Banning Menthol Cigarettes To Stop Kids From Smoking?


This is a photo of a kid smoking marijuana in Canada…the land where the government does nothing to kids who do this in public but, are banning menthol flavoured cigarettes as an alleged ploy to stop kids from smoking. Make sense to you?  It doesn’t to me.

The Canadian government (and, likely other governments around the world) are determined to “save us” from our health issues apparently.  They are now banning menthol flavoured cigarettes.  Why?  Because they say that menthol flavouring cuts the harshness of cigarette smoking and therefore, appeals to kids.

First off, let’s get this straight.

The Canadian government/Health and Welfare Canada has been alleging to want our welfare/well being in mind in all that they do but, are they really or are they backwards, misguided and have an agenda that has nothing to do with the public’s well being?

Look at the fact that there are many convenience store owners who will sell cigarettes to kids no matter what.  What are they doing to those creeps?  If a kid is determined to smoke, they will find a way to get cigarettes one way or another.  A flavour isn’t going to make or break that idea.  Crack down on the illegal sellers and they stand a bit more of a chance.

Secondly, by removing menthol flavoured cigarettes from the market, Canada’s governments are effectively removing the rights of other adults to have their choice in spite of the fact that kids will smoke no matter what they do or don’t do.

Thirdly, they are toying with the idea of legalizing marijuana, a substance that has been proven to be as dangerous, if not more dangerous than cigarettes.  Not only do joints hold  almost the same number of both irritants and carcinogens during the burning process that cigarettes do but, the smoke is inhaled and held much more deeply than a cigarette.  That doesn’t touch upon the impairment abilities of reefers that now hold equal to or above 40% more THC (the psychotropic ingredient responsible for the high and impairment) than the versions smoked in the 1960’s and ’70’s.  Add to it that there are NO current roadside testing capabilities yet available that will hold up in court on a DUI charge and, you’ve got a recipe for total disaster.  That danger holds not only for the pot smoker but, also for everyone else in society who may fall victim to an impaired person’s ability to cause an accident of one kind or another, vehicular or otherwise.  How caring is that to people’s wellbeing?  It’s not.

Next, we have those who wish to try to quit smoking.  Drugs intended for this purpose such as Chantix, come from Big Pharma and Big Pharma is finding out daily that the list of side effects, including suicidal thoughts and possibly suicides, are possible outcomes for their drugs.  They are a form of antidepressants which doctors are handing out like candy for every ailment from true depression to menopausal symptoms and now, smoking cessation.  While they claim Chantix is non-addictive like other anti-depressants, try coming off of any anti-depressant and see what you face while trying.  It’s hell.

Most of us who have had a few attempts at quitting, know that quit-smoking aids like patches and gums, lozenges etc., are useless as well and another product of Big Pharma which pays governments huge sums of money, not to mention the perks it gives docs for attending seminars, seeing their reps and prescribing their meds (and, yes, they say that it’s illegal but, it happens all of the time still as I have friends who work for doctors and see it happening on a regular basis.  They even look forward to the lunches, dinners, gifts etc that they receive from the Big Pharma reps).

So, what are smokers doing to try to quit?  They’re turning to “vaping” or “E-cigarettes” to get the vapour hit as well as the nicotine and hopefully lower the amount of each as time goes by.  What is the Canadian Government doing?  It’s putting in laws that won’t permit people to smoke these things except in places where regular cigarette smokers can smoke.  If that’s the case, someone who vapes, is simply going to go to the same place people smoke cigarettes and light up a regular cigarette.  Why not?  The government is thereby saying that even vaping cannot be accepted.  Oh, but we’re going to legalize weed and until recently, Ontario Premiere, the great and powerful Kathleen Wynne, was going to allow medical marijuana users to light up wherever they were.  What about their second hand vape/smoke?  She’s seemingly re-thinking this one.

Most of us know that smoking is bad for our health.  If we don’t know, the fact that three quarters of a pack of cigarettes or better, are covered with graphic photos and warnings as well as a little card inside each package, stating that cigarettes are harder to quit than Heroine, might just tip us off to the fact.  We don’t need a mother/father in Canadian governments to ground us or take away our rights to tell us that.  However, the idea that kids can run around with guns, killing each other and innocent by-standers faster than any cigarettes could possibly kill and nothing is being done about that, speaks volumes for the brains that call themselves “governments” in Canada.

Call me nuts but, I’d much rather take my chances that a few more kids might take up smoking (if they can scrounge up the money for the astronomical sin taxes already added to cigarettes) than to take the risk of being shot and killed or permanently disabled by a kid with a gun where nothing or very little happens to them because of the Young Offender’s Act and the “code of silence” where people don’t rat out other people.  I’d also much rather take my chances of a kid taking up smoking than seeing one killed instantly in a car crash by a DUI under the influence of marijuana.

However, that’s just me and my thinking from my little corner of life.


