should draw them to the show by the hordes.) but…at the end of the day, I think what we have to talk about is just using people for a year.”  (Again, nice way to put it Nigel.  “Using people for a year”?)

While Ryan Seacrest agreed with that idea, saying that “while we want these big stars…and we do…you cannot take them away from what they do…you’re just constantly keeping things interesting,” there are issues with that kind of thinking that I can see from both sides of the coin that need to be taken into consideration.

The big stars aren’t necessarily going to want to leave their current work for the sums that AI can afford to pay them.  They’d likely be making far more, doing what they do.  It’s hard to believe that they’d want to sign on for a year away from what they do if they are already doing well at it.  If they are doing well at it, they aren’t going to settle necessarily for the contracted money for that time away and risk losing momentum in their own careers.

It seems that it’s going to take pulling artists and music industry big names, out of mothballs so to speak due to both the time investment as well as the wages.  However, while they’re more likely to do it for less, they’re also more prone to doing the stints to revive their own status and career as AI has seemingly done for both Lopez and Tyler.  There’s also big risk in using judges whose careers are either stalled or collecting dust especially, given the fact that the sponsors want the young blood viewership for Idol.  That also dumps Randy Jackson.

Some have speculated that Idol is watching its last days coming up and I concur with that idea, sadly.  In order to stay afloat, Idol execs have stated that they will have to cut both staff and salaries.  Judges salaries will have to be nearly or more than halved.  That means approximately $5 to $7 million for an entire season’s worth of work, something a lot of music industry stars can earn in a couple of months in doing their own thing.  The exception to this salary cut would, of course, be Randy Jackson who has already penned in a multi-year contract with the show.  Could this spell producers and FOX using the “exit clause” allegedly built into Jackson’s contract who has yet to be either confirmed or not as to his return to his seat for the 2013 season, ironically or not.

I still find it eerily ironic that both Lopez and Tyler made their exit announcements with a day of one another.  Could it be that the “pink slips” were being handed out that week?  Both Lopez and Tyler were making some big bucks at the judge’s tables over the two years they were judges so, it’s ironic that their year-by-year chairs were suddenly both vacated for them to pursue other endeavors….interestingly enough.

It’s been suggested that AI Alum might make good judges but, with Carrie Underwood having reportedly made $20 million during 2011 and David Cook having tied her earnings last year, it’s highly unlikely either of them would even blink at the idea of a seat on AI.  Both Daughtry and Adam Lambert hauled in an estimated $6 million in 2011 so, they both might be interested.  Lambert has already stated that he would have an interest in a seat.  While Kelly Pickler, David Archuleta, Fantasia Barrino and Kelly Clarkson, all netted far below that level, sitting at between $1.8 to $2 million each, it’s not looking like any of them would have the show’s “draw” that’s needed in those judge’s seats.

With X Factor judge’s salaries in the $15 million range and The Voice, similarly salaried, it’s going to be really hard for FOX and Idol execs to pull in the big, current names that are popular with the younger targeted audiences at those types of salaries.  That’s the huge mistake that both the sponsors and the show is making.

When Idol was new and pretty much the only singing competition on tv, along with draws like Simon Cowell’s mouth without a censor filter, drawing in the viewers, the show could afford to pay out the salaries and bring in the bigger names.  Now that Cowell has branched off and done his own thing with one season old, hit-show X Factor and The Voice, Idol doesn’t have the same advantage it once did and needs a huge overhaul to stay alive.

As I see it, Idol and FOX would be better off courting other sponsors for the show and upping the contestant age range, thus, raising the viewership ranges.  That would also allow a much broader leeway for judging potentials.

Sadly, I see a show struggling that may not be able to recover.  It isn’t just Lopez and Tyler leaving or Jackson staying (though I feel that a mistake as well should he stay on but, am feeling doubtful now that he will).  It’s the fact that Idol hasn’t upped the ante by changing to suit what the viewers want.  Cowell seems to have gotten it right.  At least for now.

