Why Is EgyptAir 804 A Possible Terrorist Act But Not MH370?


EgyptAir Flight 804, an airbus with 60 people aboard, headed from Paris to Cairo, loses all contact with radars and goes down from a cruising altitude of 37,000 ft.  It’s immediately suspected of being a terrorist attack with the feeling growing stronger as the hours and minutes go by.  Yet, Malaysian Flight MH370 which still has yet to be found, with much more mysterious circumstances surrounding its disappearance and is not considered a terrorist act at this point.  One has to question why.

Was it considered a potential terrorist act because EgyptAir originated this flight from Paris, France where there are known terrorist affiliates still working at the airport?  Is France looked upon as a “hub” for terrorists?  What is it that makes this airline’s sudden and catastrophic disappearance any different than MH370’s strange behaviour and resulting disappearance with only a few pieces found some 2 years later, thought to be “most certainly” that of MH370?

In the days that are to come, I’m sure we’ll get more answers to these questions but, the questions are still there.

EgyptAir Flight 804 had taken off from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France at 11:09 p.m., heading for Cairo, Egypt with 56 passengers, 7 aircrew and 3 security personnel that included at least 1 infant.  It’s reported that according to Greek military radar data, “Flight 804 veered off course shortly after entering the Egyptian Flight Information Region (FIR). At an altitude of 11,000 metres (37,000 feet), the aircraft made a 90-degree left turn, followed by a full circle right turn and then began to descend. Radar contact was lost at an altitude of about 3,000 m (10,000 ft).”  At 2:30 a.m. it’s said that the aircraft was lost on radar.  That was some  3 hours 25 minutes into the flight that should have ended approximately a half hour or so later but, had not begun its descent yet and should therefore, have been “safe”.  It was due to land in Cairo at approx. 3:05 a.m. but, when it disappeared 280 km (170 mi; 150 nmi) north of the Egyptian coast.  The plane was said to be swerving 90 degrees to the left and then spinning 360 degrees while the plane dropped from 37,000 feet to 15,000, Panos Kammenos, the Greek Defense Minister, made note.  All contact and radar detection was lost at that point in time.

Unlike MH370 wreckage from 804 has been found near the Greek island of Karpathos and has now been changed from a “Search and Rescue” to a “Search and Recovery” mission.  Egyptian, Russian and U.S. authorities have stated that they believe that this was a terrorist attack, likely involving a bomb.  Yet, no claims have been made by any terrorist group thus far.

Why is it then, that with all of MH370’s mysteries, that it wasn’t considered an act of terrorism?  Lack of debris?

From my little corner of life, it seems that MH370 was likely also a terrorist related disappearance and murder as EgyptAir Flight 804 but, we’ll not hear those words uttered.  For what reason?  Why won’t they say that much about MH370 with all that’s known and not known?  Something is still fishy for MH370 and now, EA 804.


Still No Public Memorial For Prince?

Maybe, it’s a financial issue with his estate being tied up or frozen?  Maybe, the family is waiting for official cause of death details?  Maybe, it’s that they don’t know how to do it properly yet but, while Prince’s family has held their own, private service for the Late Prince, there’s been nothing publicly announced as to a public memorial service for him by his family.

It very well may be that The Public, doesn’t have the right to expect a memorial service to be held?  However, it is The Public who will be buying up more of the late singer’s music and putting money into someone’s pockets for some time to come it seems.  In the family’s eyes, that does make it fitting that Prince’s family should be thinking about a public memorial of some type or another.

Let’s face it.  Time has gone on now since Prince’s sudden death and while people are still interested in the reason for his passing at 53 years of age, without more than a speculated cause of death, there needs to be “closure” for his fans who are still buying his music.  With left behind, unpublished tracks that could include enough music for 100 years to come, it may be prudent to keep him in people’s minds, not left undone.

Prince knew what his family doesn’t seem to understand.  Give The Public what it wants and it draws in fans.  Fans buy your music.  His family seems to be dropping the ball on this simple concept by not somehow, getting help and organizing a public memorial.

In the meantime, tributes have been done on differing stages by varying artists, at varying times.  Actor, writer and director, Spike Lee has done at least one memorial for Prince and may plan another.  His ex-wives have also had a crack at doing one and not inviting his family.  Those who were closest to him may have not had a chance at these memorials yet but, most of all, the people who put their money on the table and into the late musician’s estate by buying his music, are being left out in the cold.