Christmas Is Cancelled This Year


Christmas is coming up, fast now.  If you’re Christian, you know what I mean and you’re feeling the pressure building.  If you’re not Christian, you have your holidays and can empathize.  However, this year, I’m feeling nostalgic as well as rather lost in a lot of ways.  In a way, while emotionally draining, I’m not feeling the stress that I usually feel.  I will explain what I mean by this statement but, I’m thinking that The Kranks (Christmas With The Kranks)   likely had the right original idea in skipping Christmas altogether and taking off for a tropical vacation.

First the lack of stress…with visions of The Griswolds in “Christmas Vacation” dancing through my head.

I used to be the accommodating family member who would take over all of the holiday meals and would shop for everyone until there were gifts galore all over the place.  I could barely stand up the day after Christmas and would have a nervous break down when the credit card bills started coming in the end of January.  It would take me months of penny scrimping and creative meals, no buying anything not needed 100% to dig us out of that financial nightmare.  Yes, we were saps.

Over the years, the family has diminished, not grown.  Most of my family has now passed away as has my husband’s family members.  What little family both of us do have left now, are not or barely speaking to us.  You see, we started having to say, “sorry…no” to things.  Hubby and I used to be the biggest doormats around for everyone and let’s just say that no one liked it when we had to politely start setting some boundaries and saying “no” to requests for money, money and more money that we didn’t have to begin with and couldn’t help them out anymore.  Worst, was our own daughter who found herself a boyfriend and they wanted to smoke weed in our home, with our 3 young nephews present and we told them to take it elsewhere.  No one left, likes having us say, “sorry…we can’t” so, they’ve kept their distance.  That leaves us alone for Christmas this year.  I’m not sure if it’s sad or if I should rejoice as I won’t have to scrimp and save to pay off the bills this year nor, do the work for everyone to enjoy?

What I do know is that it’s making me think twice about being too giving from here on out and learning to set up boundaries.  People don’t seem to like the fact that we finally stopped being a bank service or allowing things that aren’t right because we feared the back-lash from them if we said that simple word, “no”.  We’ve found that out and it was a shock at how they reacted to it.  It’s amazing how much people will take and appear to care when they are getting what they want out of you but, put the plug in the giving and they suddenly stop caring about you altogether.

We’re not quite sure what we will do for Christmas this year and, don’t get me wrong, it’s not relished by us that people have taken on this attitude with us but, it’s an eye opener to know that we were always considered not much more than a wish granter and morons to any of them. Their true colours and motives have shown through, including during a recent health issue where I required surgery and not one person bothered to pick up the phone to ask how I was feeling even when it didn’t go well.  Sadly, I realize that in spite of being blood related, it doesn’t mean caring about us but, we won’t be going down the same path of giving and laying down for these same people to wipe their feet on any longer.

As Christmas approaches, we’ve put up our lights at the usual time with the rest of our neighbours.  We’re about to put up our Christmas tree where the cat will knock it down a few times or the dog.  We’ll go on about our days the best that we can but, our hearts will not feel the same about Christmas again nor, will they feel the same about these family members, including our only child who is now an adult and estranged from us because we finally had the nerve to say “no” to them all for differing reasons.

I don’t know what we will do this Christmas but, I do know one thing.  We won’t be in debt this year, over-worked or exhausted and eating hamburg 100 ways for the next 6 months to pay off those Christmas bills that gave everyone a wonderful Christmas which obviously wasn’t appreciated to begin with.

However, from my little corner of life, that may be something that will be a relief and perhaps, the best Christmas we’ve had in decades.  Time will tell and I’m about to search for places to go have dinner out and make reservations.  Ahhh…to not have to shop, clean, set up, cook, serve, clean up and wear myself out this year.  That might be a nice change of pace.  In other words, Christmas as we knew it, has been cancelled this year.  I might like it.



Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Has NOTHING Over You


Commenters have often asked me what it is that I have against Ralph Smart, known as “Infinite Waters Diving Deep” on Youtube.  My answer has centred around the idea that Smart charges an obscene fee for a one hour session with him that has no definition after he’s hooked people in with his Youtube videos but, gives no definition as to what this session includes.  More to the point, I have yet to find anyone, anywhere or any proof that he is as he claims, a psychologist.  That leaves the entire session idea as a vague trust issue.

Here are a few things that I’ve come to know about Youtube’s “Infinite Waters Diving Deep”.  Anything that I say here is purely from my own research and represents my own opinion and nothing more. However, before you idolize this young man, think about what I’m saying here and why. Form your own opinions and if you have information that I don’t have, please don’t hesitate to pass it along to me, with credible sources please.  I would be only too willing to change my opinion if there were to be something to change it.

First, he was born Ralph Okafro-Smart March 3, 1986.  That makes him 30 years old as of March 3, 2016.  Did you realize that you were listening to and taking advice from such a young man?  Many have wondered about his age.