I still say Ozzie Osbourne would be a hoot but, Lythgoe wants “chemistry” between the judges.  Ozzie may need a table and chair on another planet.  However, anyone thought about Kelly Osbourne?  She’s pretty raunchy, controversial, lived the music biz most of her life through her dad and her own stab at it.  Last I heard, she wasn’t doing much in her own career.

There’s also far-out celebs like, Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley’s daughter) who has a mouth on her, is straight up and tells it like it is.  She could potentially be a female Simon Cowell and while she doesn’t need the money, she may be someone who wants to get back into the public eye just for the hell of it or, to perhaps, re-start her own music career.

There’s plenty of people out there but, it’s going to take some pretty quick, out of the box thinking and decisions to get the show up again and competing.

Or, maybe, they could have Madam Tussaud create a Simon Cowell mannequin and edit audio clips of Cowell’s “atrocious, horrific, sounds like a karaoke version in a bar, I feel like I’m on a cruise ship and you’re the entertainment…”, simply hitting the button when it’s the dummy’s turn to speak up?  Wonder how much it would cost them to have Cowell give permission for that?  Likely…out of their salary budget.

Fingers crossed.






Justin Bieber News…All Day, Every Day



I know every star has their fan-base and far be it from me to want to take that away from either him or his fans but…is there any way that we can get through a newscast without Justin Bieber coming up in it?


There was an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan today.   Thousands were left homeless, looking for loved ones in the rubble.  Many are without water, electricity or a place to go.  A Tsunami warning has now been posted but, Justin Bieber has tweeted his condolences to the people’s of Japan, saying he was sad to hear the news.

The economy took a downturn today.  Stock markets all over the world have taken a beating and investors are scrambling to curtail the damage, hoping for a climb in tomorrow’s trading sessions.  All is not lost though, Justin Bieber has released his new and third album, “Believe” where it’s topping charts in the U.S. and Canada.  If anything can turn us in “Beliebers” it’s Justin.  He’s earned an estimated $55 million over the past 12 months.

Two more tourists were found beaten and dead in Mexico today.  Canada and the U.S. have issued traveller’s alerts.  This news comes in the wake of an escalation in drugs and gang related activities in the country.  Travellers are being warned to stay safe and re-think travel plans to Mexico at the current time.  Meanwhile, Justin Bieber and girlfriend, Selena were caught by paparazzi, enjoying each other’s company on a beach in Cuba.  Bieber was signing autographs, looking healthy and being generous in posing for photos with fans.

A horrific pile-up has sent four people to hospital with one being confirmed dead on arrival.  Names have been withheld, pending notification of family.  Two people are in critical condition and one remains under observation.  Speaking of cars, The Bieb was spotted driving a brand new Porsche this weekend.  Insiders have said that the teen heart-throb bought the car as a birthday gift to himself for his 18th birthday.

Researchers have begun implementing a new cancer care regiment, tooted to be a boon in how cancer patients are receiving treatment.  Individualized Treatment plans will see cancer treatments tailored to each individual patient rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, previously used.  Patients will be tested for genetic make-up, individual health status and much more first so that doctors can approach the patient with options that best suit their particular needs.  Meanwhile, nothing can stop Justin Bieber who is spear-heading the first “Anti-Paparrazzi Case”, claiming that he was just trying to get away from the paparrazzi.  Having been slapped with a speeding ticket for doing 80 mph in a 65 mph zone, Bieber took matters into his own hands to save other celebrities from the perils of being chased by paparrazzi.  Bieber said that these pesky photogs are making celebs feel as though they’re trapped and called it “false imprisonment”.  But, it wasn’t just the celebs that Bieber is trying to protect.  He’s stated that the photogs drive recklessly in trying to get a shot and it’s that factor that he wants to see in court.  Bieber will save lives.