As more time passes, record sales will slow down.  Prince’s memory will be simply ones that people remember upon hearing his music or by watching a video of him performing.  More and more of The Public, will move on with their lives and find other artists to follow with eagerness instead.

It seems time that Prince’s family follows through with their promise to hold a public memorial service for him or, risk losing the public’s interest as time goes by.  That, in and of itself, could mean lower income to the estate and the family.  At least, that’s the way that I’m seeing things from my little corner of life.

Prince’s Body Found By Addiction Specialist’s Son


                                             Dr. Howard Kornfeld and son, Andrew Kornfeld

It’s now making total sense as to what the Late singer, musician and song-writer, Prince meant when he said, “don’t waste your prayers, wait a few days”.   It’s now been reported that Prince was to meet with Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a California addictions specialist.  It’s being reported that Prince’s representatives had called for “emergency help” on April 20th, the day before Prince was found dead.

Kornfeld was said to be unable to make the first meeting and sent his son, Andrew Kornfield who was also a practitioner in the addiction practise instead as an emergency measure and, had also called a local doctor who allegedly cleared his morning to help stabilize Prince before he could be transported to Calfornia for treatment for substance abuse. It was Andrew Kornfeld who had placed the 911 call upon finding Prince dead in the elevator.  That would explain why the 911 caller on tape, didn’t know the proper address.

William Mauzy, who is acting as the Kornfeld family’s attorney, told a newspaper that Howard Korfeld had been called on the evening of the 20th of April because Prince “was dealing with a grave medical emergency.”

Kornfield’s son, Andrew Kornfeld, got to Paisley Park at about 9:30 a.m. on the 21st of April and one can put together puzzle pieces to say that he was let in by staff who, upon his arrival, went searching for the late singer in the large estate.  Kornfeld joined the 3 staff members in the search where they found his lifeless body in the elevator.

It’s said that Andrew Kornfeld, had been given a small amount of buprenorphine to take with him, a drug that is said to be used in the Kornfeld clinic to help with pain but, not be addictive as well as having less chance of over dosing.  Kornfeld, of course, never had to give Prince any of it as he was already dead upon his arrival.  Investigators have that unused medication in their possession now.

One can only imagine that people closest to him and perhaps, his “friend” who drove him to the pharmacy that evening, had become extremely worried when they allegedly called Kornfeld on the evening of April 20th (the night before Prince was found dead) saying that Prince had “a grave medical emergency”.  We know that it had to do with medication addictions because they wouldn’t have called Kornfield for any other type of medical condition.

If this is correct information, that sheds much more light on the likely possibility that Prince’s addiction to pain meds was the true cause of his death and he likely did overdose or, at the least, mixed medications with a deadly reaction.  One way or the other, it was medication/drugs that Prince put into his own body.


Was The Purple Prince’s Death Caused By A Pain Killer Medication?


The rumour mills on the cause of Musician, Prince’s untimely and sudden death are running rampant as we all knew that they would.  Everything from the flu to The Illuminati have been blamed thus far in tabloids, newspapers and even mainstream as well as underground media, blogs and water cooler conversations.  All of us are Armchair Investigators and we all believe that we have some sort of idea as to the cause of the icon’s unexpected and sad death.  

As I am writing this piece, the infamous vault in which Prince had reportedly stored over 2,000 taped tracks has been drilled open via orders from Bremer Trust after a Minnesota judge had appointed them as trustee for the late musician’s estate at the request of Prince’s only full sibling, Tyka Nelson an alleged “former” drug addict, herself.  


To date, no one has come forward to petition the courts for probate and, unlike Michael Jackson whose lawyer came forward to file his Will when Jackson’s mother had tried to become the estate’s executor some 6 days after Jackson’s death, there has been no such move by any lawyer on Prince’s behalf thus far.  Prince’s entire estate is now in the hands of the courts who will attempt to identify Prince’s 1 full sister and 5 half siblings where under Testate Law, the remaining estate, after governmental death taxes as well as final debts have been paid.  It’s estimated that his estate is worth between $300-$500 million and growing as his record sales grow posthumously.  