It takes a lot of digging to get information on Smart.  It’s not readily available for a reason not unlike The Great and Powerful Oz in The Wizard of Oz.  Pull back that curtain and find an ordinary man, pulling levers on special effects to make one believe that he’s more powerful than he truly is but, there is information about him if you do some detective work.  I will give him credit though. He’s being quite cagey in the past couple of years on how he’s marketed his latest persona.  Trust me, he’s tried many different areas throughout his life but, it seems that he’s found a way to make money with this latest role, character and persona.  I will give credit where credit is due.

He first gave himself the name Kemetprince1 (which is a name that came from Kemet, Egypt) on Youtube and later changed to Infinite Waters Diving Deep when he went down the path he’s on now, claiming to be a psychologist.

Smart started out a minister’s son, with parents who came from Sierra Leone, West Africa.  He started his combined degree in Criminology/Psychology at the age of 17 at the University of Westminster, graduating with an honours B.A.

The origins of his Vegan eating likely came from his history of being ill and hospitalized for a month and constant migraines and sinus issues.  It wasn’t necessarily due to some higher energy belief as it possibly was a discovery that eating differently made him feel better.  Anyone who has suffered with migraines knows that meats, especially red meatsa and processed foods, can lead to more headaches through preservatives and other additives.  His Vegan lifestyle also possibly stemmed from his reading about eating whole, living foods or anything that grows on trees or in plant form.  Migraine sufferers also know that meat contain a substance when kept in a fridge for several days, called “tyramine” which can produce the horrific headaches.  A sensitivity to dairy products can also create sinus issues so, his eating patterns likely have more to do with his own health issues versus some belief system though, he has turned it into one of metaphysics in his books and now, his Youtube videos.  One can hear his push for his books on this BlogTalk tape.

Make note in the blog talk tape linked above that Smart considers anyone who believes in religion as “ignorant”.

“Jesus, Allah…do exist…as entities”, Smart agrees with the host. “When people pray, they give their energy to the entity that they’re praying to. That entity then becomes a reality….giving it life.”

Is not believing in organized religion a bad thing?  Not necessarily as many people don’t nowadays. However, he also goes on to say that if people in ancient times were to concentrate on a piece of glass, they could lift it off of the ground with their minds.  I don’t know about you but, I’ve tried this concept many years ago on numerous occasions with others and it did not work. What were we doing wrong that the ancients knew about and we didn’t?

By the way, Smart agrees with the host that formal education is “lower level learning”.

He states openly that he read the book “The Alchemist”.  Could that be where he got the idea that he’s an “Alchemist”?  If that’s the case, aren’t we all “Alchemists” just like he considers himself?

Given what information is available about both Smart, his claim of being a psychologist and the actual requirements to call oneself as such in the U.K., it’s my opinion only that it’s seemingly impossible that Smart is an actual registered psychologist. It’s more than likely to me that he’s created this self-proclaimed title (as he has claimed to be a cinematographer, graphic artist and a few other titles that have nothing to substantiate any formal training in these titles) but holds no institutional or accredited merit as such.  Being a psychologist requires a Doctorate course and registration with the accredited society of psychologists in England as well as at least 3 years of clinical, supervised work.  To the best of my knowledge, (though I would be open to be proven otherwise) Smart never went beyond his B.A. status and besides being ill, travelled for his own pleasure, entertainment and intrigue. Therefore, his claims of being a psychologist are most likely not actually true. This point alone therefore, leads one to ask what his sessions are really based upon.  How can he “counsel” without that accreditation? Yet, he’ll make the statement that he’s a psychologist and let the person paying for the session, assume what they will about the session. If you notice, there’s no real description as to what his sessions are based upon that you’re paying him great money to give to you.  If you have found that information, please comment and let me know.  I’ve yet to be able to find it.

For one thing, Smart was busy making films in 2010 at the age of a ripe old 24 years of age and considered himself a cinematographer.  One such film is cited in this article.  It’s a film about freeline skating.

Right about now, you’re likely asking yourself, “ok so, what’s your point? What are you trying to say and prove by this piece about a guy I think is great?”

My answer is that I want you to think for yourself.  Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is one of many on the net who have an agenda that is not what you want to think it’s about. In spite of Smart’s display and words to the opposite effect, he’s not out to solely improve your life.  He may make money off of the illusion that he’s out to do this and it’s a plus if he does.  However, the more likely scenario is that Smart is out to make money.  More simply stated, Smart wants you to buy him, his books (yes, he has approximately 4 of them out now), his propaganda that he’s read in books like many of us and, most of all, he wants you to pay him for an hour’s session with him that is vague and downright non-defined as to what it is about or how he works.  He’ll charge you 350 British Pounds to do so as well.  Yet, he will state that he’s a psychologist as a separate statement, not combining the two as one entity.  That leaves one wondering what it is that Smart’s sessions are really about but, it’s an expensive act to find that out.  If you’re uncertain as to what one of his sessions will cost you, use this money converter.  In my part of the world, that now converts to approximately $592.00.  That’s a lot of bread as an experiment to spend when you don’t know what you’re getting, isn’t it?