The U.S., Canada and many other nations around the globe, have been experiencing severe heat waves and drought conditions this year.  Corn crops and other agricultural crops are suffering and will likely lead to both a shortage as well as much higher prices in the coming months as farmers wrestle to keep their crops alive.  Many people are finding themselves with health issues from this heat wave especially, those who are without air conditioning of some sort.  Cooling centers are being set up, pools are staying open later and people are urged to check on their neighbors and the elderly during this time.  But, if you like the heat, there’s plenty of it for Justin Bieber fans as they line up to get copies of the latest issue of the hottest new issue of “Rolling Stones” mag where The Bieb graces its cover.  Look out girls.  It may be too hot to handle as Bieb flashes his sexy, hot bicepts in a tank top.  While not quite a man yet, he’s a boy who Bieb fans will cause girls and cougars alike, to have to cool off after seeing this issue.


And, that’s just the way it is today.  Stay tuned for Entertainment Gossip Tonight with Shady Galeani and Thomas Toothorn as they give you the latest on Justin Bieber.   Have a good and safe evening, knowing Justin Bieber is part of this world.


Someone gag me now and wake me up when there’s more to the world than Justin Bieber, will ya?








R-E-S-P-E-C-T…..Arthea Franklin and Charlie Sheen Want American Idol Judge’s Chairs For 2013


The Queen of Soul, powerhouse, Aretha Franklin has been making it known that she not only wants one of the judge’s seats on American Idol for the show’s 12th season but, she also wants to bring friend, Patti LaBelle to sit beside her at the table.

Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin wants some RESPECT.
She’s seeking out a seat as a judge on the 2013 American Idol’s Judges Table.


Aretha may be showing that she doesn’t want to be any part of a “Chain of Fools”.  This woman knows that she’s done it all and while still touring this summer, she’s been eyeing being a judge on American Idol for 2013.  We won’t let that fool us though because she’s also stated, in the same breath and sentence, that she would also love to be a judge on “The Voice”.

At 70 years old, when asked by Robin Leach what brought her so far in her career and what would she like to do next, Franklin responded, “I still haven’t been on “American Idol” or “The Voice,” though. I’d love to be a mentor. It seems that each time I come to the West Coast, they’re just going on vacation, so we can never get to do anything together. I come West at a certain time of year, and when I like to come is when they’re going. That’s happened at least two or three times now. I watched Gladys Knight on “Dancing With the Stars.” I can dance, I can definitely dance, but I don’t think I’d really care to take that one on. But yes on “American Idol.”

So, there we have it.  Another potential 2013 AI judge if FOX network wants her.

However, sources have said that the deal is nearing being made for Mariah Carey to be one of the judges.

Hang onto your seats here because the guessing doesn’t stop here.

Apparently, this saga becomes even more bizarre as Charlie Sheen of the I’m Insane and Going To Make Sure You Know It fame, is on the prowl for a seat on the panel now too.

Don’t rub your eyes or shake your head, you’ve read that right.  Charlie Sheen, who has been un-predictable and shown he’s not far from being put in a padded cell at times, has stated outright that he wants to be a judge on American Idol next.  He’s made no secret and been quite public that he wants to replace Steven Tyler on the 2013 season.

Can you picture the comments coming out of Sheen’s mouth?  Talk about having to run the show on “delay” so that they have time to bleep out cussing or obscenities on live shows, they may have to either tape the show or, duct tape Sheen’s mouth and tie him to a chair.

Sheen made his “devotion” to American Idol and a judging clear when he said,  “If the numbers move the needle AND ‘Idol’ matches 20 per cent of my weekly salary for Autism Speaks, JDRF, and the Boys and Girls Club … then the hell with it. As we say, pour the smoke”

Maybe, Sheen needs a career revival or just another platform to prove he really is heading for a looney-bin sometime soon.  My question would have to be, “what the hell does SHEEN know about music?”