Also announced has been the fact that Prince’s death is now a Criminal Investigation.  It’s alleged that Prince’s body was found with opiate prescription medication on or around his body as well as more having been found in his Paisley Park compound estate.  Rumour has it that legal authorities have been unable to track down the source of the prescriber of these meds and may not have been legally prescribed.  Allegedly, one pharmacy that Prince reportedly had visited at least 4 times in the few days before his death has been given a search warrant to find records possibly pertaining to prescriptions for these meds.

Also alleged by even Prince’s closest staff and family members, Prince had a dependency on Percocet, a prescription pain killer that one can only assume was prescribed for hip pain originally.  Other rumours entail the idea Prince had also used Cocaine and hadn’t slept for 150 plus hours prior to his death.  That rumour allegedly came from his brother-in-law, sister Tyka Nelson’s husband but it’s unclear whether there was any truth to that or not.  

What is known is that Prince had been un-responsive while on a plane trip home from 2 make-up concerts in Atlanta, one week prior to his death.  Someone aboard that plane, called ahead to say that they were landing and bringing in an “un-responsive male”.  That male turned out to be Prince.  It’s alleged that the hospital which treated him in Moline, Illinois had given him what was rumoured to be “the life saving shot” of Narcan, an antidote to an opiate or narcotic med over dose.  Prince left that hospital and returned home within hours after being seen by doctors.  He or someone taking responsibility for him at the time, had refused the hospital’s alleged recommendation that he remain for 24 Hrs. observation when it was learned that no private rooms were available.  One could question this but, it makes some sense as Narcan (Naxolone) is known to block and reverse the effects of an opiate based or narcotic medication within moments and allow the patient to return to consciousness.  From research on the subject, it appears that it’s rather standard/common protocol with this type of shot for the over dosed patient to be monitored for at least that many hours after a dose of Narcan so, it’s a believable and conceivable possibility.

However, there are many questions that remain wide open for speculation at this point in time.  One such question that runs rampant with the imagination is the question of “why now?”  By that, it’s referring to the idea that if Prince had indeed had an addiction to prescription opiate/narcotic pain meds for many years, what drove the man to this extent of usage at this particular point in time and especially, to the point of over-dosing on it now?  

It’s been said incessantly that Prince had hip problems and pain from many years of wearing high heels and jumping off of places on stage during his performances, doing damage to both hips that would have required surgical intervention.  Some have reported that he did have the surgeries in 2010 while others report that he had refused them due to his Jehovah’s Witness beliefs against possibly needed blood transfusions.  There are media pieces that focus on the idea that it was the surgery and recovery with pain meds that got him “hooked”.  Others state that it was his non-conformance with having the surgery that caused his pain and dependency then, addictions to them.  Who is right and who is wrong about the reasons and, was he truly addicted to pain meds or is this all just a rumour as well, created or sensationalized to sell media? 

Another factor in this ongoing mystery, seems to be the idea that Prince had allegedly assumed many different identities, “doctor and pharmacy hopping” to fill several different scripts for the pain meds with no records of any real prescriptions or prescribers for them.  I’d have to ask the question of why would someone so wealthy, famous and influential, have the need to do either of those things when medications like that are simply a phone call away for him and money was no object?  Secondly, how many doctors and pharmacists wouldn’t have known it was Prince no matter how well disguised so, why run the risk?  Why not a staffer or other paid duty person?  Thirdly, why was he running his own errands to drop off and pick up prescription meds when he had staff and Go-Fors at his beckon call?  Something is not adding up with this scenario by a long shot.  There are far too many holes and more questions un-answered than answered by this theory but, anything is possible I suppose. 

Some have postulated that Prince knew he was dying and thus, his statement at the Atlanta concert of holding off and not wasting prayers on him for a few more days as a proclamation of him knowing about his upcoming death or there having been some sort of premonition that a known-only-to-him, health issue that would end his life.  However, were that to be the case, one would also have to ask why Prince would have remained alone in that rambling estate, by himself when he was able to be surrounded by friends, staffers and family?  It’s highly unlikely in my mind that Prince “knew”, intended or even had a premonition of his own upcoming demise.  Add to that, the idea that a man, so meticulous in details would have foregone having a Will done, even in his pre-death days and you’ve got an incredulous situation that I can personally, discount as being a viable theory.