Lastly, but not in totality, there’s a lot of scammers on the net.  As genuine as Smart may seem and perhaps, as genuine as he may think he’s being, Mr. Smart is no different than anyone else or any other website out there who is trying to get you to spend your hard earned money to put into his pocket and pay his bills.  Think about that.  He’s not out to be a philanthropist nor, is he altruistic.  Smart is out to make a living and a damned good one at that.  You won’t hear him saying that though.  He’s not about to tell you that if he can get you to pay for one of his sessions or buy one of his books or cd’s, he’s a happy man.  Also ask yourself if you want to take the advice as gospel truth from someone who was approximately 20 years old when he got his degree, likely went no further with his education, is likely not a true psychologist and started his career off as a film maker first and, only 30 years old as of 2016.

Remember one thing, please.  None of us here on this planet, have all of the answers.  Smart is no different than you are.  His only claim to fame is his smile, his calming, friendly persona on video, his having read a great deal of books and his ability to market himself well.  That’s it.  That’s all that there is to Smart but, it’s up to you if you have bought into it all or not.  That’s your choice.

From my little corner of life and experience, it’s “buyer beware”.  Be careful of who you buy into on the net whether it be me or someone else with a great advertising scheme like Smart.  Be your own advocate.  Do your own research.  Ask your own questions.  Read enough to figure out what you need to figure out.  Trust me, Smart has nothing on you that you don’t already have.  He’s just better at making you think he does.

Peace, love and light everyone.




Enough Already Bring Back Gilmore Girls As A Series Again


I admit it.  I am a “Gilmore Girls-Aholic”.  I couldn’t get enough of them when they were on and now that I’ve watched the 4 season revival greedily like an addict, wanting a fix, I am left wanting even more of it again.  I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon…or, was I ever on it to begin with?  Likely not. My internet bandwidth is telling me that Netflix has eaten through it while watching re-run episodes of the series over the past couple of years.  I even had to spring for unlimited net every month to do so.

Let me say that the 4 episodes of “A Year In The Life” was a thrill, a rush but, also quite disappointing and angering all at the same time.  That’s only sharing part of the emotions that they tugged upon as I cried, laughed and yipped with joy at seeing old characters show up on screen, even if only for a few brief moments.  What these 4 episodes didn’t do, was to “end” the series for me.  As a matter of fact, it only opened the door for me as a fan, for more.  It was like sticking a giant foot in the door and not allowing it to close.  As a matter of fact, it has opened the door wider and left me thirsting  for more.  I have questions galore now that beg to be answered through a regular revival of the show.

The best part of this feeling is that I’m not alone in my emotions and sentiments.  The net and social media have been going nuts, wanting more as well. A lot of us wished we had bought shares in tissue companies long ago and are left with an unsaturated feeling once again.  What we thought we’d accepted over 9 years ago, we have had reawakened and are left with even more questions that would open the gate to more, more and more Gilmore Girls.

I won’t get into more of the specifics as blogs, television and entertainment articles have endlessly covered the fact that these 4 episodes have left old and new fans wanting more. What I will say is a couple of things that I’m sure pretty much all die-hard fans alike are thinking.

First, we’ve got to hand it to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino for a brilliant series, set of characters as well as their coy, sharp-witted writing in these 4 episodes.  I hope that I’m right but, it’s my consensus that these 4 episodes were written to cause fans to want more. I don’t believe for a moment that ASP or DP intended this as an “ending”.  They had written the characters as unsettled within themselves, their relationships with each other, their lives and in a lot of instances, plainly strange.  The entire 4 episodes built upon strangeness of character within the cast and kept building until it felt like while familiar faces showed up, they were so far out of character that it left us all questioning a lot that was left unanswered by The Palladinos.

In brief, Rory had become a lost soul. She certainly wasn’t the intelligent, caring young woman that not only Lorelai had raised but, the Golden Girl an entire town adored.  She was actually rather secretive, lost, ill mannered, broken and following a lifestyle that we know Rory never would have followed.  The worst was the affair chose to have with Logan while knowing he was engaged, sleeping with him and not telling Lorelai.  The Rory we knew in the previous series never would have followed that along for longer than one time as a mistake.  She was far too wise and family driven to cheat for that long. (Yes, we saw her cheat with Dean once he was married one time and take the wrath of Lorelai’s disgust but, later apologized to her mother, admitting it was wrong of her to have done.) Yes, we saw Rory be led astray and into legal hot water, serving Community Service by Logan and his entitlement, rich-boy attitude and taking Lorelai’s anger and disappointment for that as well.  We could chalk that up to a teenager, being a teenager and learning lessons the hard way.  As a 32 year old woman who had been out in the world and growing up, we found it hard to see Rory not only continuing on with stupid choices with Logan but, also a “quickie” with a complete stranger, a “Wookie” while waiting in a line-up.  That wasn’t the Rory we came to expect as a “finale” for the show in these 4 episodes, let alone the fact that she is now pregnant and we can only guess as to who the father of the baby is as Lorelai is left with her mouth open, cut to credits to allegedly end the story line.