With his current show, “Anger Management” hitting the skids and, quitting Twitter with no explanation to his 8 million fans, looks like Sheen is hurting for money and a public forum on which to air his rants.  Without a job and Twitter to vent on, it’s likely he’d settle for the going rate of $12 million for a season on AI rather than hit the unemployed actors lines again and, be able to act like a lunatic in front of at least 21 million viewers, live.  I can see the appeal it would have for him.  Captain Bonkers would have a field day in keeping censors busy.  Question is, would there be much of a show left after the bleeps and cuts to commercials while they tranquilized him?

Charlie Sheen wants to take Steven Tyler’s seat as an American Idol Judge in 2013.  Welcome to The Twilight Zone.


Meanwhile, Randy Jackson has been seen out and having dinner, with former fellow AI judge, Simon Cowell now the master-mind behind the hit new show X Factor.

While it could simply be two old friends catching up and having some buddy time, Cowell has fired friend and also former Idol judge, Paula Abdul as well as Nicole Scherzinger from their seats on his new show, X Factor and is looking for replacement judges to take their places.  That has raised speculation that Cowell and Jackson could be working something out between them.  However, Cowell had a 4 panel judges table and has already beat AI to the punch in hiring Demi Lovato and Britney Spears to fill those spots, leaving it more likely that Jackson and Cowell were simply out for some fun as friends.  Perhaps, Jackson was gleening advice from Cowell on what to do with his seat and how to leave a winner.

Jackson’s seat has yet to be declared filled by Jackson or FOX thus far so, anything is possible in this swiftly moving saga.

In hearing the news that Charlie Sheen wants a seat on AI, I’m now thinking that perhaps, Ozzie Osbourne might still make a better judge between the two.  At least if Osbourne were to screw up, we wouldn’t know the difference.

Censorship would most definitely be needed for Sheen but, for Ozzie, they’d need compulsory closed captioning.  On second thought, maybe not.  Even if we could understand his words, could we understand what he means?











Jennifer Lopez And Steven Tyler May Have Been Kicked Off American Idol?

An insider has now reported that Jennifer Lopez left her judge’s seat because Idol wouldn’t up the ante on her salary and may have given her the boot out.

Reportedly making $12 million the first season and $15 million the second, Lopez allegedly asked for another $2 million for a third season and wasn’t counter-offered by Idol and FOX execs.

That means that Lopez was pretty much not wanted back on the show and, while she claimed that she had other pursuits she wanted to go after as well as spend time with her children, it is sounding as though she was given the option of bowing out gracefully to the public, when in fact, she may have been unwanted by FOX for a third season.

It also makes sense that my question of why she waited so long to announce that she was leaving the show, was due to the fact that FOX was taking its time to decide what to do rather than Lopez making a decision.  Certainly, her demand for another $2 million may have added to FOX’s hesitation in signing her back on to another contract and aided their decision not to counter-offer.

Reportedly, Rock star, Steven Tyler was in a similar predicament with possibly FOX not even offering him another contract for his third season.  That potential scenario may explain a statement Tyler made during his announcement of exiting Idol,   “After some long … hard … thoughts … I’ve decided it’s time for me to let  go of my mistress ‘American Idol’ before she boils my rabbit.”  Maybe, it was his mistress who let go of him?

It also puts into place another of the puzzle pieces that Tyler left on the table for us to chew on.  When asked whether he’d be returning to Idol for 2013, Tyler nonchalantly answered, “they haven’t asked”.

Could it be that these stars are finding themselves out on their kiesters by FOX and not the other way around?

As for Randy Jackson, it appears that FOX may continue courting him for a while longer, without answer because Jackson is Mariah Carey’s manager.  It’s been mentioned that Carey was being considered for a spot at the judge’s table in 2013 and Jackson may have the pull with her to get her there.

Could Carey be Jackson’s key back to the table or, is it possible that FOX, if Carey declines or they decide against her, might offer Jackson his walking papers as well?

Stay tuned.  It seems the saga continues and as Betty Davis once said in her role in the 1950’s classic, All About Eve, “Hang onto your seat.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.”