There was no cell phone or phone (even cordless) found near or around Prince’s body in the elevator in his Paisley mansion.  That, to me, doesn’t seem to indicate that Prince felt that he was under any threat of a pre-existing health issue.

The last time anyone saw Prince alive was at 8 p.m. on the Wednesday evening prior to staff coming to find him dead in the elevator on Thursday morning.  That was the point at which Prince had been driven to his pharmacy, picked up a prescription and was dropped off by a friend.  First of all, had he not been feeling well or in any danger at that point in time, it would be highly suspect if that friend had have simply dropped him off and not checked in with him again afterwards at the least.  Was there such an attempt by the friend?  Was he simply refused and his calls gone un-taken?  Why did he not notify authorities if he felt Prince didn’t look well enough to be alone in such a large estate and under those types of conditions?  And, if this friend did notice Prince feeling un-well and did try to get in touch with him later on in the evening and got no response, it would have been even more reason to have had someone go to check on him, even if it were a staff member.  It’s my personal conclusion that Prince appeared to be well enough when dropped off to be on his own.  

Now comes the question of whether Prince had swallowed some of the pharmacy contents prior to getting onto that elevator and it caused his demise?  Whether a bad mixture of meds both prescription and OTC meds or an overdose, it’s hard to fathom that Prince foresaw any sort of danger to himself.  The lack of phone capability to call for help, seems to indicate that Prince was either too doped up to think of taking a phone with him or was trying to get to a stash of possibly, Narcan kept in his private residence but, didn’t make it on time before collapsing in the elevator.  Narcan can be bought over the counter in both Illinois and Minnesota at several chain pharmacies so, it’s possible that he kept a kit on hand.  What doesn’t make sense is that he’d have taken a lot of the medication and be without a phone nearby.  Like all addicts (if that was the case), Prince knew how much to take but may have pushed the boundaries that night or perhaps, mixed a bad combo of both OTC and prescription meds accidentally.  

Sadly, it’s likely that Prince had died at some point later that evening or into the early morning hours of Thursday, long before staffers had arrived to find him dead.  The 911 call an unknown male made from the musician’s body seemed to not know the address of the Paisley Park estate.  That makes it even more curious as to why a staffer wouldn’t have known the address and had to ask others who were allegedly there at the time as well.  Did everyone show up at once?  If so, why did none of them, appear to know the address?  The male caller had to look at mail to get an address from to give to the 911 operator or something along those lines.  He and whomever else was there, did not know the address. One person not knowing the address, ok.  More than one not knowing, is less than believable as staff members.  So, who was that caller?  Who was that un-identified male?  How did they get in and if another staff person had let him in, why hadn’t they found him and called for help or, have known the address?  

One thing was for certain.  The transcripts of that 911 call to notify authorities, proved that the caller was absolutely certain that Prince was dead and identified him as Prince.  To me, that says that Prince had been dead for quite some time before anyone found his body as there were indisputable signs that he was dead and had been for awhile if a lay-person could easily say that he was dead for certain and “people are freaking out”.  

I should make it known that while I liked a few of Prince’s songs, I am not nor was I, a “Prince Fan”.  I was as shocked as anyone else in learning of his sudden and inexplicable death at that age.  Most people know who Prince was no matter what genre of music one listens to on a regular basis.  So, why am I writing about his death and delving more deeply into it than I should be, given that he really wasn’t a big or even significant part of my life nor, my enjoyment of music?  

From my little corner of life, I didn’t believe the initial reports of such an active, lively, healthy and young-ish man could die like that from “the flu”.  Is it possible?  Of course.  We are warned about it daily and every early Fall when the flu shots are being brought in.  We are told to get our shots and many of us ignore them but, the reality is, I wasn’t buying the entire flu death idea.  I still don’t buy into it and continue to question his real cause of death.  However, I’m not naive enough to believe that the reality behind his cause of death may never be revealed to the public and we may get a neatly wrapped and sugar coated version in explanation when the entire report becomes available in weeks to come.  This is one case in which I will likely always question the reality behind it as well as the media accounts.  I’m sure I won’t be alone in that questioning either.