We were given quite the ride with Lorelai as well in not being herself.  The inn in question, Sookie gone, Michel wanting to leave for bigger and better, Lorelai not settled within herself in spite of knowing that she and Luke, the man she’d wanted to be with, was with her. She was still in search of self and acting uncharacteristically with that silly need for a hike down a trail from a book and movie.  She asks her mother for money to buy a new inn and looks at a place but, it’s left wide open as to whether she got it or how it would all turn out.  That’s not to mention her relationship with her mother, Emily Gilmore.  It was still rocky at best but, ice was melting between the mother-daughter pair.  What happens next?

Next was Emily Gilmore who seemed to go a little crazy after husband, Richard Gilmore’s passing where she called “bullshit” several times during her much beloved DAR meeting and left the group, moving to Nantucket after buying up a piece of property there and working as a Shock-Gore Queen Tour Guide in the local whaling museum, doing it with delight at guest’s repulsion.  What was Emily to do during winter months there? Would she stay? Would she get bored? Was that her forever home? And, what about her love life which might have just been beginning.  The Palladinos didn’t introduce a new man into the plot line for no good reason.  Even Lorelai was shocked at her mother having “a boyfriend”.

Last but, certainly not least, was Rory’s quizzical visit to Christopher, her father, to ask what he felt about Lorelai raising her on her own.  We know now why she made that visit and asked that question.  The final 4 words were both a shocker as well as the door opener for more Gilmore Girls to come.  Not only are the doors open but, now that we know that Rory is pregnant, lost, broke and has no direction, it has put fans on bended knees in wanting to know what is going to happen, how it’s going to happen, who the father is and what will become of Lorelai and Emily in all ways.  There’s far too much left open to future episodes that keep right up with the times and can rival all shows going in fan base, even surpassing it.  Gilmore Girls is a “cult”.  It’s got a grown fan base and is growing by the day, week, month and year as new fans come on board and old fans thirst for more Gilmore Girls.

About the only main character who seemed more or less settled in story line was, Luke Danes, Lorelai’s love and now, husband.  Even there, there are questions about his character left.

From my little corner of life, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino have played their cards well.  This was not an ending.  This was a beginning.  Now to get the Powers That Be to recognize that fact and for Netflix or some other network to pick up the cues that have been left behind like bread crumbs like Hanzel and Gretel left behind. It’s all leading to “smash hit” again.

And, Alexis Bledel (Rory) the sole hold-out not too enthusiastic over more Gilmore Girls unless the right story line comes along, rest assured that you have enough fans that there  will be a good story line for your character to follow. Rory has not ended her stint with fans.  She’s only just begun again.

Give us your thoughts.  Do YOU want to see more Gilmore Girls again now?


Fans Want More Gilmore Girls Beyond The 4 Netflix Episodes Now!

Gilmore Girls Fans, have you watched all of the Netflix Revival, “A Year In The Life” 4 episodes yet?


If you’re anything like me, you’re uncertain whether there will be any further episodes ever done so, you’re savouring these 4 movie length episodes like they’re your last expensive chocolate piece, trying to drag it all out but, wanting more, more, more thinking that you might not get any more.

I don’t want to spoil this if you haven’t watched all 4 episodes yet but, my panties are in a knot to get it out since I am saving “Fall”, the last episode still as I don’t want to say “goodbye” to any of them and, there’s no word as to whether there will be more, let alone, when. (If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan but, don’t have Netflix, please sit in with someone who does and watch them.  Bring the popcorn and dinner, maybe lunch too and yes, make it junk food and coffee, lots of coffee in true Gilmore Girl tradition.)

Firstly, everything that I’ve seen thus far of 3 of the 4 episodes, have been like an emotional rollercoaster.  Seeing the entire cast some nearly 10 years later, a few more wrinkles a few more pounds after watching the 7 previous seasons over and over and over again for years now, brings my own age to mind.  My own daughter and I used to spend every week, together, parked on the couch, watching this series.  Not only did she grow up with Rory (about the same age) but, we bonded as mother-daughter in watching it, together so, it’s bitter-sweet to see these 4 instalments without knowing if there will be any more.  Sweet because though my daughter has grown and I don’t see her much anymore, I cherish this show beyond belief and was excited to know it was coming back for at least these 4 shows. Bitter, because I want more of it again.  I’m ready.  My tissues, popcorn, junk food and coffee need a reason to be brought out more often again now.

While I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t yet watched the last episode “Fall”, I am going to so, turn away if you don’t want to know. *SPOILER ALERT*

Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, Dan Palladino had and have a hit on their hands.  They wrote these last four episodes as a “stand alone ending” that they didn’t get to do on the final season.  However, they left it wide open for a total come-back which we all pray happens with Rory announcing that she’s pregnant at the very end.  We don’t know who the father of the baby is or what other reactions Lorelai had afterwards which leaves it all open-ended towards a brand new beginning of the series, not just a “re-boot”.

It would be wonderful to believe that the Palladinos had the idea of watching to see the reaction to these 4 episodes.  I truly hope that they did and purposefully, left the door open for a future that has Gilmore Girls The Fourth Generation coming forth if the fan base was loyal enough and wanting it.  From everything that I have been reading all over the net, the truth is that it has succeeded.  These 4 episodes did not “end” the series.  It began it again.  We all want more.  We are left like thirsty wanderers in a desert, in search of water.  Netflix, The Palladinos and cast of Gilmore Girls, heed our calls.  Your fans want  more, more and more.  What is that telling the Powers That Be?  It’s saying that there’s a market, fan-base and need for this to go forward into more seasons (and we’re not just talking about the literal seasons of the year, but a full fledged re-start of the series.) Television needs it and fans want it.  We need to see more of Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Emily and any other characters who can and want to stay in the series.  We want to see what happens from here on out on a regular basis.  They are like family to we, the fans.  It can’t  be stopped here.  There’s far too many questions left dangling that all this did was thirst us for more Gilmore Girls now.

With pleading out of the way, (yes that was pleading above and hoping Netflix, the Palladinos and cast of Gilmore Girls are hearing all of us, down on bended knees, hands together in prayer formation) there’s a fourth generation Gilmore about the enter the television world.  More than that, Rory seems rather lost and immature, unsure of herself and in need of a role, guidance and a future.  We’d all love to see what she wanted to write about her mother’s life, unfold in the future as we watch and grow with Rory and her child-to-be.  It’s ironic how supported Rory was by her mother, grand-parents, right on through an entire town full of people.  She was almost like “the chosen one” in Stars Hollow.  Yet, she has been one of the most insecure, unsettled, screwed up young woman and it’s showed during these past 4 episodes that we hope are simply meant as a “tester” segue into the launch of future seasons to come like the old Gilmore Girls was for all of us.  Alexis Bledel, who plays “Rory” has done a fantastic job in her acting these 4 episodes.  She has grown as an actress and could very easily bring Rory’s character forward into the future as we watch her grow into her life, self and role as “mother”.  Alexis, we hope you’re reading this as we know you’ve been hesitant to do further work as “Rory”.

Lauren Graham (Lorelai) has done a marvellous job with her acting as has Scott G. Patterson as “Luke Danes”.  Lorelai has had me laughing, crying and wanting coffee.  I want more Lorelai.  Equally, I want more Emily and to see what happens between the pair who seem to be trying to work it out between each other since Richard’s death.  Fans want to see these two fight, work on things, fight more and what will happen with their rocky, mother-daughter relationship as Lorelai becomes a grandmother, Emily becomes a great-grandmother as well as where Luke and Lorelai go with their relationship.  We’d also love to see if Emily grows her business and how another relationship goes for her and the girls.


Netflix, Amy and Dan Palladino, we have a lot of hunger for more Gilmore Girls.  There is so much to move forward with in a series now that it’s been brought to modern age to suit.  Don’t give up now.  We need more Gilmore Girls in our lives.  Don’t let us all down, please.

From my little corner of life…it would make my day to hear of a future for Gilmore Girls.  Please make my day as Clint Eastwood would say.



Why Facebook Is The Great Illusionist


Unless we have regular contact with people outside of Facebook, we don’t really know our Facebook friends.

Did that sound rather harsh and, you’re disagreeing with me right now saying, “I do know my Facebook friends!”

Let me say this in a different way.

If we aren’t regularly talking to, seeing or meeting with our Facebook friends and we only see them on Facebook, we don’t really know them.  All we know is what they’ve posted on their Facebook walls and, most of that is purely the good things, jokes, videos and happy pictures of them and their other friends or family.  We don’t get to see the other parts of them or their lives and therefore, we don’t really know them.

I tried an experiment this past week.  I asked my Facebook friends if they only post the good in their lives.  The answer was a resounding “yes”.  Reasons ranged from responses such as, “I don’t want to post the bad times on Facebook” to “I only want to see the good because life is hard enough.”