One thing is for sure…we’ll likely still be hearing from Prince through his music and newly released albums for decades to come.  There’s said to be enough recorded tracks in that vault to release an album a year for the next 100 years. Thank you Prince even though you have stated that it likely wouldn’t be you who released it to the public.  







Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell On Adele, Desserts Are Highest Read Entries

There are weeks when you can sit down and write blogs until they come out of your ears only to have readers, searching for the same blog entry topics over and over again.

Do you want to know what the highest read topics are?

  1. Who were Tom Cruise’s wives?
  2. Why does Simon Cowell hate Adele
  3. How to lose weight while eating dessert


I get that Tom Cruise is still a big deal to some people even though he’s insane most of the time.  However, does it really matter anymore who Cruise was married to?  He’s lost all of his marriages in divorces because of his affiliation with Scientology and his lunacy over that religion.  It’s doubtful that the man will find another woman that will stay with him after all of that now.  Mind you, there’s women who want to and do, marry murderers in prisons so, I guess anything is possible.

Simon Cowell, hating Adele.  Well, there’s no big mystery there really.  First of all, he doesn’t “hate her”.  I’m sure he isn’t liking the over-play her songs get and all sound exactly the same….whining about lost love, separations, desperation and crying over those losses.  Her voice grates on me now and I can’t tell the difference between one song and the other except when it starts off with “Hello….it’s me….”.  By the tone in her voice, we all know it’s her and that’s she’s going to cry over spilled milk in a relationship again.  If there’s any doubt as to Simon Cowell hating Adele and why…it’s for that reason alone.

Losing weight while eating dessert is not rocket science.  Take your daily calories, divide them into your 3 meals and allot a calculation for each dessert then, move more.  You can have your cake and eat it too.

That all being said, I’ve written about some fairly serious news topics and events, poured out my heart on many different topics and even been quite controversial with my opinions at times.  More than anything, I think I could stop writing entries and people would still be searching for and reading what I’ve written 2 or 3 years ago and no one would notice that I haven’t written an entry for awhile.

Meanwhile, I have a hole burning through my brain on Prince’s death so, excuse me if I end this entry here and do some more research for my next piece.


Why Prince Likely Didn’t Die From The Flu


There were so many tributes pouring out for the Late Singer/Song Writer/Musician, Prince that I didn’t think it necessary to put out yet another one, listing all of his contributions to the music industry.  By now, everyone knows what Prince’s musical portfolio contains over the decades as well as his musical talents.

It bothered me that David Bowie has passed away as seemingly, suddenly as it happened.  It was only in learning that he had been ill for quite sometime and had kept it on the hush-hush that one could understand that while still in his prime, he had no choice except to leave this earthly existence.  Prince however, was a different story.  Not only was it un-expected to the public but seemingly, also to his most trusted of friends, staffers and family members.  Although Prince was considered a “private person”, it’s highly unlikely that he wouldn’t have confided any serious illnesses, especially a terminal/dangerous one to at least one of his closest people nor, likely that he would have continued living alone.  That’s what makes me think that there was more to this story than we, as the public, may ever know about his sudden, lonely death.

I’ll be up front and blunt in my thoughts here.  I don’t for one moment believe that it was “the flu” that ended Prince’s life.  While we may never be told the truth in this case and may be told that he died of a “sudden coronary/heart attack”, I believe there were other causes likely unintentionally created by Prince, himself so to speak.

The media has been well known to leap to get headlines and exclusives, often rushing facts or putting 2 and 2 together, arriving at 5 and printing it as though it was gospel truth.  Pun about gospel truth not intended given Prince’s religious beliefs.  So, it’s hard to swallow everything that the media has spewed out over the past nearly week since Prince was found dead, alone in that elevator by concerned staff who allegedly, came looking for him and found him already dead.  The last person to see him alive was at 8 p.m. Wednesday evening when he was dropped off into his huge but empty Paisley estate, alone and having picked up something yet unknown from his local pharmacy.  One would think that should Prince have appeared unwell, the friend who dropped him off, would have insisted on staying with him or getting him medical help.  At the least, one would like to believe that this friend would have checked in on him afterwards even had Prince insisted on being alone.  That may be the case but, it hasn’t been admitted to date.  Either that, or Prince appeared fine to his friend. To make matters worse but, understandable, even legal authorities are keeping things under covers as they investigate further and await the autopsy results, expected in coming weeks to months.  All of this allows minds to run rampant with theories as to what caused Prince’s death.  I am no exception to that group as I am doing the same thing.  I wanted to make note of that because this is purely my own opinion and nothing more.