If everyone is only posting jokes or the good in their lives, we are only seeing (in most cases) about half or less of that person’s real life, thoughts and feelings.  That means that over half or better, is hidden.  How can you truly know someone if you’re only seeing a small portion of them or their lives?  The answer is, “you don’t and you can’t”.  That’s often why, when we finally do get a chance to talk to or meet Facebook friends, we find ourselves re-thinking whether or not we like them or we don’t.  More often than not, we’ll find ourselves stunned at how much we don’t like them and will utter things to ourselves or others, “he/she isn’t what I thought.  They are so different on the phone or in person.”

Facebook is a facade.  It’s like Hollywood where everything and anything can be made to appear real but, if we were to go behind the scenes and see how they really did it, we’d be less than impressed with what we were seeing on the screen.  The editing, the special effects, the computer generated backgrounds etc., all make the movie seem realistic.  Getting to see how it was really done, opens our eyes to the fact that the guy who appeared to be able to fly from building to building was only stepping across chairs with a green screen behind him.  For those who know that it’s all effects in a movie, it’s no big deal and nothing but entertainment but, for a child that movie seemed real.

In much the same way as Hollywood produced movies, most people’s walls are nothing but illusion towards the good, happy, fun times.  If you’re vulnerable within yourself or your own life, Facebook can be the absolute worst place to be because everyone else’s lives are going to appear rosy while you’re wallowing in despair.

“What’s wrong with me?  Why isn’t my life going better?  Everyone else is out partying or at family gatherings.  Why am I such a loser,” you may be asking yourself after spending an hour or so, looking at friend’s posts on the Home Feeds.

The reality is, there is nothing wrong with you or your life…at least, not by comparison to your Facebook friend’s lives.  Some may have times when they are out more than you.  Others may seem to have more family and friends.  However, what you’re not seeing them post, are the things that they are dealing with in their own lives.  You’re not seeing the financial problems they are having, the abusive husband/boyfriend or the girlfriend who is threatening to end their lives.  You’re also not seeing that their homes are falling apart but, they spent their money on clothes instead.  There’s very little that you’re seeing on Facebook that would tell you the true story behind people’s lives.  It’s all an edited and carefully selected version of their lives that you’re seeing and not reality or a three dimensional view of them.

If you’re down and feeling depressed about yourself and, or your life, Facebook is not the place to compare yourself to or with.  Your friend’s lives are not that charmed and you’ve been hit by The Devil.  If  you want real life, get out there and into the world where you’ll find a more realistic view of people to compare yourself to.  Talk to people, ask them questions about their lives, listen to their struggles and you’ll often find that you’re not as bad off as you think that you are…at least, not through comparison.  Even with your Facebook friends, private message them and ask them if their lives are really as peachy as they’ve painted it on their walls.  If they know you well enough or are honest people, they will likely tell you that they have problems up the wazoo too.  No one’s lives are as perfect as they are painted on Facebook…which begs the question of what we’re all doing there in the first place?  If things are only one dimensional, jokes or hand picked moments in time, why don’t we simply look at it as a good joke book or cyber space place to post how we wish our lives could be?

From my little corner of life, Facebook should be taken as entertainment only.  It’s not to be taken as reality.  Enjoy the frivolity of it all but, don’t take it seriously and stay away from it when you’re feeling like you’re a failure or you’re down on yourself unless you can look at your friend’s walls as nothing but a fiction story, built around a tad of truth.

Stay healthy, stay well, take Facebook for what it is.  A joke.

Ralph Smart’s (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Take on Trump’s Presidential Election Win Is Filled With Contradictions and Evasion


If you want to hear “Gobbledygook”, listen to Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) spiel on the latest U.S. elections and politics in general.

Go on, I’ll wait while you listen to what he has to say and come back.

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) on “Trumpland” 

Done?  Ok, let’s get to what he really said, if you were paying attention fully.

“Ultimately, you have to lead yourself,” he says after asking you to ask yourself why we need leaders.  “Yes, I encourage people every day to become your greatest self but, I can’t save you.”  (Yet, he charges an arm and a leg for one of his sessions.  What is that exorbitant fee for then?)

Ironically, he then goes on to say, “time and time again, I always see people externalizing their power to someone, thinking that this person has all of the answers and now, you place all of your trust in one person because they’ve used the good slogan, ‘change is here. Unity is here.'”

Excuse me, Ralph but, isn’t that what you claim to be able to do…change people’s lives if they follow your advice, read your books, listen to your cd’s or buy one of your ridiculously priced sessions which have no definitive description or seeming goal for people to shell out that kind of money towards buying?  Aren’t you setting yourself up as some sort of guru/leader and people are following you like sheep?  Isn’t that what you want?  Isn’t that how you got rich and became a millionaire?

“I don’t really talk about politics because to me, it’s a distraction,” Smart says on the one hand, after yet another slow motion imitation. “But, on the same hand, it does matter who’s in office because it’s going to affect you.”

What?  But Ralph, you just said that politics are a distraction.  How can something that is going to affect you be insignificant?