What makes Prince’s death at age 57 hardest to fathom is that there was no real indication of either a serious/terminal/life threatening illness nor, of foul play or suicide.  Prince lived not only a “clean/health-nut/vegan lifestyle” and was said to be as healthy as a horse but, he was also a devout Jehovah’s Witness member who both lived and preached his religious beliefs as does pretty much every member of that sector of religion.  His hips needed surgery from years of wearing high heels and jumping from higher places while on stage.  Prince reportedly, refused surgery because of his religious beliefs it’s believed.  While Jehovah’s Witnesses are reportedly, not against surgery or medication, they do take a great stance against blood transfusions.  It has been alleged that Prince refused surgery on the grounds that the doctors might have to give him blood if it was needed.  Correct or incorrect, what is known is that Prince suffered with a great deal of pain from his hips and was often seen with a cane because of the hips and pain.

The infamous emergency plane stop in Illinois to get an “unresponsive male” (which we now know was Prince) to hospital, some 48 minutes from his home in Minnesota, was rather tell-tale.  Some reports first stated that Prince had been hospitalized for “the flu”, was given a “flu shot” and released.  That made no sense whatsoever to even a lay person as most of us know that once someone has the flu, a flu shot is not given.  An anti-viral med may be given but, not the flu shot.  What doesn’t add up with that story is that Prince was allegedly advised to stay in hospital for another 24 hours after the alleged shot, which he allegedly refused upon learning that there were no private rooms available.  At least, that’s the way the story has been passed around.

So, if Prince did indeed receive a shot, it was not a flu shot.  The mere fact that the hospital had allegedly advised him to remain for 24 hours for observation is more in tune or indicative of him having received what TMZ had reported he received, a shot of Narcan/Naxolone, an antidote to a narcotic or opiate drug over dose.  Now, that shot normally comes with the recommendation for the patient to remain supervised under medical care for at least 24 hours and fits more closely with the idea than a shot of an anti-viral medication.   However, anything is possible at this point.

When one couples that with the reports of Prince having been seen again after that (or, possibly so) as well as 4 alleged trips to his local pharmacy(s) in the days leading to his death, one can think that perhaps, Prince was still getting prescriptions for narcotic/opiate based meds for his pain or, that he was also given a home kit with Narcan/Naxolone “just in case”.  Reports of him having completed a concert, thrown a party and been seen out in public at a record/cd store as well as a favourite night spot in the days leading up to his sudden death and looking either “fine/normal” and finally, “nervous, sweaty, jittery and pale”, seem to possibly be more in line with someone who was either withdrawing from prescription pain meds or, was OD’ing again on them.  Again, one can only speculate but, it’s reported that Prince’s “ride” on the Wednesday evening prior to him being pronounced dead some 14 hours later, alone on that elevator, makes one wonder.

The other thing that hit my mind was that with all of Prince’s wealth and “yes people” around him, were Prince to be feeling that ill, does it make sense that he would have stayed alone and not requested either a doctor or a trusted friend and staff member, stay with him while he recuperated?  While we know that he was a private workaholic, it isn’t making sense that if he had already collapsed and was un-responsive once due to “the flu”, he wouldn’t have been left alone while not feeling well.  Even if were only for someone to make him tea or get him something to eat.  It’s not adding up in my mind anyway.

If I am correct in my assumptions then, it’s quite possible that Prince had a stash of Narcan/Naxolone, which can be bought over the counter in that state from larger box chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.  It’s been said by others who had visited his Paisley mansion/studio that Prince rarely took the elevator in his home so, the fact that he had taken it that evening, is more leading to the potential assumption that he may have taken more prescription pain meds while working but, had left the Narcan/Naxolone, upstairs in his living quarters and was trying to get to them via the elevator but, never made it that far before collapsing as he did on the plane that night.