Apparently, according to Smart anyway, we’ve all handed over our power to countries leaders and humanity needs to realize that we need to eat better, 7 Day Vegan Challenge (yes, he got that in as he does in every video at least once or twice), and we need to stop believing “that there are actually countries because countries don’t exist” and “are only there to keep us in a state of servitude.”  Yet, he has no idea if your vote counts even though he sees politics as not elections but, selections.  Mmmmm….pause….slow motion to the other side.

According to Smart, “it was already arranged because there are forces on this planet. We are already in Spiritual Warfare,” Smart says in one breath then he states,”we look for a saviour figure.”  Could that be you, Ralph?  Are people hooking up to you by subscribing to your channel to be “saved” somehow, in some way?  Are you making people dependent upon your words and the 7 Day Vegan Challenge to live properly and healthfully?

“Is that person coming from a place of love.  That’s all you’ve gotta ask,” Mr. Smart states.

Well are you coming from a place of love for people or for money and fame, Mr. Smart?  You’ve made yourself a leader and people have “selected you” as their leader.  Or, are you coming from a place where your videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other social media advertising you can get your face and thoughts into are nothing more than advertising for you to get your wares and sessions sold?  Are you selling “love” or are you selling yourself to line your pockets?  Are you nothing more than the “smoke and mirrors” that you claim politics and their leaders are for people who are looking for someone to be their leader and saviour?  I think it’s the latter.

“The people running the show at the top, don’t care about you,” he says.

Do you really believe that Smart cares about you?  Do you really think that he knows you exist even if you are one of his over 780,000 You Tube subscribers or Twitter followers or whatever other social media advertising platform he can get himself into?   By the way, he follows 12 people on Twitter only while he’s got thousands of followers.  What is that saying to you?  Is it telling you that he’s interested in you at all or anyone else for that matter?

“It’s all a game,” he states outright.  “There’s a problem, people react and they create a solution.”

Wait…isn’t that what YOU do, Mr. Smart?  There’s a problem and you allegedly create a solution for it and charge through the nose to give it to people through your books, cd’s and sessions, basing it on your word that you’re a psychologist but provide no evidence to back that claim for those following you?

“The people who get a lot of power, they just want more of it,” he states.

Is that why you continue to pound out videos, tweets, Facebook, Instagram messages that you never or rarely respond to those who respond to them?

Meanwhile, he sees a movement towards no more countries, no more borders and everybody will be eating a whole lot of strawberries.  Excuse me but, did you note that Trump ran and won on the idea of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, will be deporting thousands of people and stopping immigration of Muslims.  Meanwhile, Russia is happy to see Trump in office.  Kind of doesn’t sound like heading in that direction to me.  Perhaps, Trump and Putin will be eating strawberries after their steak dinners but, it doesn’t seem that they are heading towards the world you’re describing.  They are moving away from it and, more into segregation.  That’s how knowledgeable you are yet, we’re supposed to be following you.  I wonder how the Gays, Muslims, Latinos and women feel right now?  Oh wait, you don’t care and you can’t save them.

If you have listened carefully to what Smart was saying in that latest video of his, you’ll hear not only double talk that circumvents the real issue of Trump’s election but, also a total mash of garbage being spewed out that contradicts itself all over the place.

If you made sense out of those over 11 minutes of Smart’s words that help you to deal with whatever country you’re from and its politics, I’d say that either you weren’t interested in politics at all and you’re blindly following someone who you wish to “save you” but, “can’t” as he says outright.  You’ve made him your leader and guru but, he’s full of hot air and doesn’t really care about you.  He’s lining his pockets.

For those of you who wish to argue with my thoughts about Smart, think of it this way.  Yes, his videos are free on You Tube.  Everyone’s videos are.  But, the higher ranking You Tube channels like Smart’s, are raking in promotional monies.  They also serve as advertising for their businesses. Smart is no exception.  He’s making money from even those “free videos” because he’s receiving sponsor’s monies for doing them.  Remember that Smart was a videographer, graphic artist and so many other titles he can give himself, long before he called himself a psychologist, criminologist, life coach, alchemist and infinite being.  Add to that fact that he sells himself, his sessions, his books, his cd’s and you have to ask yourself, is he doing me a service or is he lining his bank account?  Does he really care about me as a person or am I just another dupe he can sucker into following him on one of social media’s outlets.  Think about the fact that your friends see who you follow on social media as well.  One way or another, he’s advertising himself and making himself richer by the day.  Does he really care?  Or, had he found a way to get you to make him your “leader”?  Think about it fully before you write to me to tell me that I’m a “hater” or “jealous” and you’re “perplexed” by my piece.

From my little corner of life, Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) is no better than the politicians that he pays no attention to while he swallows another strawberry and hooks in another group of subscribers while selling his wares.  And, if he were to remove his “can I get a hello’s” and “slow motion this way”, his videos would be much shorter.