Prince, himself, had made mention on a few occasions that he had been born an Epileptic and had seizures as a child.  However, he also made the statement during at least one aired  interview where he stated that he had told his mother at a very young age that “the angels” told him not to worry, he wouldn’t be sick anymore.  He alleged that he hadn’t had another episode after that.  It’s rather unlikely that it was a seizure at this point that caused his collapse in that elevator that either Wednesday evening past 8 p.m. or the following morning.  Even were it to have been seizure related, unless there was a fall during one with massive head injuries, such as the one that ended my brother’s life in 2011, he would have more than likely woken up and eventually been able to make his way wherever he had been heading.  I don’t believe it was seizure related for those reasons either.

Given all that I’ve written above, it sums up to say that I don’t believe Prince died from “the flu”.  I believe that while he may have had the flu, it was used as an excuse to the public for the forced landing his plane made that night a week or so before his untimely and sudden death.  With what little we do know (trust worthy or not), is appears that he likely was given an antidote dose of Narcan/Naxolone for a prescription narcotic/opiate pain relief med that he’d taken too much of accidentally to get out of pain or, had possibly become addicted to.  After all,  he had just been on stage prior to this emergency landing in Illinois so, his pain factor would have been great.  I do believe that Prince died from a complication or perhaps, an accidental over dose of pain meds and couldn’t reach his home stash of Narcan/Naxolone in time, dying, alone, in that elevator.  Police did say that they couldn’t comment on whether or not they had taken something from Prince’s estate during their early investigation nor, would they be able to say what it was as there was an ongoing investigation.  Translate that into, “yes, something was taken” from my personal opinion only. They didn’t however, (in conjunction with the chief medical office’s agreeance) feel that there was foul play or suicide involved and neither do I.

I think that they already have a fairly good insight into what ended Prince’s life on a surface level with what they know already but, of course, it won’t be certain until the rest of the autopsy results are in, including the famous toxicology report to see what medication was in Prince’s system.

Sadly, from my little corner of life right at this moment, I feel that Prince was the victim of  a number of factors.  His hip pain, his refusal of surgery, his acceptance of possibly addictive pain meds instead, his religion and religious beliefs that possibly caused him to forego surgery to correct that issue in fear of a transfusion, his own privacy insistence, his pride, his stubbornness and seeming sheer determination and more than anything, Prince, being Prince.

We, as Joe/Jane Q. Public, may never find out the truth behind Prince’s death.  We may be given a lovely, neat, tied with a bow, explanation that will appear acceptable and have to suffice but, we may never know for certain.  In the meanwhile, Prince’s only full-blooded sister, is seeing to it that his estate is being taken care of and, according to news reports at this moment, he died unbelievably, intestate (without a will) which means that his entire fortune will be left open to Tyka and his half siblings to be divided.  From all that has been said, Prince had a net worth in the several hundreds of millions of dollars.  That means that there’s likely at least $100,000,000.00 each with more coming in by the day as his record sales soar posthumously.  That should be plenty to go around, one would hope but, don’t be surprised to see a potential court battle ensue and no one get a cent for a few years to come.  We will likely be able to see family and other’s greed, not including the IRS who also battled with Michael Jackson’s estate.  Good luck to all of them.  I’m glad it’s not my battle but, Tyka seems fit for a battle beyond all battles and is on the ball.

Rest In Peace, Prince.  Let the world fight it out now.  While much has been made about you writing your memoirs as a “sign” that you knew death was imminent, I’m sure that you didn’t.  Well…at least, not in my little corner of life.







Netflix Bring Gilmore Girls Back As A Regular Series


I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’m forever beholden to Netflix for reviving 4 1 1/2 hr. movies entitled “Seasons” of Gilmore Girls but, in an age of tv that has enough murder, cop, fantasy and reality shows, we need one that has substance.  Gilmore Girls had that and we loved it.

If anyone from Netflix is reading this, there’s a cult-like following of fans for Gilmore Girls and all of us can’t wait to see it revived!  

Ok, I’ve done the bold and text colour change to highlight how important this series is to so many fans and yes, I have a subscription to Netflix at the moment and am dancing in my chair, waiting for this series of movies to be released.

Now, I will make this even bolder….(and, perhaps sounding greedy but, recognizing that more subscribers will come aboard and STAY aboard if you do bring it back fully)


There, I couldn’t have said it strongly enough in a blog.